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Activation/License/Language Help / download?
« on: July 17, 2012, 01:02 AM »

To all the admins, I want you to know the donationcoder admins have direction,.. and I highly approve of your donation model.

I had just tried http://www.donationc...ftware/releases.html
(a quick link on the right side of some page(s) )

It appears to be broken link.

If I go to http://www.donationc.../Software/index.html it appears that software is separated by
author, or by category of the way it was made (not what it does).

Is there page that list all softwares, or list them by tags?

Have I overlook a page to search by tags (/category), or view a full list (and use ctrl+f)?

I went to and found a (partial?) list of software for keys only.

I have searched for an editor. Primarily I have need for only one feature.

I want to be able to type (or past) multiple sentences or list items (hopefully using return/enter) under a heading
(word or sentence). I then want to be able to click on the heading to collapse, the list or sentences.(clicking again would reveal them).

In this way, I could easily overview large text documents.(a good second feature would be able to change font size (even just globally(like notepad.exe)

Hopefully the editor would not be as big as adobe pro (& I have not seen it free)
Hopefully the editor would be free or free to try.

But it does seem that I need something more than notepad.exe

thank you, to all the posters who help the newbies, and to admins.

I should redefine my needs as,
text folding (primarily),
font size change (even just globally (like notepad.exe)), and past in jpg,png,bmp (perhaps icons) for reference would
both make good secondary features.
(being able to specify picture/icon placeholder size would be a great additional feature) )

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