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I had tried the OCR function in v2.5.205 and found it to be spotty. However, consistent with IainB's experience with v2.5.211, when I had upgraded to v2.5.208 several months ago most of the issues disappeared—when the fonts in the original were standard (e.g., Arial, Times New Roman). I hope the function has continued to improve in v2.5.211, since I have been downloading an increasing number of documents using human-readable, but less standard fonts that the OCR in v2.5.208 has had a great deal of difficulty converting to text.

Despite this issue, PDF X-Change Viewer is still far and away the most versatile FREE PDF reader I have found.

I have used the free PDF X-Change Viewer for several years and--for the most part--have been very pleased. [The most recent updates have occasionally crashed, but I suspect that is due to a conflict with other software I recently installed and that I will be removing soon.] I have occasionally tried other free PDF readers, but none has had the features of PDF X-Change Viewer.

The two features I use the most are sticky notes and highlighting because I often review drafts/documents created by others and use these functions to provide feedback. Another one I use is the typewriter function, which I use to complete forms in PDF documents that were set up to be printed and completed manually. I used to use a separate text box to complete each entry in the form, but I recently realized that by setting the font size appropriately, and using the space bar and enter key strategically, I can often complete a form using only one or two text boxes. If you want to ensure no changes can be made to the form, you can print the document to another PDF, which "flattens" the text box feature but leaves the text itself intact.

I have not used the new OCR feature yet. It sounds like it has a way to go to be ready for "prime time" based on comments here. I trust Tracker Software is working on fixing this soon. I have occasionally considered upgrading to the paid version, but haven't found a really good reason to do so yet!  

A quick post since I realized I responded off-line. The issue seems to have resolved since I installed XP-SP3. Don't know why or how, but if it makes sense to you, let me know.   :huh:

Hi Mouser,

Yeah, half a zillion other processes are there (well about 45-50, anyway  ;) ) with big 0% showing. And the other two apps show Firefox cranking the CPU really hard, as much as 40-60%. The amount of time over the next 4-6 days to try things out will be limited, but I will have some time here and there to check things out or try other things. But I gather this may be something limited to me and possibly even this one PC (my much older, slower PC has other problems--but not this one).

ProcessTamer / Intermittent Firefox Issue 3.0 with Process Tamer
« on: July 19, 2008, 03:27 PM »
This is a real puzzler since it happens intermittently. I have only noticed this since I installed Firefox 3.0, but it may have been occurring earlier--I just don't know.

When I click on my desktop icon to launch Firefox, which has always taken a long time, I assume due to the number of extensions I simply can't live without  ;) , I sometimes check in Process Tamer to see if it actually launched. I have noticed that sometimes when it actually has launched, it does not appear in the process list in Process Tamer. It does, however show up in other utilities like the Windows Task Manager and CachemanXP.

I have only noticed this with Firefox over the past few weeks, and it is intermittent. I believe--but haven't kept close track--that it occurs less than half the time. I haven't yet noticed a pattern of any type. Nor have I noticed any particular problems associated with this strange phenomenon.

At this point, I'm simply wondering how this can occur. Since I am just a simple user  :huh: , and really don't understand how any of these pieces of software work, I don't know if this is simply a reflection of how Process Tamer gets its process information differently than do the other two utilities--or is there more here than meets the eye?  I'd appreciate any ideas in understanding this. Thanks in advance.

It's soup! I got this tonight:

Thank you for your nomination to our PC Magazine Top 100. We have added the site to our list of nominations and greatly appreciate your input. We are shooting for August to have our final list ready for the Top 100.





Jared Preusz

Editorial Intern, Online

PC Magazine

PC Magazine Top 100

(212) 503-5227

[email protected]


Thanks for organizing the giveaways. I was very pleased to return home from Father's Day celebrations and see the e-mail informing me of the win! As a non-techie/end user type, I have never felt like an afterthought on this unique, wonderful Website.  Thanks a mil to mouser and compatriots for making this little corner of the Web prosper and grow! :Thmbsup:

Most sincerely,


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