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  • April 25, 2019, 08:47 AM
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For the first/focus issue:

When I use a hotkey to trigger a capture, then press a numeral to select a pre-defined area, then give the left mouse button a single click to capture, the focus stays on whatever application had the focus in the first place. This is true whether using MindManager, Chrome, Irfanview, or even the desktop with all apps minimized.

Here's the tricky part: This only happens when I am capturing an area within the active application. If Chrome is active, for example, but not full screen, and I place my cursor over the empty desktop beside it, and capture an area not including Chrome, the focus does shift to the capture dialog. Same actions, however, with the cursor over the active application and the capture within that window, and the focus remains on the active app.

If I do an area capture with a click and drag, there is no problem. The focus moves to the capture dialog.


For the Save issue: Looks like my original strategy will be best: Click the Save to Clipboard button (setting it to default to saving the image), and do a Save As. The Save As does keep consistent in the folder it uses, so once I change it, it stays.

Hoping this winds up being helpful!

OK, yes, I think using the "Override filename" field to save the file will work best, thanks. A couple things:

1. When the post-capture dialog appears, the focus remains on whatever window was active before the capture was triggered. I have to click the dialog to make it the focus. So the option to start with focus in the "Override filename" field doesn't accomplish the efficiency it might. Maybe that's by design. Possibly an options choice?

2. I move my workspace from one folder to another in the course of a day. When I'm first saving a capture into a new folder, I'll need to do a "Save image as" to set the active file path. But to confirm that I've done that it would be nice to have a small display of the currently active file path, maybe directly under or over the "Override filename" field.

For thumbs, my protocol is to save them into a different folder to avoid clutter in the main images folder. Looks like it'll be easier to keep using Irfanview for these, but it's nice to know the feature is there if needed!

BTW, thanks for your awesome support on this!

Thanks mouser,

Here's my challenge. Let's see if there's a more efficient flow to get there. I need the capture sent to the clipboard, plus I need to give the file a unique name that depends on the original image. There's no way to automate the naming. Finally, I use Irfanview Thumbnails to create 100px thumbs for the captures.

Possibly I could leave the folder open in File Explorer and just rename the automatically saved files there, but that seems clunky.

Any suggestions? Any way to go directly to the thumb inside Screenshot Captor?

(Perspective: these are niggling issues. The current workflow using the post-capture dialog is plenty good.)

I've been hunting for a screen capture tool that would allow easy/fast grabbing of square croppings of larger images my clients draw. I needed to:
  • Draw a square capture area.
  • Change its size on the fly.
  • Move it around before grabbing the clip, to get just the right positioning.
  • Grab it and save to both clipboard and a file.
Screenshot Captor does the job admirably. I set an average-size square capture area in Options/Favorites in the first position. I press my hotkey for Grab Selected Region, press 1 to set my square aspect ratio, press Alt and continue to move the mouse pointer to adjust the size, center the square, and click the mouse key to capture it. Then use the Pop-Up Choice Dialog to save to clipboard and file. Smooth, fast, easy. No other solution I've found does this so elegantly.

One question: Is there a way to automatically send the capture to clipboard while retaining the ability to save it to file? I thought I saw an option like that but can't find it now. For now, clicking the button on the Pop-Up Choice Dialog does it, but maybe there's a way to have it be automatic?

Thanks to @mouser for tipping me off to this feature!!

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