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  • October 22, 2019, 01:33 PM
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to make it even more easy (for truecrypt users, not for programmers;) perfect tool would do that:

c:\tool.exe mount.bat

1. get serial numbers of all hdds in the system (linked to disk numbers)
2. make copy of mount.bat to temp_mount.bat (overwrite if exist)
3. search temp_mount.bat for disk serial numbers and replace them with disc number
4. run temp_mount.bat
5. quit

ad. 1 http://www.codeproje...cpp/DriveInfoEx.aspx

this seems like a good idea.

can i clarify: a solution to your problem would be a commandline tool that took as input a serial number and returned the hard drive number, is that right?

exactly, making some batch file with mount commands would be really easy with something like that

when mountingencrypted partition with truecrypt i have to use \Device\HarddiskX\PartitionX path

but there is a known problem with windows disk numbers - they are not always the same
so basically if i have three hdds there is no way to tell if partition i want to mount will be

\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1, \Device\Harddisk1\Partition1 or \Device\Harddisk2\Partition1

therefore i cant connect \device\harddisk paths to correct drive letters

what i come with so far is:

1. i can have list of disks and their serial numbers with some utils for ex. diskid32.exe

2. to make it more clear lets do: diskid32.exe | findstr /C:"STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR" /C:"Serial Number ="

output is:

**** STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR for drive 0 **** Serial Number = [S13PJ90QA46513]
**** STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR for drive 1 **** Serial Number = [S13PJ9BQC04227]
**** STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR for drive 2 **** Serial Number = [S13PJ1KQ600179]

or simply:

drive 0  = [S13PJ90QA4X513]
drive 1  = [S13PJ9BQC04X27]
drive 2  = [S13PJ1KQ60X179]

command to actually mount a partition is

TrueCrypt.exe /V \Device\Harddisk S13PJ90QA4X513 \Partition1 /L D

/V is volume
/L is drive letter

but instead of \Device\Harddisk S13PJ90QA4X513 \Partition1

\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1 should be used

so, so far at every boot i need to create list of hhds numbers & serial numbers and replace serial numbers with disk numbers in my batch file that mounts partitions
it is working for me, but it have to be some way to combine everything (diskid32, findstr, sed, my own batch) to something simpler that will work for all the people

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