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I knew it wouldn't take much for this topic to get over-my-head deep.  However, I also noticed mp3gain was always inclined to turn down the volume a bit.  And  I believed it would not otherwise compress out the fullness of the audio files. [lossless.]

That Breakaway plug-in sure got some impressive reviews already.  The author couldn't even hire someone to write a better review than a couple of those.

I'll take screenshots of all theses posts (and the linked pages) for my neighbor. 
I can't think of anything more to add that might be relevant, except that I know he uses gigantic speakers and amplifiers, none of which would fit in the back seat of my car.  So I'm sure the words LOUD and CLEAR apply here somewhere.

I'm just sittin' back watchin' and trying to absorb what I can.  All the input of your experience and your ideas is much appreciated.   

I  *assume*  he doesn't want to risk any of his files.  His life savings is wrapped up in his system and all those files.   And it would be a serious problem if the audio quality was lessened.  I'm not sure if changes in the file creation/modified dates is an issue. 

Batch processing MIGHT be something, but he doesn't have the capacity to back up all the files at this point.

He's heavily invested in specialized WinAmp add-ons, and can't/won't consider other players.

Ya know how how most audio recorders have for decades had automatic volume level control?   I think he's wondering if there's anything like that on the audio OUTPUT side.  If not, then something like mp3gain is bound to be the only solution.

My neighbor works with thousands of mp3 audio files.  The volume control needs constant attention when he plays them one after another.  One might be low volume and the next would be blaring loud.

Is there some software solution that could automatically regulate the volume output???

He's seeking something where he doesn't have to tinker with each individual mp3 file.

When I mess with my own mp3 files, I use either the freeware called MP3Gain or the freeware MP3DirectCut to change the volume within the file itself. 

Again, he's seeking something where he doesn't have to tinker with each individual mp3 file.

Any ideas or experience with this?

I tried Eraser for a while.  For whatever reason, it was unstable on this computer.  It allowed me to shred from the right click menu.  But I had to uninstall it to restore stability.
I wrote the author, but got no reply.

Lanux128 pointed out something I never knew.  Any file in the Recycle Bin can be dragged to the Desktop for handling.  (Rather than Restoring to wherever place it may have been deleted from.)  That allows me to  drop that file in a separate Shredder.  It's stable. It's simple enough.  It works.  It will suffice for my purposes.

I hope our ideas here turn into something. 

Post New Requests Here / IDEA: to Shred a file already in Recycle Bin
« on: January 18, 2007, 09:51 AM »
Often times I look in my Windows XP Recycle Bin and see something I probably should have shredded rather than merely deleted.

If I'm not really (really) careful about what I'm doing, I'll "Restore" that sensitive file to some unknown place, intending to properly shred the darn thing.
Drat!  Uh,... What was that filename again?  And where is it now?

weeks (or months) later...
Damn!  There's that super-sensitive file I wanted to shred!  (heart attack) I hope nobody else saw it.

Sure would be handy if I could just shred that file directly from the recycle bin somehow.

Wolfenstein/Spear of Destiny (favorite shoot 'em up)
Raptor, Commander Keen, Duke Nukem, Doom, RipTide.
Tetris, and Card games (most time wasted)
NFL Blitz (most fun)

Older Newsletters / Re: newsletter poll
« on: December 21, 2005, 11:06 PM »
It would be just plain wrong for me to forward mail to anyone I didn't have a clear and narrowly-defined  "understanding" with about what would be acceptable.   Forwarded mail is close relative to the chain-letter family.

 I often do, however, include (very small) cut-and-paste snippets, and links to specific web pages, but always with a brief and accurate description.  ("Guess What?" and "Look Here" and other cheap mousetrap sucker CHEESE bait tactics is just plain evil.) 

I have also linked to a few different donationcoder projects in my posts in software forums.

If you build it, they will come. ;)

Four Firefox extensions I can't live without

AdBlock - to control Ads
FlashBlock - to control Flash
NoScript - to control which pages can use Java
NukeAnything - to select and temporarily remove text or pictures or whatever from webpage before taking a screenshot.  (Not ready for Firefox 1.5 yet; I miss it badly.)
            RIP (Remove It Permanently) is somewhat similar but permanent.
Was also using MenuEditor (to tame context menu) and SpoofStick

Finished Programs / Re: Idea: Movie Cache Viewer
« on: November 29, 2005, 07:27 PM »
I don't know where to look to find cached files for Firefox or Opera.  (IE was in c:\Windows\Temp\Temporary Internet Files\

I did an Agent Ransack and FileFinder search for files but not finding what I'm looking for.  Where should I be looking?

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