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Hello Mouser!

Screenshot Captor's Tip indicate that in order to download & use more Clipart Objects, one has to pay a visit to this Site.

So please guide that where exactly are the additional Clipart Objects located & the subsequent procedure to bring those within the ambit of Screenshot captor?

Lastly, Please refer to the enclosed latest development. Do you think the time is ripe to replace Clipart Objects with Emojis? Do you have any plans to integrate the use of Emojis for Screenshot Captor?

Guidance & Inputs will be sincerely appreciated.
Best regards from the National Capital---New Delhi

Hello Folks!  :)

Have just made a transition to latest version of FARR from my much revered Launchy. Iam on Win 8 Desktop PC. Typing "Network Connections" should invoke the "View Network Connections" automatically similar to what used to be the case with Launchy. However, FARR is making me do the marathon to scour the route to exisiting Network Connections by first invoking the Control Panel screen, & thus searching my way out for "View Network Connections"!? :(

I would request you to teach me a Trick in order to index(or whatever technology FARR uses) the all items present within Control Panel. Iam using "Bridge Mode" for the Network Connectivity, & hence have to manually click on connect for the respective Network Connection.

All help will be sincerely appreciated.
Regards from National Capital----New Delhi

Hello Folks! Using Seamonkey Navigator version 2.20 for Mac OSX!

'Mail & Newsgroup' Window prompts to enter a Password each time, without offering an Option to Remember it against any further access attempt!

Similarly, sending a Mail is turning out to be PAIN too, for I have to Punch in the Pwd. everytime, without making it Remember for any similar instance!?

Have scoured through 'Account Settings', as well as 'Preferences' , but couldn't find anything significant!

All Help will be sincerely appreciated.....!

Please 'Pool in' the suggestions...

Hello There!

Wonder..Most of the Defrag tools do have an Inbuilt Scheduler that allows one to set  'SHUTDOWN the PC', once the Defrag, or Full Optimization goes Completed!

On the contrary, most of the FREE 'On Demand Virus Scanners'(not aware of the PAID Ones,& considering the time elapse it requires for a FULL System Scan) do not host such a flexibility!!??

Why can't one simply leave the Office by merely Turning OFF the Monitor, & scheduling all such Tasks to be completed in 'Automated' fashion, without getting bothered about a Left ON PC?

For instance, is there a 'Scheduler' concept that can enable me to set 'Complete System Scans' through Super Antispyware, then Malwarebytes Antimalware, & finally a 'Full Disk Optimization' through an Ultra Defrag which will eventually lead to System being SHUT DOWN at the end? 

This kind of a Complete overhaul on a weekly basis can certainly make my Day through a quick touch-up for my Machine!

Inputs will be sincerely appreciated.
Regards from India.

Hello There!

Iam eager to find out an 'Analogous' to Screenshot Captor at MAC OS X Platform? Please help 'Pool-in' the available Options.
Though MAC OS X has an in-built "Grabber" functionality, it some how lacks the bare minimum requirements such Annotation, editing...etc.

I wanna have a 'Freeware' Utility similar to Screenshot Captor's Genius within my MAC OS X{10.6.8}.

Suggestions will be sincerely appreciated.

Screenshot Captor / What about the "Horizontal" Capture!?
« on: February 20, 2013, 11:59 AM »
Hello Mouser!

In context to the 'Scrolling Screen' Capture, we generally presume it to be a "Vertical" scroll!

But what if we need to capture the "Horizontal" scroll?, or even a "Combination" of the two?

Is your offering(or any Product available out there...) capable of serving the purpose?

Frankly, when it comes to a "Vertical" scroll, I hadn't find a single software to match the Capabilities, ease & convenience offered by "Duck Capture".

Good Old piece of Software dated back to Year 2005 offers an unparalleled & an invincible promise.

Screenshot Captor / Where are the common shapes Please?
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:24 AM »
Hello Mouser!

As I have started exploring yours offering again & again, Iam trying to figure out ways to draw common shapes within the Captured Screenshot like Rectangle, Circle, Eclipse..etc.

In my full understanding there do not appears any button with the Right Side panel to fulfill the very objective!

Help decipher the method to draw some common shapes within the Captured screenshot.

Screenshot Captor / Down-Down with "Paste from Clipboard Option"!
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:19 AM »
Hello Mouser!

Tried a couple of times to PASTE the Image "from" Clipboard using the Edit menu as well as Ctrl+V option, but to no avail!

Every attempt to do so only activates the "Clipart Objects" section, & nothing more than that!?

I wonder if the very option, or that feature goes infested with a "Software" Bug!?

Also, Why should the user be restricted to work over a "Single Screenshot" at a time!? Why can't I simply take more than one screenshots at a single go; & later work over each tab by tab!?

Both Pic Pic & Greenshot(My Darling!) hosts such a flexibility!....then why couldn't it be with your boastful offering!?

Regards from India...
Saurabh Dua.

Hello folks!

They are in a plenty! However, we do manage to use only a few of these on a regular basis.

Therefore, I would request introducing a 'My Favorites' panel to host & thus easily select & use the 'Preferred' Clip Art objects.

Also, I dearly MISS the "Copy to Clipboard' option in the right hand panel that hosts no. of other preferences like Save, Frames, Borders..etc.

"Copy to Clipboard" should have been offered a 'No frills' access from the very beginning itself!

At present, we have to press ESCAPE a multiple times before punching in Ctrl C, OR move a Mouse over an "Edit" Menu to finally select a 'Confusion driven'>>Copy object to Clipboard !?

Hello Folks!

How about an idea to pioneer for the 'Animated' screenshots?

Consumers, & in general Public are going more aggrieved day by day from their respective Governments & Corporates....!

Writing an email that incorporates an 'Animated' sceenshot(like a Booo..with an animated Thumbs Down) would help transverse the very expression, & hence an Outcome!

Also, along with the regular 'Clipart Objects', do introduce an 'Emoticon section' as well for yours Screenshot Captor.

General Software Discussion / Loads of Distraction for the SC Users!
« on: November 28, 2012, 06:20 AM »
Hello Folks!

Iam trying hard to search for a method to hide the 'Navigation Ruler' that appears within the Editor screen of the SC.
Moreover, as you draw a RECTANGLE for within the captured screenshot, Yellow color comes up as background!?

Shouldn't it be configured to go "Transparent" by default?

Such & alike are some of the greatest distractions for SC that align your mood to remain stuck for overtly simplistic Greenshot!

Lastly, One certainly expects to see a 'Copy to Clipboard' based icon in the toolbar pane, but there is none...!?

Therefore, one juggles with a makeover screenshot by pressing ESCAPE button a multiple times, then go to EDIT Menu, press copy image to clipboard & hence paste it to Outlook.....!?

I believe plenty of lessons are there to be learnt from overtly simplistic yet powerful utility called as 'Greenshot'!

General Software Discussion / Can 'Captor' go LITE like "Greenshot"!?
« on: November 05, 2012, 10:02 AM »
Hello Folks!

The enormous capability of "Greenshot" (considering its incredibly small download size ) have always amazed me, & for the same reason its utility/usage appears the 'Most affable' in terms of my daily dealings with Consumers & theirs respective follow-ups!

I wonder if there is any contemporary that stands even near to this tiny 'Punch pack'!?

In the very context, I wonder if it is really possible to come up with something like "Screenshot Captor lite"!? :-)

The latest version of "Greenshot" hosts & hence boasts of several new features in its Editor & that too in its very own characteristic aka "Incredibly small size" & "smooth/light on Memory" operation.

Hello Folks!

Iam keen to know what all changes/improvements have been incorporated since the Previous version of FARR?

Would be great if you can directly host a link on "Changelog" at the Product Introduction page staraightaway!

All the very best..

Hello Folks!

I have always been able to invoke the FARR only through Ctrl+Space. Entire Documentation, beginning from the "Introduction" of the FARR tells you to press "Pause/Break" key in order to activate the "Search Window" !?

Why doesn't it work in actual!? Hitting it twice didn't yield any result either!

Please help decipher this mystery!

Hi Folks!

Often we like to compare 2 or more things through Screenshot phenomenon. So isn't coming up with some pre-designed templates(for instance a "Tabular" Template) within Screenshot Captor will be idea to contemplate upon?

Similar to Powerpoint Slide layouts, different templates will help accomodate Screenshots in a pre-defined way, & then enabling a user to COPY(or even SAVE) the final Output to clipboard, & then  email...& henceforth..!?

An another query..why does every prevalent Screenshot Capture utility allow you to capture a region ONLY in a "Rectangular" form(freehand goes exempted)? Why can't we originally capture a region in an elliptical way even?

Why should a Region be categorized with just a RECTANGULAR shape only?

Hello Folks!

Please help unlock this 'Mystery' for me! All category of "Optimization/Tuning" applications are thought to be working more through a "Placebo effect"!

For instance, can one really believe that that apps. like Process Tamer, RAMBooster...& alike actually work to outwit & outsmart a processor's & the actual Hardware Memory's capabilities?

In the age of Dual Core, Core2Duo, i3s & i5s & DDR3 these "Application Nuggets" really unleash something still?

In one shot....Is "Process Tamer" a HOAX!? Help decipher(rather EXPOSE) this episode of 'Optimization Fiasco'!

Find And Run Robot / How does FARR Updates its Catalog?
« on: July 10, 2012, 11:04 AM »
Launchy has been my Old Companion for a while, it does perform an "Automatic" Catalog updating every 10 minutes(as per Default enabled option); how does the same(Catalog Updating) work for FARR?

I have gone through the Config. window, but probably couldn't find anything relevant in this context..!?

Throw some light on the "Catalog Updation" within FARR..pls :-)

Hello Folks!

Was scouring through the FARR based Plugins & Addons; Is there really an effective way to search Outlook mails  using FARR?

At present, I rely on Google Desktop to search for these. Though it works almost convincingly to fetch me some accurate results, was wondering if FARR can come to conquer in this domain too....!? :tellme:

* Present OS~ Windows XP~SP3 with no Windows Desktop Search.

Hello Folks!

FARR is a miracle software until I discovered that pressing any Numpad Key were invoking strange windows for me!
Since ours is a Customer Service Industry, with lots of follow-ups based on "Notification" or Request Nos., search queries therefore involve typing Numerical values only.

On this strange behavior, I went through a bit of documentation & were able to Unlock this secret!:-) avoid this discomfort, shouldn't the "Numpad Keys Launch Result" go DISABLED by default?

Nevertheless, FARR proves to be a "Killer" app.; however, still it is hard to select the better choice b/w yours & my older, reliable choice~ Launchy!

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