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New plugin: FARR MultiMonitor

The FARR MultiMonitor plugin extends FARR to work better with multiple monitors. FARR's main window currently always shows up on the monitor you moved it to. With the FARR MultiMonitor plugin enabled, FARR's main window will show up on the monitor that contains the currently active window (usually the window of the application you're working in, and also where you're currently looking at).

Additionally, the FARR MultiMonitor plugin has the option to center FARR's main window on the screen.

This plugin is experimental. To provide its functionality, it uses ways other than the regular FARR plugin API. What this means is that there's no guarantee this plugin will work with future versions of FARR. It does seem to work now though. Note that I did not do much testing. It's working fine on my Windows XP computer with two monitors attached. I did not test it with more than two monitors, nor with only one monitor.

You can get it from here:

Note that the plugin offers a couple of options which can be set in the FARR advanced plugin options dialog. There's a brief description of these options in the readme file. Also note that the center option is off by default (because it could be quite annoying without the threshold level set to something sensible).



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