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  • November 18, 2018, 12:07 AM
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At least you're a satisfied user of a user of P2Snippets!
That's good and I hope you use and enjoy it often.
 :D  :D  :D  :D  :D

The QR Codes are starting to pick up for everything from electronic business cards or communicating information straight to mobile phones.
Not to mention all sorts of information you can store there.

Now, back to what I was working on...

Hhhhhmmm... resounding silence.
Guess I'll have to write another app with more appeal...

Greetings everyone!
Yes, we've been busy! We have released P2QR and we would love to hear constructive comments/feedback/anything...

Here's information on QR Codes from Wikiipedia:

...and here's writing about them and how handy they are:

Got Windows and want to create your own QR Codes? Want to have electronic business cards? Need to decode QR images you've downloaded from the web or captured with your camera? Well now you can. The future of electronic information has just expanded...

Thanks in advance!

WebOS platform (Palm Pre)...

Do you need a SIMPLE GoogleVoice dialler? Do you want a fast application to load your contact's number without all the hassle? There's other applications available that do this so why P2GoogleVoice?

P2GoogleVoice is fast, simple and easy to use. No mess, no fuss....

Integrates with your Pre's:

 - Address Book for easy access to numbers
 - Phone to 'pump' the correct key sequence in
 - Shake to return to previous screens.
 - Obeys orientation of your Pre so you can see as much (or as little) of your text as you like.

Download at

P2Labs - it's all in the code...

WebOS platform (Palm Pre)...

Are you tired of trying to highlight more than a few words of text to copy to the clipboard? Frustrated trying to enter complex passwords (numbers and characters) every time you need it?

Enter P2Snippets...

P2Snippets allows you to stores notes, user IDs, passwords - in fact, anything you like and recall and copy to the clipboard with a simple tap. All operations are easily accessible. Using the Pre's inbuilt SQL database, your snippets are stored for fast recall.

- Drag and drop the order of your notes.
- Edit and copy to the clipboard with ease!
- Shake to return to previous screens.
- Obeys orientation of your Pre so you can see as much (or as little) of your text as you like.

Download at

P2Labs - it's all in the code...

Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Do you get annoyed that you have to restore Outlook just to create a new eMail message, Note, Contact or Appointment? Now you don't need to. Just run P2OLHelper and a small icon will sit in your system tray. Right click, choose what you want and there it is - BAM! (in the words of a famous chef)... P2OLHelper is "donateWare" - feel free to make a donation.

I know - I just need one night to go home and FTP it up to my site.
FTP is blocked where I am during the day and I've been snowed under working on my C# JSON library.
Hopefully I'll get it up there tonight. Mind you, the Amazon Cloud is extremely fast...

Thanks for the mention too!!!!
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Gotta let the cloud push it out (and me copy it up to my website when I get back from work)...

Done - P2Crypto has been converted to truly portable status. No Microsoft settings file dependency. Uses an ini file format and will create one if it's not there.
Once again - until the Cloud pushes it out you can download here: from Amazon S3 from Amazon S3

My pleasure!
I've released a newer version of P2Stego with the mandatory splash screen removed as well.
Once again - until the Cloud pushes it out you can download here: from Amazon S3 from Amazon S3

Now, on to P2Crypto and removal of the awful Microsoft settings file dependency...

I get an error trying to download the portable versions... anyways, it's easy to extract the .exe from the setup files with UniversalExtractor. Tried P2Shredder and P2Stego. I agree with edbro re. the splash screens. Also, P2Shredder is not portable. It creates a folder at UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\P2Labs.
Hmm... WinRar created a strange zip file for - very odd..
I've fixed that and you can download again from here (until Cloud pushes it out).
      P2CheckSum-Portable from Amazon S3

I've taken the forced splash screen out of P2Shredder and also the dependency on Microsoft's settings. Now, if you don't have a simple config file (ini file format) then P2Shredder will just create one. Should be no entries in \username\etc.\etc\...
You can download them again from here (until Cloud pushes it out). from Amazon S3 from Amazon S3

My apologies...

OK - Done!

1. Removed splash screen (you need to click the small button in the status bar to show splash screen and theen launch browser to go to my site).
2. Added a compare:
           Just highlight a checksum, click the compare button (or right click listbox for context menu).
           You can then paste a checksum you've copied from a file or web page etc.
           Until the cloud replication occurs you can get them here...
                      1. Windows install from Amazon S3
                      2. Portable Version from Amazon S3

Thank you everyone for the constructive comments.
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Interesting - OK - will add a "Compare" feature which will let you paste one in and drop a file as the other.
Result to be displayed.
Later today...

In fact -- P2Crypto (Portable version) is in the Cloud now and will be pushed out by tonight as well.
Now off to P2Hitman...
 :D :D :D :D

Your wish is my command!! :D
I've just released portable versions of P2Stego and P2WakeUp.
Although the webpage shows them - it'll take overnight (or at least a few hours) for the Amazon cloud to push it out from S3.
I'll copy up to my local webserver when I get a chance tonight.
Tomorrow they'll be there and I'll get started on the other ones you've requested.

Any ideas on which ones you'd like to see first?

True - at least the check sum of proved your downloaded iso was good.

Agreed (and you're welcome)!!
I'm just modifying my library to add embedded wav file support so you'll get the sound and still all in one file...

Good Idea - DONE!!
I didn't think there was that much emphasis on portable apps (am I wrong)?
Thanks again...

Once you install there's a single executable and a wav file for the credits dialog. If you don't want the sound then the single file is portable. No DLLs - all packed in onto one file...

Hmmmm.. sounds like to time for re-education...

Thanks for the tip about the title...

Greetings everyone!
Yes, we've been busy! We have released P2CheckSum and we would love to hear constructive comments/feedback/anything...

We publish the MD5 checksum of our files for download. How do you know their integrity hasn't been breached? Easy, use P2CheckSum and just drag and drop the file on it for the result. Full recursive handling means you can drag a folder and have P2CheckSum traverse it recursively amassing results for all the files. You can then copy it to clipboard for your own use. Publishers of software may find this handy as well.

Thanks in advance...

Now you've got one...

Updated to release 1.0.1 to support default action of "Reveal" button once file and password selected/entered...

Much appreciated!
Thank you!!

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