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Best Of 2007
Best of the Web 2007
Indie/Casual Games

Downloadable Game: Secret Maryo Chronicles

Secret Maryo Chronicles is an Open Source two-dimensional platform game with a style designed similar to classic sidescroller games. It uses the platform independent library SDL and, since version 0.98, the OpenGL accelerated Graphics Renderer. The game is developed in C++.

The really cool thing about this is you can create your own levels..  If anyone tries it and makes some levels let us know!

Can you create your own graphics?

Tower Defense Games Round Up!

Tower Defense Games Collection

I searched the forum for tower defense games, and made this list with all the online ones posted on the forum.  Enjoy them as your productivity decreases!

View the roundup of Tower Defense Games..

Alternate Reality Gaming

To make a long story short, I googled red-monday thinking it was either just a strange website, a movie or game promotional thing, or...
I found a reference to a term handed down from McCarthyism, and caught a suggestion from a blog post and a forum post that it may be a rabbithole for a new ARG.
I googled ARG and was introduced to a whole new world:
An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions.

I am continually amazed at what an overwhelming communications system like the internet is capable of spawning, and this is the latest thing that has got me saying "Well, looky there... that's very interesting..."

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

blog clipart
Sorry, if this has been mentioned by someone else before, but my forum search didn't show it. Simon has been mentioned, portable apps have been mentioned, and I found lots of threads about tiny games. Don't miss out on those:


This page contains a collection of small computer programs which implement one-player puzzle games. All of them run natively on Unix (GTK), on Windows, and on Mac OS X.

I wrote this collection because I thought there should be more small desktop toys available: little games you can pop up in a window and play for two or three minutes while you take a break from whatever else you were doing. And I was also annoyed that every time I found a good game on (say) Unix, it wasn't available the next time I was sitting at a Windows machine, or vice versa; so I arranged that everything in my personal puzzle collection will happily run on both those platforms and more. When I find (or perhaps invent) further puzzle games that I like, they'll be added to this collection and will immediately be available on both platforms. And if anyone feels like writing any other front ends - Mac OS pre-10, PocketPC, or whatever it might be - then all the games in this framework will immediately become available on another platform as well.

Flash Game of the Week: Escape Game [RGB]

The object of this insane puzzle game is to get out of the room. Click on things and stuff may happen, and you may get some clues.

This is really good -- better than most escape the room games which i don't tend to like.. I've just solved it but i can't solve the bonus!

Ball Revamped V Just Released: One of my Fave Flash Game Series

Screenshot - 8_9_2007 , 10_23_31 PM_thumb.png
I've written about Ball Revamped I-IV in the past, I consider it a terrific example of how to make a very addictive game with very simple game mechanics.  Fun and challenging, and hard to stop playing.

Well Ball Revamped V has just been released!

Freeware Independent Game: Cave Story

Screenshot - 7_19_2007 , 11_18_43 AM_thumb.png
Cave Story is an amazing little freeware gem--I've played through it once and will very likely play through a time or two more.  But I'll let the more qualified do the gushing--

Cave Story, or Doukutsu Monogatari, is a Japanese freeware PC side-scrolling platformer game developed by StudioPixel. It has been translated into English by Aeon Genesis Translations and will have an official translation script published sometime in the near future.

Cave Story is really one of those games that can be considered a masterpiece of game design. There are so many wonderful and classic gaming elements, that I cannot even begin to describe just one quality well enough to say “It is for this one reason alone that Cave Story is a great game.” There is just so much effort, originality and ingenuity behind this game and it really shows more and more as you play through it.

The developer, Pixel spent five years making this game as fun and as great as it is by adding solid controls, smooth gameplay, a great cast of characters and dialogue, an interesting plot, good music and beautiful old-school 2-D artwork. And on top of all this added multiple endings, several boss battles, tons of items to collect, all kinds of added secret bonuses and special challenges, various and considerably different methods of playing through the game depending on your actions, competition ranking features and an extremely high replay value. For a freeware game it is fairly lengthy too. Cave Story is by far the best freeware game I have ever had the honor of playing through and certainly one of the best games I’ve played.

The gameplay plays like a combination of various NES/Famicom games. Some that come to mind are Metroid, Castlevania, Megaman, Blaster Master and Monster Mash. Pixel’s art style and character design and boss battles are very reminiscent of Treasure games, like Gunstar Heroes, which happens to be one of my personal favorite games of all time. So if you are a fan of any of these titles, then you are in for a real treat. It was a wonderful and addicting experience playing through it and I hope anyone reading this who has not already played this game will give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed. It reminded me of why I enjoy playing videogames.

Onslaught: Flash Game of the Day (a very good TD game)

Screenshot - 4_20_2007 , 9_04_48 AM_thumb.png
Since it had been a few days since we posted one, we thought it was time for another tower defense game. Set up your turrets wisely.

Version 2 is out -- definitely one of the best tower defense series there is.

BaboViolent 2: Another great top-down fast free multiplayer shooter!

BaboViolent 2: This is a fun one!!  :up:

Very similar to Bloodmasters in spirit, though i think it might be a little more "manageable" in terms of the chaotic overload quotient of your brainstem.

It has some fun capture-the-flag games and the servers seem nice and fast.  Comes with a free server too! Someone start up a server and let's get a DC game going!!

BV2 is a top down shooter where you control a "Babo," a red or blue orb that rolls around the screen with one of six weapons attached to it. The intuitive keyboard + mouse interface helps you get into the thick of the action as quick as possible. It's as simple as joining one of the many active servers and hitting 'F'. You are immediately dropped into the action and start tossing grenades and molotov cocktails at anything that moves while firing to stay alive.

Game It Yourself with Print-And-Play Games

Here's a site all about "Print-And-Play" Games:

What is a print-and-play game? A print-and-play game is a game that can be printed out on your computer onto card stock and then played. It also includes games that can easily be made with common game equipment, such as dice, playing cards, pawns, checkers, etc. Here you'll find links to websites that offer such games. You can view the listing of free games by going to the Canonical List of Free Print-and-Play Games or by choosing one of the categories from the column on your left.

But why make your own games? Why not just buy games like everyone else? Well, for one, games you make yourself can often (but not always) be cheaper than games you'd buy at the store or online. Also, many people, including some well-known game designers, have released some of their games to the public for free. Furthermore, making games from scratch can be a very rewarding hobby whose fruits can be shared with others. Besides, why not?

Nifflas' Games: Within A Dark Forest (wow!), Knytt (new!), and more (all free)

Screenshot - 1_9_2007 , 10_07_05 AM.png
The unparalleled, amazing, epic "Within A Dark Forest" platform game has been discussed on Forum before (see https://www.donation...index.php?topic=4272).

Now comes word (thanks Eóin) of a new game, Knytt!

For more info on the other games created by Nifflas:
UnOfficial Nifflas GamePage
Official Nifflas Game Page

Enigma - A Fun Free Downloadable Game with Tons of User Created Levels

Today i received a very good message. After 555 days of waiting, one of my most favourite games "Enigma" has got an Update to V 1.0. With additional 200 levels, making now over 900!

What is Enigma?
You rembember Oxyd on Atari or Rock-n-Roll on Amiga? That together is Enigma. plus much, much more.

Main thing is, to move a little ball (or more than one even smaller balls) with your mouse through levels. Solve puzzles, touch and match hidden colored blocks, find your way through mazes, move certain blocks to other locations to solve the level or get through to other parts of the level or even build bridges with them to traverse water. Then find keys and open doors, find other things that can help you solve the level up to magic wands that converts blocks into other material, search for secret pathways, don't fall in holes, switch lasers on and off, turn mirrors to redirect the lasers, beware of deadly blocks, take care on what floor material you are (influences the movement of the ball) or put and hold the even smaller balls in given positions.

You see: Oxyd and Rock-n-Roll plus a little bit Sokoban, a little bit puzzlegame, a little bit dexterity needed, a little bit actiongame, a little bit platformgame a.s.o. You can't explain it fully have to try it! The whole game is non-violent, family friendly and so sth. for young and old one's. is funded by donations from readers like you. If you find this site useful, please consider becoming a supporting member by making a small one-time donation, in the amount of your choice.

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