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  • July 22, 2018, 03:48 AM
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I released version but did not increment exe version.

I fixed the version and uploaded the new file.

Download again

I will try to explain:

Clicking inside app will not set focus on that app window.
The goal was not to loose focus of what you are doing!

For example, you are playing a browser game on chrome and you have to click on a specific coordinate of chrome browser to pick an object in the game every 10 seconds.
If at the same time you are working on a Excel file, you do not want to loose focus of Excel!

With "inside app.." you configure it to click on the handle of Chrome main window at specific inside coordinate X and Y every 10 seconds, and Clicador will send a clicking message without loosing focus of your Excel file.
If you use "move mouse and click" you will loose focus on the Excel file.

When using modes that say "at screen coordinate" or "where mouse" is you must capture Live information Screen position X and Y.
When using inside app you must use Live information handle position X and Y.

I have used a mouse clicker app called ClickWhen for a long time and found it useful. When a program's window has focus I can click on a point within that program window and set up ClickWhen to click on that same point -- a point relative to the program window not the computer screen -- every X amount of time. It will do this even if the program's window has lost screen focus, been moved, been minimized in size or minimized to the task bar. The effect is that every X amount of time, the program window is restored and the mouse clicked at the point within that window that I set up at first. It may be that Clicador can do this. I just don't know how to set it up to do that -- maybe because I don't know what an "application handle" is. So if you publish Clicador I suggest you include a help file that explains all the choices that can be configured. ClickWhen dates from 2007 and works on my Windows 7 laptop. Here's the website https://lifehacker.c...licks-with-clickwhen.

Clicador can do this.
It's the method called "Inside application at "handle" coordinate: X,Y"

You can use Live information: Start/Stop capturing Info to capture a program handle and the X and Y coordinate inside the app..
There is a short description on how to do this on the program.

More bugs to report:

  • Every second (while a config is running) the tooltip will disappear and reappear shortly thereafter.
  • Every second (while a config is running) the scrollbar will jump to the top and then back to the correct position.

Both seem to be related to the main window refreshing itself, possibly in connection to updating the timer window(s) while Clicador is running.

I fixed that bug:
Clicador Version

New features:
[fix] While a config is running no longer will the tooltip flicker and no more scrollbar jump


The method I use now, is for Clicador to monitor for a process named Logonui.exe.
LogonUI.exe implements the graphical user interface shown when a user presses CTRL-ALT-DEL and when a user is asked to log in to the local machine.

On terminal servers or computers with multiple sessions or when you are connected by remote desktop  it is always running and Clicador thinks that CTRL-ALT-DEL is being pressed.
On local single sessions logonui.exe should only be running before login and when pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL.

This is not perfect and I need to improve this in the future.

For now if it does not work for you you can disable this option. The option should be saved when closing/opening Clicador.

I had a need to automate some clicking and started using Clicador "intensively".
I found a couple of bugs and small features I needed to add so I made a new version:

Clicador Version

New features:
[fix] Added a main form minimum resize limit
[fix] Detection of Ctrl-Alt-Del was not working
[new] Option to Auto minimize main form when starting clicking
[alt] Close Clicador when clicks are finished option is now stored on XML and when closing/opening Clicador
[new] Clicador will now hide its forms, while showing the random area click preview
[fix] Minor fixes


Thanks for all the work you've put into Clicador so far. I appreciate it. It's a nice little app. :Thmbsup:
No problem, thanks for your support.
If you continue to use it, report any bugs you find, and I will try to fix them.
In the future I will probably pick it up again, improve it and add the features I mentioned. (At least for me they look useful)

Clicador is going to be one of the best tested and polished apps for NANY 2019 !
I maybe had a little head start ;)

Clicador Version

New features:
[fix]   Editing or deleting an item will not reset scroll anymore
[fix]   When cloning a configuration it will now clone the enable state
[fix]   When deleting a configuration and no item is selected the buttons are now disabled
[fix]   Some labels text have been corrected

Development for Clicador is stopped indefinitely. I think it's stable for now, enjoy!


- [alt] When a new item is cloned or added, it will be displayed and selected on the list (no more scroll reset)

I'm still seeing that the scroll location is being reset when editing an item.

I have another couple of feature requests:

1. Restart the entire configuration after all click events complete. Essentially this would be just like toggling Clicador off and then on again once everything has finished.
2. The ability to start an item in the list when the previous item in the list completes.

You are still seeing that the scroll location is being reset when editing an item because I only fixed that behavior on adding and cloning.
It's fixed in the next release.

I will soon release a version with a couple of fixes, but I will stop working on Clicador for a while.

I have these features on my to do list that require a lot of work:
- Option to only click if mouse is not moving or no keystroke during last X seconds
- Chained clicking. Click config A then config B, etc
- Ability to also send a key a keystroke in a configuration

Thank you for adding the new clicking mode. Unfortunately I'm finding that it is behaving for me like it was in v1. That is, it moves the mouse then moves it back without first clicking in the game window. :(

Works fine in the tests I made. Even in the steam game you asked me to test. (Tested on a Windows 10 and Windows 7).

Are you playing in fullscreen mode, or in windowed mode?

I'm playing in windowed mode, on a multimonitor setup, with the game on my secondary monitor (while I do other stuff on my primary monitor). I wonder if being in windowed mode, or if it being on a secondary monitor is affecting it.

I'm not playing the game.

I installed steam and the game once, and then uninstalled it, just to test it.
It was windowed mode and single screen.
At the time I used "moving mouse to screen coord..."

Clicador Version

I detected a minor bug that required a quick fix.

New features:
- [fix]   When adding a clicking configuration it will now be enabled by default


New Clicador Version

New features:
- [new] New feature that allows a quick way to enable/disable specific clicking items
- [new] Allow resizing of main form
- [new] The state and arrangement of the list view columns is stored on XML and when closing/opening clicador
- [alt] When a new item is cloned or added, it will be displayed and selected on the list (no more scroll reset)
- [alt] If clicador is run as administrator there is a precision improvement in mode: "Move (& return) mouse..."
- [new] New button that will draw on screen a preview area of random clicks
- [new] Feature to check new version on program start

New random area preview:


Thank you for adding the new clicking mode. Unfortunately I'm finding that it is behaving for me like it was in v1. That is, it moves the mouse then moves it back without first clicking in the game window. :(

Works fine in the tests I made. Even in the steam game you asked me to test. (Tested on a Windows 10 and Windows 7).
The only situation I noticed was that if a user were moving the mouse and clicking was set with a very low interval, sometimes the mouse would not return to the original position.
I can't do anything about that.

Regarding the feature requests:

  • Please allow me to resize the window to be taller.
Added to the new features list.

  • Please show the comment field in the list so I can see at a glance what each click configuration is for.
It's already implemented. If you hover the mouse in the list item you will see the comment about that item.

  • If I'm adding/editing a configuration that is down low on the list, please don't reset the scroll window back to the top of the list when I finish adding/editing.
Added to the new features list.

  • Please allow me to quickly toggle show/hide the info bar from the list without having to manually edit each one (if, for example, I add a bunch of configurations and forget that showing the bar is enabled by default.
I'm not thinking in making this possible. At least for now.

Clicador Version released

New features:
- Minor fixes
- New clicking mode: "move mouse and return"

The new clicking mode is for applications that don't accept the clicking inside, or without moving mouse.


If you'd like to test yourself, I'm using it on Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms on Windows 10 (1709 OS Build 16299.248). In the meantime, I have a couple feature requests:

  • Now that you can set up multiple click configurations, it would be nice if there was a quick way to enable/disable specific ones so they won't activate when Clicador is active, but you don't have to delete them. I'm trying to test out a bunch of different things and don't want to delete my configurations, but also don't want to have them running when I'm setting up/testing out new configurations. A quick toggle for each item in the list would be very nice.
  • Since some of the clicking options aren't working properly for me, I would like to request the return of the feature to "return the mouse to its previous position" after it moves and clicks at a certain position.

As many others, that game must be accessing mouse position directly, and the mouse position don't coincide with click information.
For those cases you must use move mouse and click.

Your suggestion of returning the feature "return the mouse to its previous position" makes sense for the mode "click moving mouse".
I'll work on it.

About your other suggestion for the quick toggle I'll think about it, but for now you can load and save several "profiles" of clicking Files-> Save/Load configuration, and use a hotkey for fast start/stop clicking.


For me it works fine.

Tested with two computers, Windows 10 and Windows 7.

I have no ideia, why it does not work for you...

I did also test on a Windows server 2012 and it works fine as intended.

I tested with common applications, all current browsers firefox, chrome, edge, IE, normal windows applications, like form applications, and it works fine.

The only problem I found was with a couple of Windows games, that did not accept any clicking without moving mouse.
I guess that applications that "intercept the mouse" don't allow those modes of clicking without moving mouse or inside application.


For me it works fine.

Tested with two computers, Windows 10 and Windows 7.

I have no ideia, why it does not work for you...

Clicador Version 2 completely redone.

New features:
- Much faster
- Several clicking modes
- Ability to click without moving mouse
- Ability to click inside applications!! Even if minimized!
- Allows saving and loading to files
- Change hotkey
- Allows multiple clicks at same time
- Allows random number at X and/or Y coordinates


I'm completely redesigning  Clicador. It will be basically a new application with lots of new features and a new way of working.

One of the main changes is the "mode" of clicking.

After reading the documentation on the user32.dll API, and performing lots of tests, I have found new ways to better simulate a click.
Including clicking inside applications without moving the mouse and without losing the focus of the application that you are working.

I will list here the new modes on the new version.
I ask if anyone has any suggestion about my grammar or about my items description:
1- Where the mouse is
2- Moving mouse to screen coordinate: X, Y
3- Without moving mouse at screen coordinate: X, Y
4- Inside application at "handle"coordinate: X, Y

Is every mode understandable?

Note: Regarding number 4, basically every window that a program opens has a unique handle, there will be a tool to select the handle that you want to click.
Number 4 mode will allow Clicador to click inside an application even if it is on the background, without moving mouse and without losing focus of current app!!

About the NANY 2018 participation, I would like to know what mouser thinks I should do about the title of this topic_
- Rename it to NANY 2019
- Remove the NANY 2018 part.

The things I'm going to work on to improve the Clicador are:
- Loading/saving to XML
- Performing a mouse click without moving cursor, I'll see how I can programmatic click without moving mouse. It will require low level interaction with Windows, but I think it's doable. If I can do this, this will improve a lot the usage of the computer while clicking with a low interval (clicking like crazy).
- Redesign the interface to allow multiple clicks in multiple points.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
I don't have time this weekend but tomorrow I'll review them more carefully.

Feature request: Please save the configured settings so that when I open Clicador it will remember my configuration from the last time I ran it.

I had already felt the need to load last configuration when open the program loads!
It's very annoying to set everything up every time I load it!
It's the number one item in my todo list  :)
I probably will allow loading/saving to XML thus allowing the use of multiple configurations!

That can be your NANY 2019 entry.. NANY 2018 is over.

Ok I misunderstood the time frame.

Please delete this entry.

Hi this is my 2018 participation,

Application NameClicador
Short Description A simple and fast free auto clicker.
Supported OSes   .net4 Windows (XP/Vista/7,8,10,server 2008, server 2012, etc)
Web Page
Download Link
System Requirements   Any Windows with .net4 framework installed
Version History    Not implemented
Author   Hugo Nabais

Clicador is basically an auto clicker, that is simple a program that simulates mouse clicking. It's fairly generic and will work alongside any other computer program running at the time and acting as though a physical mouse button is pressed.
There are other free auto clickers, but I had a need for one, and once again I wanted to include some features that I found missing in the other ones.
That's how I created Clicador.
It can be used for many thing, like games, keep alive applications, etc.

· All the features a simple autoclicker should have (Number of clicks, interval, mouse button, position clicking, etc).

Unique Features
· Info bar, a information bar that is displayed on top of all screens.
· Start delay, how many seconds to wait before starting to click.
· Calculates estimated duration of clicking.
· Ability to remotely start and stop, by putting files on c:\clicador.stop or c:\clicador.start (this features needs improvements)

Planned Features
What features are you planning to implement in the future?
I need some feedback on that one, I have no idea if people will use this type of software, and what more could they want.


Usage & Installation
Run it from anywhere, portable!

Using the Application
Self explanatory.

After some time away there is a new version of CSearcher with a new chart feature and some bugs fixed!

New Results Charts feature, allows some insight of largest files and extensions in bytes and quantities:

As always any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Here it is:
Version (December 8, 2017)
[new] Added two command line options that allow the load of saved search criteria and saved restrictions, from XML files
[fix] Fixed bug where sometimes neither ASCII nor unicode were selected in Content restrictions
[new] New Tool Strip: "Tools", with a new item: Tools-> "Charts", to help analyse results
[new] New option to invert selected results in Edit-> Invert selected results

· Compressed archive.
· Self-Extracting file.

You have explained perfectly well to me why i am using CSearcher

Best Regards

No problem. Glad to help.
Feel free to make any suggestions or error reports (although development is stopped at this moment, I hope I pick it up soon).


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