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  • April 20, 2019, 11:49 PM
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Thanks for pointing that out to me I guess I had an outdated version or didn't read carefully.

An application to keep user chosen apps on the tasktray even when open. Unlike trayit where you have to keep the application minimized to make use of the tray, this idea would be similar to how Trillian instant messenger is in the tray but still open as shown in the attached screenshot. This would mean you can have any app minimized or open, while residing in the tasktray.

This would be a wonderful way to easily save space on your taskbar, one example off the top of my head is when I have firefox running, it constantly uses a valuable spot on my taskbar which could be used for my conversations or current work and when all of those are on it at once, one has to use the arrows to scroll through open windows or make the taskbar larger eating up screen space.

Trayit is very similar in the fact that it does move things to the tray, but with mulitiple monitors it's easy to find yourself with many more windows open meaning minimizing the windows to put them in the tray essentially is defeating the purpose. This can be saddening when you know an app that's always open and always in use is eating up space it doesn't have to.

Any ways to make this cleaner or clarification of the idea is very much welcome.

Attached is a screenshot showing an example of how this could work but, with any running program rather than only programs that come with such a feature already.

Another thing to make sure is that you need to delete your ScreenshotCaptor.ini file or else clear the FolderPathEdit.Text line in the ini file because if it has a specific directory already specified then it wont matter what you change the CONFIGDIR to, it will still try to use that.

I do believe that did it, one thing I'd like to add however is that using the

 CONFIGDIR = .\screen

on a usb thumb drive returns a path not found error even though the path exists; If i place the drive such as the following, it saves just fine.


Just tried out the .\screen\
when running it it still wants to create


but this time it returns an error  .\screen\donationcoder\screenshotcaptor\screenshots\   "Can't find specified path"   I could simply create the path but I was hoping it would save the screenshot directly to \screen\   as it does on windows xp.

I went to go create the path and it's already there but seems to not be able to find it. I'm pretty sure this is a vista related problem as the software works beautifully on xp.

I'll keep toying with it some.

I'm currently running screenshot captor off of a usb thumb drive but on my vista box it constantly (each time the screenshotcaptor.exe is run) remakes a folder in

I have the settings on it set to save to a folder inside the usb thumb drive but never-the-less it saves to my documents inside that folder anyway, as if over-ridden. I've attempted installing and uninstalling thinking the registry was modified at some point and perhaps it was the problem but it didn't help.

What makes this very odd for me is that on my windows XP box it doesn't have this issue at all, but at the same time I never installed it on the xp box. Deciding to use it on usb thumb rather than installing it and hence un-installing it from the vista box.

I tried editing the  "configdir.ini" but I'm not very familiar with any of this so the only change i made was

 CONFIGDIR =/screen/

hoping that it would save on the usb thumb in the local folder it was being run from. Am I simply doing something wrong or is this an odd bug?

(I tried searching for a related topic on the forums and couldn't find anything right off hand but didn't really spend a half hour searching either. If this has been made and answered before I apologize.)

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