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Best password manager?

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Am looking for 'the best password manager' software. I'm currently using Keepass, but I know of a few others and I'm wondering what your experiences are and what the essential features are for 'the best' one. What I like about keepass is the cost& the portability of the password file. However I'm not impressed with the lack of integration with the various programs and i still find it cubersome to add all my passwords in (so I don't use it for everything which defeats its purpose). I was recommended Steganos Password Manager but couldn't find any experiences here. If it's not easy to use then it's not getting used as far as I'm concerned.

What password manager do you use and what are your experiences?

Password managers I know about
If I missed out your favourite then let us know and I'll add it to the list.

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SQLNotes...what is it exactly?

This program has been mentioned in a couple of threads.  I checked it out and tried it out.  What is this for?  Is it an outliner for the Ecco freaks out there?  That's cool, because Ecco's outliner is very cool compared to the standard rtf bullet/numbering scheme.  But it also seems to have some Access-like capabilities.  I just don't get it.  It seems like an odd pairing of features.

So, what kind of applications is this program used for?  Why would I use it instead of Access, or Excel, or a regular notetaker, or other outliner software?  Actually, there aren't many ecco-like outliners, so I actually understand that part.

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ghacks post: "Why I decided to uninstall my Antivirus software"

Screenshot - 11_19_2007 , 10_46_40 AM_thumb.png
Martin over at ghacks writes about why he still uses an antivirus program occasionally but no longer keeps one running in the background.

It's not a crazy idea, and i've been tempted to do the same.  In the end I've opted to keep an antivirus program running in the background and just accepting the small performance hit and occasional system slowdown from antivirus scanning.

The truth is though, as Martin points out, i know that my basic system is safe, and scanning all my files all the time seems wasteful.  When new files come in the mail, i would know enough to scan them manually even if i didn't have a background resident scanner.

Anyone else out there sufficiently brave and confident in their security policies to not run an antivirus tool?

Searching for the best read-aloud software?

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Can anyone recommmend a good text-reading software?  I want it both to hear things read to me while I'm doing something else, and to hear foreign text read in the appropriate language.

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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SyncBackSE vs. SuperFlexible

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I've been looking for backup software to do versioned differential backups. I tend to prefer hands-on packages and was trying out SyncBackSE when I noticed zridling's mini-review of Super Flexible File Synchronizer.

Back in May some people expressed the intention of switching to SFFS from SyncBackSE. Now that the dust has settled, are people happy about the move - if they made it? Or, on closer inspection, did they find features of SyncBackSE that they preferred to those of SFFS after all?

Both look to me as if they would do what I want, but I didn't see much in the way of detailed comparison that would have enabled me to make a choice between the two. Unfortunately, my trial of SyncBackSe has run out so I can't compare them in action.

In favour of SyncBackSE, it has a very lively forum, lots of documentation, and is about $10 cheaper than SFFS - even with the latter's discount. I also tend to like companies that offer decent free versions of their software as well as paid ones (e.g. like SyncBack and NoteTab). In favour of SFFS, it has a rather neater interface, and some enthusiastic users here.

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What's your preferred File Manager?

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What's your favorite and why?

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Box shot images for your own software?

Interested in a simulated 3d box shot image generator?

Tere are a couple of long threads on dc about these tools, both free and commercial:

What's your favorite eBay/auction helping software?

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I want to start a thread about ebay/auction helping software from those who use such tools..  There are some really great ones I know.

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HelpMaker from Vizacc - A Help Authoring Gem!

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I recently needed to write a simple help file for an application I had developed and spent some time looking for an affordable help authoring solution. After trying a few demos of commercial software I stumbled across this superb piece of freeware called HelpMaker from Vizacc.

As well as the text editing application it comes with a range of other tools such as a button maker, pdf creator and so on.

It is so good, I cannot believe it is free and thought I must share this with you all. Appologies if this is old news and everyone already knows about it.

I just played with it briefly and it looks like an incredible tool.
It's not going to replace Help+Manual for me, but that's an expensive tool and this is completely free, which is hard to believe.

My only problem was it was erroring for me when trying to produce PDF files.  If they can get the PDF file generation to work and work well, this is going to be the must have free/low-cost help maker.  Outstanding !

How do you organise your 'My Documents' folder?

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After a few years of collecting and creating documents, the 'My Documents ' folder has started to burst at the seams. I sat down the other day determined to clean this mess up. but how? I dont really want to delete or archive anything, just organise it properly, and keep it organised.

The ideas i had where
1- A to Z folders with everything filed alphabetically
2- folder based on extensions, ie MyDoc folder, MyPDF folder, MyPics folder, MyTXT folder, MyDWG folder
3- folders based on job/client/theme
4- All piled into one folder, and allow a file search program to locate stuff (X1)

Each has its advantage and disadvantage
1 and 2 can be automated, which is appealing, 3 is practical if you can maintain it, and 4 is just lazy but also easy.

Maybe some members here can offer their wisdom?

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Big list of Open Source Help Desk software

Screenshot - 7_22_2007 , 2_06_30 AM_thumb.png
Big list of Open Source Help Desk software to manage issues and track phone call problem reports, etc.

The great defrag shootout - giant review

Screenshot - 6_11_2007 , 12_45_33 PM_thumb.png
Donn Edwards has written a comprehensive review, called "The great defrag shootout", covering just about every defrag app out there for the Windows platform. It is an interesting read and Donn clearly has spent a lot of time on this defrag investigation of his.


FileHamster - auto incremental file monitor/backup as you work - and free!

saw this over on 'shell extension city' this morning: FileHamster - just the right tool to let you save different versions of files you are working on. so i know it would be great for 'digital artists' but i assume it will also be very useful for coders.

FileHamster provides real-time backup and archiving of your files while you work. It enables you to monitor specific files on your hard drive and automatically create incremental backups whenever those files are modified. It also enables you to store notes about the changes that have been made, allowing you to quickly locate a specific revision or provide a detailed account of the work you've done on a project.

Stickies 6.0a - free donationware sticky desktop notes program

Screenshot - 1_23_2007 , 4_24_27 AM.png
A few of Us have been waiting for this.

Stickies is a electronic Post-it note software, a a very good one.
To many options to list. but a couple that people have been waiting for
  • Stickies can be attached to a window - they only appear on the desktop only when that application is active. That way, you can have a sticky which appears when you go to a web site, open a document, or browse to a folder on your computer, and then disappears again when you leave that place
  • Locked mode for stickies, meaning their contents cannot be changed
  • Option for whether clicking on one sticky also brings the others to the front - either all are brought forward, or just the one you clicked


Paperless Home: Need document management software. Recommendations?

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I'd like to try implement something close to a paperless office, what I'd like to do is:
1. Scan all paper documents received at home (bank statements, letters,...)
2. Use OCR if applicable (maybe, I'm not sure whether it's a good thing to do at the moment)
3. Store the scanned document in the right format (multi-page TIFF, multi-page PDF, other?)
4. Use a clever document storage (filesystem with nice/clean directory structure, dedicated database/revision management system,...)

Interesting user story:

Any comments on this? Has anyone set up a similar system?

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