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Messages - Werizon [ switch to compact view ]

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Uncheck the "equal width titles" option (see second screenshot).
helped thanks

only in quick paste menu
when i mark as favorite it shows normally
even after closing and opening again the whole app

maximum implicit Title Size set to 0 makes it disapear
higher number longer '________________________'

I have strange problem
with quick paste menu
sometimes when i copy something
i get "___________" line before every line


but it was because if the clipboard text was without spaces, popup menu was very long
but yes main reason was to make menu narrower

Hi is there a chance to fix this?
Maybe even short text on bottom - (right click or shift ....)  ;)

Hi is there a chance to fix this?:)


Yet still the same issue
this doesn,t change width of Additional Actions section:/
so sometimes quick paste is huge
sometimes small
is there a way to change it?

thanks for now it helps:)

I set maximum clip excerpt size to 40 and now is narrower
but there is section in this menu that is longer when clip in clipboard is long


how to change maximum width of this Quick Paste Pop-Menu ?

now i can switch from ArsClip:) (Also great but still)

thanks it needs restart
other shortcuts work without restart

Is there any options to change pasting to imitate typing
sometimes its very useful

Clipboard Help+Spell / Shortcuts with Winkey - like Winkey + V
« on: May 03, 2015, 10:21 AM »
Is there an option to make shortcut like Winkey + V or any other Winkey + something?
without ctrl or alt

Thanks for reply:]
few days ago i thougt about the same solution:] i even make few instant search aliases with dosearch:]
but using instant sometimes causes little lags and something looking like a bug
i mean
when i type slowly everything is alright but typping fast causes losing letters
instead of brick i get bric

sorry for my english:]

Ok Webgrab is working now:p

I have another question
How to add allias
I mean
i have command like this
webgrab$$1 `<div id="rpane">([\s\S]*)<div id="v2" class="sep_top">` `%1` html

and i want to run this by command like dict $$1

Does Webgrab working in newest FARR ? i cant get it work now only something about 0 results displays

It would be great if someone could build plugin to search in Read it Later saved sites
i mean with better search algorithm

when i try to click on result something like this popups
restarting FARR doesn't change anything for me

ok this is really last question;p

is there a way to display only part of page i mean something like this

i add sutom alias i.e.$$1
and i know that important part of html that i want to see in application window is between <div id='main'></div>
is there a way to put only this part in my Find and Run Robot window?

i understand tha i can sometimes need to load the whole page to display site correctly
but is there a way to hide everything besides interesting part "<div id='main'></div>"

sorry for my english

thank you:]

now i see how to add my own searches:]
thank you again:]
Find and Run Robot is incredible:]

another question, the last one;p
is there any easy way that i can get result page displayed in  Find and Run Robot window?

is there any easy way to achieve this:
i added this search to file you posted
and i know that important part of html that i want to see in application window is between <div id='main'></div>
is there a way to put only this part in my Find and Run Robot window?

oh great:]
i have to read help, maybe i find other treasures:]
thanks for replaying

one more question;p
is there any chance to add urbandictionary to this list?

Just a request
I use very often and it would be great if I could
search definitions on this site in FARR

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