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  • July 23, 2019, 01:46 AM
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Thank you! Works perfectly, 4wd! Exactly what I needed.

For those with a problem with it (none yet, I am aware), put the unzipped files into a folder altogether, move the folder to desired location, and make a shortcut of the executable (MERDE.exe). Move the shortcut to SendTo folder, link below for how to get there.

For Windows 7 users,

How do I move this topic to "Finished Programs"?

Just to clarify, what do you think should happen when there are filename collisions?  Say in your example there is a "" in every folder, as well as that one desired file way down deep - what should happen to all those read.mes?

Well, for my intended use, it would be for audio files, but i suppose an auto-rename feature (, read(1).me, read(2).me) or renaming prompt could prevent issues, unless it is an app or program that requires the .me file 'AS IS' so perhaps a 'do not delete folder/continue anyways' prompt if conflict such as this occurs.

Searching does not rid the extra folders!

I also do not wish to have another file explorer, although I do like Total Commander.

I am looking for long term solutions to extra folders, besides the hassle of creating a new folder and moving files out of 'files nests' into the new folder. Its more for a perfectionist sort of mindset, having to go through unnecessary, or even possessing extra folders just bugs and flickers with my mind!

Mostly for organizational reasons, and preparations for torrents to be uploaded. I may be over-complicating the whole process, and please mind my greed, but that's the beauty of it all.

You know how some people package .zips/folders with even more useless folders within folders when all you want are the files within it without having to sift through seemingly endless amounts of folders? Yeah, I am tired of it, and would not mind a solution!

For example: 325647384694857462.jpg

^Sort of an over exaggeration, normally it would only be one extra unnecessary folder, but its an example, and dramatization sells ;)

My idea is of a "Delete Folder: Not Contents" sort of Windows Explorer shell right click context kind of option that deletes ONLY folders (not the files within the folders) for the selected directory I am currently in.

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