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Here's a chance to get a license for the latest version of Easeus ToDo Backup Worstation v4.5.

Easeus ToDo Workstation giveaway contest by vmancer

Quoting the site:
"New features and improved in EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation 4.5

    Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 (32 & 64 bit)
    Backup tasks and plans can be interconverted
    Full support dynamic volume (backup/restore/clone)
    New interface of backup management for business convenience


I have 5 licenses of EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation 4.5 to be distributed to lucky reader. If you are interested, follow these steps below....

    The winners will be announced on this page after 1 week."

Now approaching the last day or two I think, if you're interested..

There's a free version (very good) for home users: the workstation version offers extra functions.

And unlike Acronis TI (as yet), I understand Easeus ToDo Backup is compatible with the latest Windows 8.

Hope that's of interest..

Odd thing with v7:
In Powerpoint 2003, Vista 32 bit, just using 'New' document (blank) the first tab is Doment1, but hit New again and Document2 tab overlays it. Hmmm.

Next is Document3, but closing those and- hey, there's no Document1.

This doesn't happen in Word or Excel.

Also if you manually close e.g. Document 3,2,1, so you have no documents open, then open another one, it's Document4.. I'd have expected (maybe it's just me) Document1. Being more extreme, if you had 13 tabs, closed them all and opened another, it becomes Document14..

Hi, yes, simple and intuitive.. neat.

I found v6 and v7 (v7 is quite new) work with Word, Excel, Powerpoint 2003. v6.51 crashed Word 2003 (only) on launching Word.

(Vista, 32 bit). On v6.51, the developer said he'd look into it.. and now we have v7.

shows the differences between the free and paid versions.

Although this said the free version allows customisation (the default tabs position really should be on the left of wide screen laptops, not the top), I found it didn't..   

General Software Discussion / Re: Undelete utilities?
« on: May 04, 2010, 01:24 PM »
The thing that has puzzled me (ever since a fomer Chinese student of mine said she had lost all her CV, essay research and so on stored on her mp4 player - with er hmm- no back up- is the utilities that profess to recover data from formatted flash storage.

My concept of that is that it should be impossible.. am I mistaken? Two (random) examples below.

Are they simply failing to distinguish quick format from full format? Or is it a con..

BadCopy Pro is the leading data recovery software for removable storage. It can recover data and files from flash drives including USB flash drive, USB memory, JumpDrive, Pen Drive, Pocket Drive, Thumb Drive and many more USB flash drives.

The software works with Microsoft Windows platform (from Windows 9x to Vista) and it's very easy to use. It can recover deleted files, formatted drive, or data loss due to damage, media error, bad sectors and other reasons. BadCopy Pro is a safe data recovery software that performs read-only operations on your source flash drive and saves the recovered files to the location you specify.
USB Drive Data Recovery Software
USB drive data recovery software is the best tool to recover lost or deleted data saved on your pen drive media. Recovers all deleted, corrupted, formatted files and folders from USB Pen Drive of all major brands ....
Software Features

Restore data from formatted, virus corrupted, inaccessible pen drive storage media.
Easily retrieve all deleted files and folders.
Support recovery of files lost due to human error or virus generated data loss. 

Living Room / Re: 35 Beautiful Photography Websites
« on: May 04, 2010, 01:13 PM »
Some nice finds.. reminded me of
or you could start at

- where many really talented photographers display the best of their work.

Thousands of photos in hundreds of galleries.. some are great to add to your (rotating) wallpaper.. :P

I've tried Fastexplorer, and a few other tools, but there's one thing I want to do I can't see any way to do... maybe you know!

Start, Programs, ..the start menu expands. Right click on a 'Folder' (technically 'File Folder' in context menu terms if I recall). So you know the drill... explore, explore all users etc.

I'd like to add a context menu allowing a different file manager here to open in the same way as explorer. Why?

There are some apps out there that, when installed, prevent those options working. Inhibit their (new) context menu entries (Shellexview eg) and- lo and behold- explore/explore all users works again.

As it happens, Filemenu tools (mentioned above) is one such 'culprit'. The author blames XP. (From Dopus, the team commented in this area MS seemed to have broken its own rules).

So, if I want a 'rogue?' context menu entry to remain,  I lose the convenience of right click explore on expanded start menu folders.

Any ideas? (BTW, these entries are not ordinary CM reg entries, so suggesting 'find it in the registry' has not proved useful so far, unless you specifically know...

Thanks, dal987

Ashampoo frequently sends out email discounts, mostly on their own products, but sometimes for 3rd party products at very low prices.

Sign up for Ashampoo's newsletters to get these offers- though they can be annoyingly frequent. (So just arrange to bin them periodically)

Archive letters (examples)

I recall they offered PCMover for 50% off a while back, and a deal on some Scansoft software.

Hi, In Asda, Sainsbury, Wallmart (yes, Wallmart in the UK- they took over Asda I seem to remember); Windows Vista mag for Feb has a free copy of Laplink PC Mover + cable.

BTW- has anyone actually tried PCMover?

Go here to get a free copy of IOLO's Search and Recover 4.
You have to confirm your subscription/subscribe to the newsletter; requires address details in subsequent pages.
No credit card entries.
David Lawrie
Dear Valued Customer -

So that we may offer you the best possible customer service and communication, iolo technologies would like to make sure you still want to receive email from us.

By confirming your subscription to our email list you'll receive a FREE copy of Search and Recover™ 4*, which allows you to retrieve deleted files, photos, email, and other lost data from any drive or device. You will also be eligible to win one of the following prizes:

An iPod touch 8GB Wi-Fi portable media player with 3.5" Touch Screen, valued at US $ 260 (5 total prizes offered)**
A Philips 42" plasma high definition TV, valued at US $ 1,000 (1 Grand Prize offered)*
Just click the link below to confirm your subscription to the iolo technologies, LLC email list and automatically enter the drawing:

>> Confirm Your Subscription

(Note: this link takes you to an iolo landing page named “optinoffer.aspx.”)

Remember, by confirming your subscription you get:

A complimentary copy of Search and Recover 4* for retrieving your lost files
A chance to win 1 of 5 iPod touch 8GB Wi-Fi portable media players, valued at US $ 260 each
A chance to win a Philips 42" plasma high definition TV, valued at US $ 1,000**
iolo newsletters offering new product information and tips and tricks
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You have until March 9, 20008 to submit your confirmation. This is a genuine offer from iolo technologies.

If you do not want to join the newsletter list, simply do not respond.

Thank You,
The iolo technologies team

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Living Room / Re: Internet Faxing
« on: December 25, 2007, 06:53 AM »
For sending faxes:

The first is web based, international:
(just came across it, not tried it)

And here you can find links to other free services

TPC.INT Remote Printing
The TPC.INT "Remote Printing Experiment" is the grandfather of Internet faxing services. You can send faxes via e-mail or a Web form. The web site hasn't been updated in ages and reliability is very spotty, but it does work sometimes. You can send mail to many parts of the world but not everywhere. Check the coverage list first:
     [email protected]

which allows you to set up your fax as an email.

I've used this for a long time, almost always to my (non email/non PC) parents in the UK, but it does go through phases when it just doesn't work for me.


General Software Discussion / Re: Virtual Desktop suggestions?
« on: November 20, 2007, 08:05 AM »
DeskSpace has an intriguing way of switching desktops- 4 faces of a cube (top and bottom aren't usable - alas?? Could anyone cope with 6?

Anyway, takes around 25Mb of RAM with one desktop configured, and the graphics and switching are really neat. Sort of shrinks away so you see the semi tranparent cube with reflections, then you spin the cube- with dynamic springy 'bounce', all configurable, to see your next desktop, then let it expand back towards you.

I'm using a laptop with integrated graphics, shared RAM, i.e. nothing splendid, and it ran painlessly.

So if you like that kind of neat display... but other offerings will have lower overheads I'm sure.

By contrast, SphereXP - a kind of 3D surround-you rotatable virtual desktop where it seems you spin your desktop around you- seemed much more a concept demonstration, signifcantly losing resolution and to me, making life significantly harder.

Official Announcements / Re: November Discounts and Giveaway
« on: November 20, 2007, 07:49 AM »
Hi, just noticed today DefenseWall is available for free as a 'Giveawayoftheday' on

You've about 18 hours to get it...and counting...from 2pm GMT 19/11/07.. mmm, probably got that wrong somewhere, I'm in China!


Hi, Are there any truly 100% effective explorer replacements- i.e. such that explorer never then appears in normal use?

I played with a few, found some bugs in some free ones, and settled - for now- with DOpus.

It's apparently quite hard for an explorer replacement to really be a complete explorer replacement- i.e. to ensure explorer NEVER appears when you don't expect it.

I noted that if you right click on an expanded start menu folder, (Start, Programs, let it expand, right click) and Explore/Explore All, explorer appears even if DOpus is selected as the replacement. I asked Dopus about that, they confirmed it, and their comment was 'MS seem to have broken their own rules here...'!

Are there any truly successful replacements around- no exceptions? (Ok, CTRL ALT DEL, run new process excepted)

BTW I found having a simpler explorer replacement available really useful on the odd occasion when I've had a problem and explorer wouldn't appear- blank desktop syndrome- e.g. freecommander.

General Software Discussion / Re: Ultra Explorer; I am impressed!
« on: August 30, 2007, 09:03 PM »
I liked this.. but
- right click on empty space in a pane crashed it consistently. Jim did reply asking for more info. I tried disabling all context menu extensions- didn't help.
- easy to get 'bug report' prompts.

After trying several, have adopted DOpus.

David L

Have you tried Belarc Advisor?
This lists apps, serial nos, versions in a double column format (HTML I guess), oh, and assesses your hotfixes too and makes recommendations on security. It has an online updatable database.

Ok, it's not a database record, so comparison would be visual.

Related: Has anyone tried Secunia's Personal Inspector? This is is supposed to offer to check for updates for over 4200 apps.. a bit like CNET used to do some years ago, but with an option of online scanning or a downloadable version. I couldn't get a useful result, though.

Hi Vixay, On my PC (XP Pro), FileBox Extender does absolutely nothing with the open dialogue boxes for Wordpad, Notepad or Foxit Reader. (I just tried the 'save as' box for Wordpad too).

To be very specific:
a. There is neither a Favorites or Recent Folders  FileBox Extender button on these dialogs.  :down:
b. There is nil response to a 'hot key' from FileBox Extender in these cases. (That only seems to work when the button is also displayed).  :down:
c. The rollup and 'on top' buttons can be displayed.

If you are seeing something different, do tell me / us!

I'm afraid it's not simply a question of being or not being keyboard savvy- it just does zilch in these cases (for me).

By comparison
Chameleon Folder's menu can be invoked in the open dialogue boxes for Wordpad, Notepad or Foxit Reader by
a. middle click in the box
b. right click on the ? button
c. a hot key.  ;D

The main one it's not so good at integrating with is Directory Opus.  :-[

David L.

Hi Tomos, yep, already checked that- a DOpus staff member suggested it, but the non-response to middle click is now an admitted omission in DOpus by comparison with explorer. They may consider looking at it.

I've used Filebox Extender (free) for a long time, but it doesn't work with Wordpad/notepad or Foxit Reader.

I tried the ahk script, but with DOpus it invokes a new 'lister' rather than changing the path in the existing one.

My current favourite is Chameleon Folder (not free though!), as it offers the greatest compatibility I've found, and recent files & folders too.

For more see:

David L

Thanks, Tomos. I had a look at the site ( for Flash Folder, but maybe 42 isn't the answer to the universe and everything for me (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)-
a. it's beta- author warns appropriately
b. it's described as only adding the bar to (most) open/save dialogues.
c. The bar takes up extra screen real estate

I wanted integration with an explorer or DOpus window too, and pops up when I want the options.

Invoking Chameleon Folder in Dopus
Yes, you need to hit a key combination to display Chameleon's favourites menu in DOpus.
I've attached a screen shot Chameleon Folders.jpg the top left of Chameleon's favourites box is where the mouse pointer was when I hit WIN Z to have the Chameleon folder list displayed.

(Sadly DOpus seems different to most apps in the restrictions it places on middle click and right click options, and as I said, middle click in DOpus doesn't invoke Chameleon folders. Likewise the odd thing is some apps context entries do appear with DOpus's own when you right click in a blank DOpus pane, some don't. As I'm new to DOpus, there may be some way round that, but I can't see anything yet in preferences- will ask them a question- it's a complex thing 'under the hood'. But that's a different topic- sorry!).

Best Dialog Extender / Chameleon Folder vs ahk script
« on: August 01, 2007, 06:34 PM »
Comparison of Foldermenu script and Chameleon Folder

Summary: Chameleon Folder works the way I want with Directory Opus (except middle click invocation is not supported) and adds recent files & folders. :up:
Neither work properly with Winrar 'Extract to' (minor issue)

(Note: I have Directory Opus as my explorer replacement)

Similar behaviour
1. Both program's middle click menu works with Wordpad, Notepad, Foxit Reader, Word.
2. Neither program supports middle click in Dopus :-[
3. List of favourites from the system tray icon: both programs invoke a new Directory Opus lister, rather than changing the path in the current dialog box or pane.

Different behavour
1. Hotkey menu: Using the hotkey combination to show the faourites list:
Chameleon Folder - changes to the new location. Does not create a new lister. (Exception below)
Foldermenu always opens a new Directory Opus lister. Even if a lister pane is in focus, a new lister is invoked.
That's definitely not what I'm looking for, especially with Dopus. :down:

2. WinRar 'Extract to'
Chameleon Folder - Middle click doesn't work. Hotkey favourite creates a new Dopus lister!
Note: Help claims "Support of WinRar and WinZip Extract dialog boxes". :-[
Foldermenu - selecting a favourite immediately starts the extraction. So it integrates with 'Extract to' but it's not the best idea to start the extraction as soon as you click the favourite.

Other differences
Chameleon Folder adds
   recent files/folders - user limited length;
   other ways of invoking the favourites list which can be differentiated between desktop, IE and explorer;
   backup configuration

Foldermenu script - free! Chameleon Folder is not.

Oops, sorry about that- thanks, mwb100. :D
Yes, a shame about Filebox extender not working in all cases, glad that was some help, mouser.
Will have a look at the script.

Hi, all I wanted was a consistent way of going to favourite folders with

Directory Opus, Foxit Reader, Office, explorer, wordpad and notepad,
(maybe Winrar is hard as one program mentions it).

It took me a couple of days looking around and trying about 12 programs to find a consistent colution (I think). A year or two back I started here, and have used Filebox Extender. But hey, it doesn't work with Wordpad or Foxit Reader - no extra buttons. Context menu extensions CFI Shelltoys and Regtoy have 'Goto Folder'- but these behave differently in different contexts; for example, Directory Opus allows Regtoy on right click on a blank pane area, but not Shelltoys.

The top two came out as
Chameleon Folder ( and Autodialogs (

Of these, inconsistency in displaying the extra button on Foxit Reader's open-save dialog box won the day for Chameleon.

One minor bug in Chameleon is in configuring the submenus and folders to display correctly- it seems to need one folder between submenus. (There's no separator).

Chameleon works with Directory Opus, Office, Wordpad, Notepad, Foxit Reader, Explorer, Winrar.

Programs I tried included:
Fast Folders, ABF Favourite folders, Folder Jockey, Shelltoys, Regtoy, Fast Directories, Quick Folders, PS Hot Folders, Access Folders. Folder Express. (DM2 admittely doesn't yet support Office).

Direct Folders for some reason did nothing, while Folder Express and Xfolderdialog installed but their trial had already expired.

Well, I hope that saves someone a lot of time!

David L.

URL Snooper 2 fails to start now- well, WinPcap more exactly.

"This application has failed to start because wpcap.dll was not found. Re-installing..

But when I try to reinstall (& yes, I did install winpcap) it says 'Winpcap is already installed....!' Catch 22. :-[

There's no add-remove entry for wpcap or winpcap.
Nothing in the registry for wpcap or winpcap.

Ideas welcome! Thanks, David L.

EZ Cat ( :up:

If you want a solid, few frills file & folder disk catalogue program that is really straightforward to use, try this.

"EZ Cat was originally commercial and after a good few years of success it is now freeware."

No mp3 tags, doesn't look inside mp3's.

But no really awkward interface bugs either- straightforward old explorer style.

By comparison, I found some views in CDVISTA non-intuitive and I was scrambling around to find the parent folder of what I'd found at first.
After trying about 6 freeware programs, I'm surprised I've not found a neater looking program that meets my basic needs. :(


ProcessTamer / 140k or not to be 140k?
« on: February 24, 2007, 09:17 AM »
Hi, good idea, I wanted to limit explorer & IE taking over my PC when they load.

The blurb on this prog said it was small.... small and efficient.. task manager says it's over 7Mb- is that just me?  :huh:



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