FARR Add-ons

FARRCloneWithDatestamp -- FARR helper tool to make datestamped copy of a file

FARRCloneWithDatestamp is a FARR helper tool to make a datestamped copy of a currently selected file in Explorer. The copy is placed in the same folder.

Have you ever done ctrl+C ctrl+V on a file and then edited its name, perhaps added a datestamp in order to keep track of which copy is more recent than the others? Then this might just be a tool for you.  :)

1 paste the code into a text editor and save as FARRCloneWithDatestamp.ahk and then compile it (you need for that).
2 store the compiled FARRCloneWithDatestamp.exe in some folder
3 create a FARR alias like this

alias name:
regex pattern:
result box:
Clone selected with datestamp | C:\some\folder\FARRCloneWithDatestamp.exe %LASTHWND%

To use it open Explorer and select a file you want to create a clone of. Press your FARR hotkey, type "clo" and when the alias shows press enter.
Next to your "file.txt" you should now see "file -- 20151213092801.txt" .

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
#SingleInstance force

x = %1%  ;hwnd parameter from FARR  

;FARRCloneWithDatestamp -- a helper tool for FARR
;what it does:
;focus the window that matches input parameter hwnd
;if explorer window: get selected files, parse first file
;make a copy of "file.ext" as
;"file -- [datestamp yyyymmddhhmmss].ext" in the same folder
;report status, exit

if x =
WinGetClass, xclass, ahk_id %x%
if xclass != CabinetWClass  ;exit if not Explorer win
WinActivate, ahk_id %x%,
ifwinNotactive, ahk_id %x%

clip := ClipBoardAll
clipboard =
send ^c   ;copy
clipwait, 2
if errorlevel != 0

Loop, Parse, clipboard, `n, `r
p := a_loopfield ;first file in selection
clipboard := clip ;restore

if InStr( FileExist(p), "D")
splitpath, p, pname,pdir,pext,pnoext
FileCopy, %p%, %pdir%\%pnoext% -- %A_now%.%pext%
if !Errorlevel
 tooltip, Clone %pdir%\%pnoext% -- %A_now%.%pext% created
 tooltip, ERROR. Failed to clone %pname%
sleep 2000

FARRCloseSelProc -- FARR helper tool closes process matching selected filename

FARRCloseSelProc is a FARR helper tool that closes a process that matches the filename of the file that is selected in Explorer.

This is useful if you work on some code that you need to repeatedly compile, run and later close the process of before the next test run. But it can also be used to quickly close a process that you know the name of.

1 paste the code into a text editor and save as FARRCloseSelProc.ahk and then compile it (you need for that).
2 store the compiled FARRCloseSelProc.exe in some folder
3 create a FARR alias like this

alias name:
proc close
regex pattern:
^proc(?: |)(.*|)$
result box:
CloseSelProc $$1| C:\some\folder\FARRCloseSelProc.exe $$1 %LASTHWND%

To use it open Explorer and select a file you want to close a matching process for. For example select the file program.exe if you want to close the process program.exe . Press your FARR hotkey, type "proc" and when the alias shows press enter.
To use it by typing a process name press your FARR hotkey, type "proc program.exe" and press enter.

- The typed process name must match exactly. It must not have any spaces in the name.
- If there are multiple processes with that name only the first one detected by autohotkey will be closed.

SendMode Input
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
#SingleInstance force

x = %1%  ;hwnd parameter from FARR or exact name of a process from FARR
y = %2%  ;hwnd (if first param is exact name)

;FARRCloseSelProc -- a helper tool for FARR
;This tool is made to be run from a FARR alias.

if x =
if y ;filename mode
 splitpath, x, pname,,pext
else ;HWND mode
WinGetClass, xclass, ahk_id %x%
if xclass != CabinetWClass  ;exit if not Explorer win
WinActivate, ahk_id %x%,
ifwinNotactive, ahk_id %x%
clip := ClipBoardAll  
clipboard =
send ^c   ;copy
clipwait, 2
if errorlevel != 0
Loop, Parse, clipboard, `n, `r
p := a_loopfield
clipboard := clip ;restore
if InStr( FileExist(p), "D")
splitpath, p, pname,,pext

if (pext != "exe")

Process, close, %pname%
Loop, 10
Process, Exist, %pname%
if errorlevel = 0
sleep 100
Process, Exist, %pname%
if errorlevel = 0
 tooltip, Closed process %pname%
 tooltip, ERROR. Process %pname% still running.
sleep 2000

farr operamail or fastmail plugin

operamail screenshot clean small.jpg

my operamail (hosted at fastmail) plugin shows your in-box and allows you to compose and send emails.
 (it is a shamefull copy of the GoogleTasks javascript by rulfzid).

the default command/alias is
you have to login into the site as usual.  IE will remember your username and password.

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farr gmail google mail plugin


This is my third farr plugin. This time for gmail  (again modified from gtasks)
It allows you look at your inbox and to send emails in the popup window of FARR.

One of the advantages of a  mail plugin(s) is that you can use it in a popup window
while you are looking at another webpage in you browser.

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farr yahoo mail plugin

screenshot yahoo mail plugin.jpg

my yahoo mail plug in shows your yahoo in-box (it is a shamefull copy of the GoogleTasks javascript by rulfzid).

the default command is
you have to login into the yahoo site as usual.  Only Once if you allow IE to remember your username and password.

How to install:
Create subfolder yahoomail in folder Plugins of FARR main folder e.g. \FARR\plugins\yahoomail\
Put all 4 files from zipfile in that folder (fscript.dll, fscript.cfi, fscript.js, yahoomail.ico)
(do not put anything else in this folder!)

  • start FARR, go to options (Ctrl-O)
  • Program Options  >> Settings >> Plugins and Update
  • press button [ Click to Examine and configure Plugins..]
  • press [ Find and Reload all Plugins ]
  • press [OK]
  • <you can overrule the command yhm by another (available) alias>
  • press [Close]
  • press [Ok]



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FARR Plugin: FProcs - v1.01.01 - June 11, 2011

Screenshot - 6_11_2011 , 2_09_52 AM.png
This is a plugin for my Find and Run Robot program.

Download from: http://www.donationc...rProcs/

This plugin is triggered by default with: fprocs

It shows a list of running processes -- with top-level windows (like you see with alt+tab) at the top of the list.

Filter the list and hit enter or select any item to switch to that active window.

Or right-click for more options including the option to terminate the process.

See advanced options for the plugin to tell fprocs to always switch to an application if it is already running, no matter how it is launched.

Make web search in current opened browser - Farr_Browser_Launcher by lanux128

blog clipart
I use Opera as my main browser, but I also need Firefox and Chrome. They all have their strong and week points.

I make, for example, a Google search using "g query" syntax.

Here comes my question: how can I make my web search in the current opened browser and not in the default one?
And if I have all 3 (or only 2) browsers opened, could I specify a preferred order of them?

Maybe this could be doable already, but I have no idea how.
It is annoying to work in Firefox and hitting "g whatever" makes me wait until Opera launches etc...


Note: the answer was offered by lanux128 in the form of Farr_Browser_Launcher version 1 and version 2.

FARR Plugin: PopQuotes - Search quote/fortune files

Screenshot - 11_15_2008 , 10_02_22 PM.png
I've finally gotten around to writing a FARR plugin that can read fortune and quotes files (same formats and configuration used in my Popup Wisdom program), and search them for keywords.

The main point of this plugin is to let you search many thousands of quotes to find ones that mention certain words, so you can past them in emails or whatever.

You could also use it with your own custom text files (one item per line).

I've finally gotten around to writing a FARR plugin that can read fortune and quotes files (same formats and configuration used in my Popup Wisdom program), and search them for keywords.

The main point of this plugin is to let you search many thousands of quotes to find ones that mention certain words, so you can past them in emails or whatever.

You could also use it with your own custom text files (one item per line).

Download: http://www.donationc...quotes/

FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch

FarrWebMetaSearch is a generic web retrieval FARR plugin that show results in list mode. It is therefore targeted at web sites delivering list-like results. Results are selected using regular expressions. FarrWebMetaSearch searches live as you type!


Download & Install
Download the FarrWebMetaSearch plugin from here:
then unzip it into the FARR plugins directory (usually C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins) and restart FARR.

Click here to read more..

FarrSpell - Spelling and Thesaurus Plugin for FARR

Screenshot - 12_26_2009 , 12_14_20 PM.png
This was an entry in the NANY 2010 Event, but i'm putting it here in the FARR plugin sectin.

This will be a plugin for Find and Run Robot to help people who quickly need to spell a word or look up synonyms.

Download: http://www.donationc...rspell/


FARR Alias Pack: Miranda Alias pack for FARR

blog clipart
Let's you control a few things in the Miranda IM client. Currently supports online, away, invisible, occupied and offline status as well as toggling the visibility of the contact list.

Click here to read more and download..

hamNotes (A FARR2 Plugin by hamradio)

hamNotes allows you to keep searchable text notes.
Activate the plugin to add and search the text notes and quickly view them.

Please extract it to a directory named hamNotes in the FARR2 Plugins
directory or if you already have it you may use DcUpdater to update it.

If you have any questions/comments/bugs let me know.

FARR Plugin: TinyEV (Everything integration)

blog clipart
Heya. I wrote a little (literally) FARR plugin for Voidtools' Everything content search engine, since the other one was somewhat sluggish and large. This one, on the other hand, seems to be quite snappy and small (less than 16 KiB! :D), hence the name.

However, it doesn't come with a built-in settings dialog (oh no!), so if you want to change the only currently available setting, the scoring mode, you'll have to hand-edit an .ini file. I'm sure you'll cope. :) Also, this does not require the es.exe shell; just a running Everything instance.

Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are welcome, however I may be off on vacation for a week or so.

Click here to read more and download..

FARR Plugin: TimeZone [Update version 1.0.0]

Screenshot - 12_02_2009 , 7_34_12 PM.png
FARR TimeZone

This plugin will display the current time of the major cities from different time zones.

This is my first plugin (so be gentle): but it's been working fine for me for quite a while. I was a little concerned about the name, wasn't sure if it shortened very well at all  :-[.

Key Features
  • Display current world times as you type.
  • Display up to 5 favourites
  • Summer / Daylight Saving Time aware.
  • Dynamic linking to's webpage
  • TimeAndDate carry many more Time and Date features on their website, and is well worth a visit.


Also available at My Site

Click here to read more and download..

Alias: WolframAlpha Search

An an aside: How about someone make us a farr alias to search wolfram alpha?

as requested by mouser. i realize that their service is still in alpha stage. so this is a good time as any to try out..

Click here to read more and download..

FARR plugin: FarrWindowsSearch

blog clipart
This plugin allows querying the Windows Search index using FARR. The full power of Windows Search's advanced query syntax is supported. And thanks to hamradio Outlook user will get nice icons when searching for their Outlook emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks and notes!

System requirements
Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista and Window Search 3 or newer.


   ws [search term]
to query the Windows Search index.

See Windows Search advanced query syntax for a detailed description of how to narrow and refine your search.

Typing /a at the end of a query will switch to FARR's extended results list mode.

Thanks to Carroll (hamradio on forums) for designing the icons!

pretty damn amazing..
just a note for people who don't understand what this means: Windows Search *indexes* the *contents* of files. so you can now type ws KEYWORDS and get instant live file searching of the CONTENTS of files.

wow  :huh:

Click to read more and download..

Farr and Rainlendar?

Has anyone managed to create aliases for Rainlendar calendar application?  I saw that it has a launchy plugin. It would be great if one could use Farr to do the same thing as well

Click here to read more about and download the rainlendar plugin for FARR..

An Extremely Simple Gmail Tasks Plugin

So I just discovered the Gmail Tasks app and have fallen in love. I know, I know, there's the Remember The Milk plugin, which is fantastic, but I wanted something simpler, and Gmail Tasks is perfect.

Initially, I set up an alias to send me there, but I hated having to press "Enter" to select the result that launched the htmlview, so I poked around, discovered the FScript plugin, and made a very simple plugin. Enjoy!

FARR plugin: FARR Remember The Milk

Screenshot - 9_24_2008 , 2_48_00 PM.png
The FARR Remember The Milk Plugin (FarrMilk) allows you to access your Remember the Milk (RTM) tasks and lists using Find and Run Robot (FARR). A lot of what you can do via the RTM web interface you can do with FarrMilk.

Check out these two video demos (of preliminary versions) to get an idea of what FarrMilk is: Demo 1, Demo 2

What you can do with FarrMilk:
  • View your tasks
  • Filter your tasks by task name, by list, by tag, by priority and by due date
  • Sort your tasks by task name, by priority, by due date, by date added, by date completed and by URL
  • Add new tasks
  • Delete tasks
  • Complete / Uncomplete tasks
  • Move tasks from one list to another
  • Postpone tasks
  • Change a task's properties, including its name, priority, due date, recurrence, time estimate, tags, location and URL
  • Add, edit and delete task notes
  • View your lists
  • Add new lists
  • Delete lists
  • Archive / Unarchive lists
  • View your tags
  • View tasks of your smart lists (with limitations! read About Smart Lists further down)

This is an extremely impressive plugin.

Click here to read more and download..

New FARR plugin : FFTab allow to switch firefox tab

I'm please to show my new little baby project. FFTab. FFTab connect FARR to Firefox to list the tabs and then switch them.


I'm sure a lot of thing can be done with mozrepl since everything that is doable for firefox with extension can be done through repl. I hope we have some mozilla hackers here because I would love to see plugins interacting with Firefox. Creating tabs, switching, create shortcuts, extract html fragments etc... many things should be doable.

Click here to read more and download..

FARR plugin: Bakko

Bakko - Transformations of FARR Text Field Content

  The main point of this plugin is to provide a customizable means for transforming the main FARR window's text field content.  At the moment, "customizable" means that the user can write a bit of JavaScript to operate on the text field content.  It's also possible that people could share these bits of JavaScript :)

Click here to read more and download..

FARR plugin: Akete

Akete - FARR-specific file associations

The main point of this plugin is to be able to customize how files
with particular file extensions are opened.  To achieve this end,
the user is expected to provide a configuration which specifies
associations between file extensions and corresponding methods of
opening files with those extensions.

The plugin provides additional functionality including support for:
  * multiple possible methods of opening files via context menu items
  * default context menu items (i.e. always appear in context menu)
  * overriding of method to open files via an appropriate keyword

Click here to read more and download..

Everything plugin for FARR

You need everything running, and es.exe from:

Click here to read more and download..

Comparer File Info Plugin for FARR, uses total commander wdx plugs for file info

Screenshot - 1_9_2009 , 3_40_38 AM.png
This is a plugin for FARR that utilizes the Comparer tool written by fenixproductions for the recent NANY 2009 event.

Essentially it adds a right-click context menu item to any result that will give you info on the file; by installing additional wdx total commander plugins you can get even more info for specific kinds of files.  See the link above for more info on that.

You can also use +cmpc in your search string to trigger the info display without using the right click.



All credit goes to fenixproductions for his tool which does all the work; thanks to ecaradex, ewemoa and, czb for the javascript plugin scripting for FARR which this uses.  This plugin might be useful for people who want to see how to make a farr plugin that shells out to executables and displays the results, and for information on adding a context menu item to results.

Screenshot aliases using MiniCap

Screenshot - 7_24_2008 , 12_03_38 PM.png
mouser's excellent Screenshot Captor does pretty much everything you need for screenshot capturing (and more) but isn't exactly a tiny lightweight app. But it's baby brother MiniCap is a command line based screenshot capture app. This makes it ideal for the quick screenshot capturing tasks, and also ideal for FARR aliases!

You'll find (currently an old build of) MiniCap here: http://www.donationc...r/MiniCap/index.html (mouser will probably update this ASAP)

I've put together a package that includes some aliases as well as a fresh build of MiniCap itself. These aliases should cover a range of screenshot options but adding or editing should be easy enough.

to install this you would put the minicap directory in your FindAndRunRobot\AliasGroups\Installed directory.  That alias subdirectory is marked as Read-only from within FARR so that it can be easily updated.

To use, type 'mcap' which will present you with the following commands
Screen captureCaptures current screen
Last active window captureCaptures the last active window (i.e. active before launching FARR ;) )
Select region captureInteractive capture of region (traditional style mode -- locked to current screen of multimonitor)
Object captureInteractive capture of object (red box mode)
Red box region captureInteractive capture of region (red box mode)
Capture to clipboardCopy the interactively selected image to clipboard
Border shadow captureAdd a nice border and shadow to interactively selected image
DC Review captureAutosaves to "%MYDOCUMENTS%\reviews\$appname$\$windowtitle$_$uniquenum$.png"
I found this was quite helpful when working on a minireview
Multimon captureCapture entire desktop workspace (all multimonitors if more than one exists)
Delayed screen capture (4 secs)Wait 4 seconds before engaging capture of current screen
Crash msg captureI'm using a couple of beta apps and if they crash I can save the crash message to "%MYDOCUMENTS%\crashinfo\crash_$windowtitle$_$datetime$.png"
Help with MiniCapLaunches the MiniCap helpfile

Thanks goes to mouser for both a lot of help and suggestions while making the aliases and for updating MiniCap and adding several new features. Looking at several other aliases was also very helpful, so if you've released a pack of aliases I've probably looked at it in awe ;)

Latest version can be downloaded from my dcmembers webspace!

Farr Search Aliases- Am I missing something?

blog clipart
I am a long timefarr  user and a fairly recent  DC Member. This is my first post.  

Before I start I tried searching for the answer and I am by no means a programmer but I am trying to understand how use farr to create search aliases that work like quick searches in firefox.  Basically I am trying to figure out how to translate these kinds of quick searches to Farr from firefox

Here's what I am trying to do. I have a keyword search setup in firefox.
keyword = bk
search string/location = http://www.booksamil...query=%s&where=Books

I think that I want to replace the %s search criteria with $$1 in Farr.  What I can't figure out with farr is how to get it to include the rest of the search string which is not varible when I use this kind of query.

I guess I don't understand enough about FARR and the syntax it uses to get this to work.  I hope I am making some sense.  Any help is appreciated.  I really want to learn and understand how to do these more complex searches in FARR.

Click here to read the solution posted by lanux..

Alias: Send Twitter updates from Farr

this is a very simple alias that updates to your Twitter page. i believe that a more robust plugin is in the works but until it is ready, this alias sort of plugs the gap. do try this out. :)

also, i'm afraid that there are some manual steps needed to get this alias working, where you have to add in your username and password to get it working. (see pic). credit goes to DC member srikat whose code saved me a lot of time. ;) also to the cURL team and Dirceu Veiga of (for the Twitter icon, of course).

Usage setup:
download the zipped file. extract the contents into Farr's sub-folder "\AliasGroups\MyCustom'. launch Farr then go to the 'Options' > 'Aliases/Groups'. choose the twitter alias from the drop-box on the right. double-click on it to edit and make the changes mentioned above. close everything until you reach Farr's main window. type 'tw' <insert whatever> and press enter.

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FARR alias: Quick Outlook Task

I use Outlook tasks quite a lot, for serious tasks, to-do lists, but also quick reminders. Today I stumbled across "QuickOutlookTask", a small command-line utility that allows you to quickly add an Outlook task. You simply type something like "do new outlook task" (command line, or Windows Run) and this creates a new Outlook task with subject "new outlook task". Outlook needn't even be running. See http://www.megalab.i...articoli.php?id=1288.

Well, a couple of days ago I discovered FARR and quickly fell in love with it (kudos, mouser :Thmbsup:) and I wanted to have this through FARR. So I wrapped this functionality in a FARR alias, and this is my attempt to pass it on to you.

Click here to read more and download..

Table Data Search Plugin

Table Data Search Plugin

This plugin can search and display tabular data files of varying formats (csv files or any text files whose columns can be parsed using a regular expression).

It can be be used to display and search for data in spreadsheets, dictionaries, etc.  Only rows matching the search terms will be displayed so it's a great way to look up data.

Each data file has its own settings that specify:
  • Column Titles
  • Pattern for parsing column data
  • Max number of results to display
  • Option whether to search after every character typed
  • Option for case sensitivity

Other features:
  • Columns can be sorted
  • Supports html in column data
  • Incudes update support and two sample data files.
  • You can configure as many data files as you want, and easily switch between them (ctrl+tab or just click the filename).
  • The settings for each file are saved in to a file with the same name as the data file but with a .json extension, so you can easily share your data files+settings with others.

Click here to read more and download..

Google Calculator


GooglePlus - View Google search results in FARR as you type

This plugin allows you to choose from five different Google search types including Web, Local, Video, Images, and Books and will display search results in real time based on your search criteria. You can also choose to display extended information specific to each search type for each result.

gp   - This will present you with the 5 different search types (Web, Local, Video, Images, Books) as shown above. Select one of the search types by typing in its name to filter the search or using the arrow keys to select and then press tab to activate that search. Tip: Typing "gp" followed by two spaces will recall the last search you executed since launching FARR.

gpw - Alias for web search. The same as typing gp +web
gpl   - Alias for local search. The same as typing gp +local
gpv  - Alias for video search. The same as typing gp +video
gpi   - Alias for image search. The same as typing gp +images
gpb  - Alias for book search. The same as typing gp +book
gph  - Alias for GooglePlus search history. This will show you a list of all your previous searches since launching FARR.

Click here to continue reading about and download the plugin..

Alias: Google Maps Directions

recently i find myself using this feature quite frequently so made an alias. just copy the code & paste into Farr's "Aliases/Groups" section.

1000>>>Google Maps Directions>->Directions from $$1 to $$2 |$$1&daddr=$$2 /ICON=icons\google.ico>+>^gm ([^\s]*) ([^\s]*)

note: i use whitespace to separate the query words, so do not separate terms that include region, country, etc. e.g Wigan,UK will work but Wigan, UK won't.

English-Vietnamese Translator plugin for FARR using

blog clipart
I know a lot about translator plugins. I really want one like defnir , but with Vie-English translator smiley Can you guys make me one :p
Thanks so much ^^ << This site :p ( I have no idea about coding yet

Here you go.. It is very simple so if it does not fit your needs (I do not speak Vietnamese) just open fscript.js and modify it. To make it even easier for you, you can use firebug for firefox ;)

BTW: invoke by "bt" => can be changed in fscript.js as well


FARR MostRecentlyUsed

Screenshot - 7_9_2008 , 9_29_41 PM.png
The FARR MostRecentlyUsed plugin shows the contents of the 'My Recent Documents' folder or a list of most recently used files of applications storing their most recently used files in the registry.

You can get it from here:

Typing mru in FARR will give you a list of your most recently used files.

Use the following modifier keywords to change the search:
+byname : Force sorting by name
+bydate : Force sorting by date last modified
+.[ext] : Filter results by file extension [ext]. More than one can be used, e.g. +.h +.cpp

To show a list of most recently used files for selected applications, use the following modifers:
+msvc8 : Show most recently used MS Visual Studio 2005 files
+msvc9 : Show most recently used MS Visual Studio 2008 files
+office : Show most recently used Microsoft Office 2007 files
+wmp : Show most recently used Windows Media Player files
+foxit : Show most recently used Foxit Reader files
(You configure your own in the config file)

This is a MUST HAVE plugin.. Extremely useful.

Click here to read more..

google dollar exchange rate plugin

While the donationcoder server was down I tried to put together a plugin based on the javascript SDK that takes a number as an input and queries google what that amount of dollars exchanges to in swedish kronor. In the finished plugin that swedish kronor part should of course be customizable to whatever currency the user prefers.

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New plugin: FARR MultiMonitor

The FARR MultiMonitor plugin extends FARR to work better with multiple monitors. FARR's main window currently always shows up on the monitor you moved it to. With the FARR MultiMonitor plugin enabled, FARR's main window will show up on the monitor that contains the currently active window (usually the window of the application you're working in, and also where you're currently looking at).

Additionally, the FARR MultiMonitor plugin has the option to center FARR's main window on the screen.

This plugin is experimental. To provide its functionality, it uses ways other than the regular FARR plugin API. What this means is that there's no guarantee this plugin will work with future versions of FARR. It does seem to work now though. Note that I did not do much testing. It's working fine on my Windows XP computer with two monitors attached. I did not test it with more than two monitors, nor with only one monitor.

You can get it from here:

Note that the plugin offers a couple of options which can be set in the FARR advanced plugin options dialog. There's a brief description of these options in the readme file. Also note that the center option is off by default (because it could be quite annoying without the threshold level set to something sensible).

GTDTiddlyWikiPlus for FARR (alias pack)

As of June 13, 2008 the Latest Alpha of FARR Included GTDTiddlyWikiPlus Alias Pack, which supports GTDTiddlyWiki Plus and the original TiddlyWiki.

Trigger the alias by typing: gwp
Trigger the alias by typing: tiwi

Click here to read more..

New Script FARR Plugin: Clock

This plugin displays the current date/time in a variety of formats.


List of commands:
cl : list current date/time


Special thanks goes to ecaradec for Fscript.

New C# FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleCalendar

Screenshot - 09_06_2008 , 13_45_27.png

This plugin serves in two modes:

1) See your upcoming events up and directly go to them. Defauly keyword: gcal
2) Use the QuickAdd feature of Google Calendar to quickly add events. Before actually creating an event, you are given a preview of the date. Defauly keyword: gcal add

Thanks to czechboy for the inspiration :)


Known issues

  • The user/password is stored in the options file in plain text.
  • You can't add external calendars

Alias sharing - UK Alias Pack

Attached are a set of aliases for users in the UK. I started this set to add UK sites to FARR's core aliases.

For example this set adds to the maps Search alias. This ensures a search for say Reading returns Reading, Berkshire rather than Reading, PA.

As well as additions to the FARR's core aliases I have added a couple of other sets (newspapers and weather) for UK sites.

Just unzip the file and put the UK direction under AliasGroups\MyCustom

* (19.57 kB - downloaded 1339 times.)

Character Table

Console Plugin: Sheel a Command and Display Output in Farr's memo

A user asks:

I have been working with a command-line program for which i've created an alias to input different parameters but i would like to capture the output as well and show it in Farr's memo. is it possible within the current alias setup?

Click here to read about the Console plugin by czechboy that will do this..


I have writen a plugin which can be used as countdown timer, todo, notes etc...


Click here to read more and discuss..

Feeling Lucky Alias

It allows you to type !youtube batman to quickly launch a I feel Lucky search for "youtube batman", it's very quick.
Compared to the default search:

1000>>>Feeling Lucky>->Google - $$1 |$$1&btnI=I%27m+Feeling+Lucky /ICON=icons\google.ico>+>^!(.*)>/>24762

Dicts Thesaurus

Hi, because I write my bachalor thesis in English I frequently need English synonyms. Therefore I have created a very simple plug-in for my purposes. So someone of you might like it as well.

Console Output to Farr's memo mode


Just tell me if it needs some modifications

edit: type something like "cn cd C:\ && dir &&"


Programing mouse buttons for FARR?

I am trying to program a mouse center center button (wheel) to open FARR. Can you tell me the instruction? pointing to .exe starts a new instance. in the keystroke mode, it only accepts modifier (alt, cntrl, etc) & a standard key.

Google Calendar Quick Add

Here you go. It is pre alpha and not tested much :)

write: gc "lunch at 2pm"

Read more and download now..

Google Translation Plugin

Screenshot - 2_2_2008 , 7_42_51 AM.png
Google translation plugin which can translate to and from many languages.

Use like: gt en fr "hello there my friend!"

Download and discuss now..

New C# FARR Plugin: FARRGoogleSuggest


I have made a Google Suggest plugin. It query's Google just like the Google Toolbar and returns suggestions and checks your spelling.

Type gs and your query.

Jens Peter Grosen

Read more and download..

New C# FARR Plugin: FARREnviormentVariables

Screenshot - 29_12_2007 , 03_23_35.png
This plugin lets you easily access your environment variables. For example, Firefox keeps all its settings in your application data folder (%appdata%). In explorer you could simply write %appdata% to access it, however, in FARR it isn't possible. Until now.

Install the plugin and press % to see the list of your environment variables, select one to automatically expand it on the search path or simply continue writing. Once you add the \ it would automatically expand. E.g, writing %appdata%\ would automatically become C:\Documents and Settings\Vitaly\Application Data\.

Read more and download..

New C# FARR Plugin: FARRTunes - iTunes control plugin

Screenshot - 28_12_2007 , 19_49_58.png
Hey all! For all you music listeners and iTunes users.

Download link (please unpack it to your "FARR\Plugins\FARRTunes\" directory):

Since it is quite a complex plug-in bugs are very expected. Please post on the thread if you have any trouble.
I'll be also glad to hear of your general experience with the plug-in.

Version History
  • 1.00 Initial release

  • See the current song info
  • Play/Pause/Next/Previous
  • Search a playlist and start the one you want
  • Search for any song and play it
  • See the current playing song lyrics
  • Rate the current playing song

This has to be one of the most extensive plugins developed for FARR, and it makes use of a ton of different techniques.  The author (vitalyb) also made his plugin SDK available which let's people write plugins in C# (or any .net language).  Really great.

FARR (Find and Run Robot) v2 download for those who don't have it already: here.

See screenshots and read more..

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