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 A little on the easy side?   :o Did you make it all the way through first time you played it?  After messing with it for 30+ minutes I'm still stuck on level 3.  ;)

Post New Requests Here / IDEA- Roll Back WMP11 in Vista
« on: February 23, 2009, 02:09 PM »
  I have been researching this a lot and have not seen a good answer.  WMP 11 is forced into Vista and does not allow access to fix, or roll back etc.  However, it seems to also conflict with a lot of Phones and Music Players that also have Mass Storage Capability.  I found a lot of posts concerning Nokia phones, Sansa, and Creative Music players where the USB recognizes the device, but fails to recognize the MTP driver, although it says it is installed correctly.  This is a Vista and an XP WMP11 issue that MSoft refuses to acknowledge and allow a Vista rollback to WMP10.  Would appreciate any kind of coding that fools Vista and allows rolling back to WMP10.

Even when I log in as an Adminstrator in Vista, there are several programs that will not install because they say I need Administrator Priviledges.  I have no clue how to fix this and would appreciate it if there was a code to disable whatever is lurking in the Register to prevent these actions.  2 programs in particular are A Lexmark driver, that shows up as an unknown device in DevMgr, and another is a PDF to Doc convertor program that I can not install.

  I've seen some really complicated USB/File encryption programs, but the reality is- all I want is a small program that is loaded on your USB stick and auto runs automatically asking for your password when the stick is inserted into a USB port.  Unless you provide the password, the drive remains unrecognized and is unusable to view, write or read from etc.  So the key is to keep Windows from recognizing and assigning a drive letter until a password is entered.
  Hopefully this will also prevent programs such as explorer from reading the contents on the drive.  Heck, I don't know how many USB devices that I have that the opposite is already true.  My computer doesn't recognize my drive and I can't get anything off of it no matter how hard I try, or mess with the USB device drivers!


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