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Hi mouser,

Thanks for replying. Indeed I didn't know about ctrl-up/down, which seems to work. As you say however, it's not quite what I was talking about. When pressing ctrl-up/down you see only one entry and no actual history at all. It would be great if the list of entries that appears by default when bringing up FARR was showing entries with any parameters passed and allow me to re-run it with the same parameters.

Any chance for this to be implemented?


Find And Run Robot / history to remember command parameters too
« on: June 28, 2012, 06:53 PM »
Currently this doesn't appear to work .. am I missing something?

If it's not clear, I'd like the command parameters that I add using ++ to be remembered in the history for next time I bring FARR up. I am now indexing batch scripts (.cmd, .bat) and bash scripts (.sh - using msys) too and would save me so much time to be able to save command parameters in history so I can relaunch it quickly. I have lots of scripts I wrote, many taking parameters. It would turn FARR into almost a cool console with command history, like bash. Now I'm forced to create another script to pass those parameers to the initial script .. or to open a command console and type the parameters there by hand.

This is why I STILL use Launchy (it does have this feature, but lacks so many others) and I keep going back to FARR to check when a new version arrives.


p.s. i see it was requested a long time ago here: http://www.donationc....msg247160#msg247160

There is a default bookmarks.html (showing the initial bookmarks) in the profile directory. The entries of this file are then shown in FarrFox.
When exporting my bookmarks to this file FarrFox works perfectly. So, everytime I want FarrFox to have my current bookmarks I first have to export them and then wait one hour or use "ff `".
That didn't work for me. It may be because my FF3 profile is outside %APPDATA% (see my posts above). I tried adding the profile folder and also the full path of the bookmarks.html file to the FarrFox' advanced options dialog, into "Custom bookmark file locations" and it still doesn't work ... :(. Any workarounds for this?

EDIT: where can I download the FarrFox sources?

By the way, as a workaround for those for which FarrFox can read the bookmarks.html file generated by FF3: This makes FF3 sync the places.sqlite bookmarks with the bookmarks.html: http://kb.mozillazin...marks.autoExportHTML
It creates/syncs the bookmarks.html file every time FF3 closes. I have around 500+ bookmarks and FF shutdown is still fast enough.

Another vote to update FarrFox plugin to read native FF3 bookmarks :). I haven't yet gotten mine to work as I'm using a custom profile folder which is not in %APPDATA% (i.e. documents and settings\username\application data).

To read the places.sqlite you need the SQlite DLL: http://www.sqlite.or.../ (needs only MSVCRT.DLL). It might actually be worthwhile doing an SQLite implementation for FarrFox to fix the hard/slow indexing issue. Up to mouser (and his free time) to decide.

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