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Living Room / Anonymous I-net surfing ?
« on: December 13, 2008, 09:36 PM »

Does anyone have expertise in this area? 
Let's assume we all "delete all" of our browsing history and use CCLEANER before we log off each time for security reasons.  Lets also assume we are not doing anything illegal and we are not worried about someone in our household discovering where we went.  That said - Is there a reason a person needs to surf the net anonymously?  If the answer is yes, are there any software recommendations?  Over the last five years I have had my credit card number stolen twice.  Both times the banks told me it was part of a greater I-net scam of some type.  I lost nothing, the fradulent charges were taken off my account,  and the card numbers were changed.         Thoughts?  Thanks. :tellme:

Living Room / ThreatFire or Prevx Edge ? And do I really need it?
« on: December 13, 2008, 09:08 PM »
Last year I missed the discount by a week for Prevx 2.0.  I sent customer service an e-mail stating that I was a DC member and asked for the discount.  They replied that I had in fact missed the discount period, but that the program was excellent so that I should buy it at full price anyway.  So I purchased Threatfire instead.

ThreatFire was excellent when it worked but occasionally went wacky and caused other programs to stop until I deleted and reinstalled it.  This happened about four times.  Anyway, my license expired two weeks ago and I was automatically converted to the free version - which was fine.  But after daily reminders to reinstate the paid version, both by targeted pop-up reminders and E-mails, I simply deleted the program and all its parts from my computer.  Thankfully, Heidi's Free Eraser program deleted what I could not get rid of by normal procedures.  Some programs just won't leave until you call the big guns in to finish the job.

So now I'm without a fancy realtime protection and behavior monitoring program.  So my question, to my fellow DC members who truly know about these sorts of things is:   Do folks really need this extra protection?  (I go everywhere on the net.)   And if these programs are needed, which of the two, ThreatFire or Prevx Edge is better?  Or are there other programs out there too?   I have anti spyware, anti-malware and registry cleaner software on my pc in addition to Windows Defender, which to my surprise was the only program to identify some malware and other nasty stuff my other programs did not find.  Suggestions or ideas?  Thanks.

Living Room / Pretty good weather program. Free or $10. without ads
« on: December 13, 2008, 08:24 PM »

I was looking around at several weather programs, which I do from time to time, and stumbled upon this one.   To me, Wunderground seems as good as the others on the market.  And when you pick your favorite location(s), you get several e-mail updates daily. :)

General Software Discussion / Re: CCleaner Or Not?
« on: October 12, 2008, 11:12 AM »
I use CC cleaner on a regular basis and it's a good basic tool.  For those rougher issues, I use Max Registry Cleaner (not free) which seems to do the trick.  Also, Heidi "Eraser", which is free, will attempt to get rid of it.   Another way is to "search" the name of the file or program, when it comes up, it will tell you exactly where it is.  Then go to the file and delete it.

General Software Discussion / PREVX 2.0 is no longer discounted.
« on: December 15, 2007, 07:27 PM »
It is possible that we'll get a discount again?

I'm not a computer techie and I am not blaming anyone or anything.  And I know things happen all the time.  However, when I followed the links from the DC site to download a trial version of DenenseWall ...  all was well until the system needed to reboot to activate the software.  When the system just could not reboot, it just never started again either, except as a contant reboot try, which it couldn't do.   So after doing a diagnostic, etc, I had to do a system recovery.  I have an HP slimline which is new and works exceeding well and has 90% of its memory left.  I use Windows XP Media edition and Internet-explorer.  Anyway, just FYI for someone else who may try to download a trial version of DefenseWall. Thanks.   >:(

I use Evidence Eliminator to clean my drive/surfing history, etc  on a daily basis.  I have used it for about a year.  I purchased it after my credit card had been compromised.  I figured I needed some extra protection.   I only buy on-line from reputable places but my credit card number was stolen anyway.  I don't have any porn or anything dubious on my computer and I don't go to those sites so I'm not worried about the wife or law enforcement.   Recently, my credit card number was stolen again.  Both times the bank removed the charges and reissued the cards.  Last time the bank said reputable vendors can have their sites compromised.  This time, it was on a different bank, and they said the bad guys have software generating credit card programs and when they get a hit, they use it until the cards are cancelled.  Evidence Eliminator   looks impressive and appears to do great things.    So my question is, does it really work?  Has anyone had any experience with using it? 

I use bit defender but it's far to sensitive and will block access to everything unless you set it to permit all. Same problem with the Firewall.  My computer tells me the bit defender firewall is up, but bitdefender says it's not.  Maybe microsoft has another firewall program preloaded. (I have windows XP).  Nonetheless, Bitdefender does a good job of blocking viruses.  Over the years I always maintained another anti-virus/malware program.  Last year it was SpyNuker but I was not overly impressed.  While I tried Prevx2 on the trial verson as written up and offered on DonationCoder, but by the time I got around to it the discount had expired.  I sent an e-mail to Prevx requesting the discount post-expiration and they simply replied NO - which is their right ofcourse.    So my question is, do I need another anti-virus/malware program or is bitdefender sufficient?



I went through all of the "weather software" in the reviews plus more, for a fee and for free.  I tried some and then cancelled so my credit card would not be charged.  In each case something was just not right.  Your reviews were great !  It was me - Either you could not do/get something or it cost too much.  I stumbled on this US Gov't site.  It's the official site of the US Gov't for weather and it has everything - for free. Make it one of your favorites and you will have everything you need.  It does not allow for tray icons or for the frills.  But for the USA at least, absolutely everything is there for free. 

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