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LaunchBar Commander / Backup folder location-relocate from default
« on: August 08, 2012, 01:14 PM »
I cannot find within the Launchbar where to designate the storage of backup files.
I would prefer that the backup is not stored in my C:\User\documents
I attempted to relocate this backup file to be on drive E but even without an .ini file in the original Documents\Donationcoder\Launchbar folder the backup goes there anyway.

At the moment I copied the current date backups to drive E:
There is a high possiblity that my system drive will have to have a Windows reinstall and I'll lose everything on C
Therefore I'm checking all files that I would need to start over again.


LaunchBar Commander / Re: First use of the day-long pause
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:03 AM »
Thanks for the immediate explanation. I had considered that I had configured a link in a  folder that wasn't being found or that I had too much in the bar then the icon concept came into my mind <LOL!> As simple as the drive spinning up....well, its not me then!
Now I know I don't have to do any further musings<GRIN> Once the desktop etc is on the screen I just go to the LB and get it going then its ready when I need it.


LaunchBar Commander / First use of the day-long pause
« on: May 20, 2012, 08:21 PM »
I wondered if LaunchBar Commander is connected to the Windows icon database.  At one point I found via an online article, the registry key that is supposed to have a number that is connected to the icon or thumbnail datatbase and in my Windows 7 there wasn't that registry entry that was described in the article I had found.
At any rate, the first use of the day for the sidebar Launchbar there is a 'wait time' for a folder to display. This is a folder holding shortcut icons.  When it has been opened once then it is actually available even by hovering for the rest of the morning. If the Launchbar is not used for a long time later in the day the same routine will repeat. Of course, this is the'go to' listing in the launchbar so that wait period can get a little aggrevating <grin>
I wondered if the icons had to be retrieved or whatever Windows does with icons.

Downloaded and installed....
Previously when you replied suggesting I had two instances running....which contributed to the docking jumping side to were correct.
Clicking on the desktop shortcut icon did have two instances running when I checked the task manager.

On this new install if I clicked on that desktop icon it just activated my current right hand side dock.
I removed that desktop shortcut so I wouldn't click it by accident in the future

To date the launchbar has been extremely responsive but if I have other windows open that are close to that edge it hesitates a bit before it displays the folder associated with the menu. Some software when on full screen  goes into that launch bar area so there is a bit of a conflict and I have to be crafty with my mouse cursor

Overall, everything is fine and the update installed smoothly

I have just downloaded and will test out the new version.

Thanks for the input.

I just posted my 'simple but efficient' bar in the 'post your desktop bar' topic <grin>

LaunchBar Commander / Re: Show us your LaunchBar Commander Screenshots
« on: February 05, 2012, 03:58 PM »
I had an existing folder with shortcuts to most used items and subfolders within that folder.
Put this folder into the Launchbar and it immediately pops out with immediate acess to the subfolders PERFECT!
No delay or waiting for the subfolders to display contents.

Its a transparent main bar with a narrow edge

Wouldn't you know that as soon as I make a report the bar proceeded to stay on the right edge.
I did return to the edit and put a narrow border on the edge of the transparent column and changed its action from normal to auto hide
plus included 'start up with windows'
Restarted this afternoon and the launchbar icon was down in right corner of the taskbar, click and it popped up to the right edge; that was a first and a pleasant surprise.

Question 2

Now when that horizontal bar is on the right side is there supposed to be LaunchBar Commander icon in the main taskbar?
When I hover over it now there isn't a pop up displaying a background with a small representation of the horizontal row of icons. This was the case  previously when the column wouldn't hold its position so it seemed to me like it was in an 'open, active but in background' situation(like when any software is when hidden or reduced to the taskbar in Win7.

This monitor, of course, is a huge 1920 x 1080 landscape so to use up any of the vertical space is not desirable and that is why I preferred a side position.

This is really an admirable product and I've barely begun to explore its possiblities.

This is the contents of the ini file at the moment. The bar is on the right side at the moment

TBXMRUList.Items=text:"C:\Users\Rose Weir\Documents\DonationCoder\LaunchbarCommander\MyFirstLaunchBar.mcf$0D$0A"


This launchbar commander fits the bill for replacing the slow loading 7stacks taskbar popup menu.
I had no difficulty editing the sample menu including in yesterdays install of current launchbar.

The issue is each time I save an edit the bar located on the right side of the monitor pops back up to the top edge.
I could grab the edge of the bar and drag it back but eventually this didn't work and I started using 'toggle bar' from the right click menu. It takes about three clicks on that command to have the bar go back to the right side.
Perhaps its not truly docked on the right side since it doesn't hide or slide if those choices are checked.
The hiding and sliding isn't that important since I chose transparent and no border which is perfect when on the right side; not so great when across the top.

If the bar is sent down to the launch area so that only the icon is displaying all the bar choices are available but change out of that and it pops up to the top.

I couldn't find any specific configuration in the preferences/options to designate position of the launcher bar
I do not have it configured to start up when windows at this time.

My system is Windows 7Professional 64bit  4 core 8ram

Is there a recommendation or configuration to keep the bar on the left?

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