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Dr.Windows protects your computer against common errors.

Actually.. that's not true.

Dr.Windows is really a harmless joke/prank/trick program that will periodically display funny joke error messages to unsuspecting users.

Use it to play jokes on your family members - just don't be too cruel, or they'll come blaming us when they figure it out.

Comes with over 50 fun dialogs, but the main fun is making your own!


By default when loaded, Dr.Windows appears to be a program that is protecting the computer against something (we have no idea what).  The "Protection Enabled" checkbox doesn't actually do anything.  As an effort to not be too evil, we do let victims exit the program from the tray if they are smart enough to realize that the cause the messages is the program.


Every once and a while the 'victim' will see a random error like this one (note that pushing a button never actually does anything).


Holding the CONTROL key down while right clicking on the icon opens up the secret options.


The most important part about Dr.Windows is that it's very easy to make your own custom dialogs.

Dialogs are described with simple text files; you can customize button text, icons, titles, sounds, etc.

Sample Dialog Coffee.cfg:

Title: Fatal Error
Text: Low level of coffee or wrong kind of coffee detected.\nTake a break and refill your cup.
Bitmap: images\cup.ico
Wave: sounds\Windows XP Battery Low.wav
Button: Oh, yes, thanks
Button: Remind me
Button: More Info

You can even have buttons link to further dialogs to set up chains of messages sure to drive your relatives and loves ones insane :)

If you make new dialogs please share them with us on the forum, and let us know about any funny pranks you play on your friends.


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