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I rely on this software every day on every computer I use regularly. I almost never click on the start button to start applications now, I use Find and Run Robot. Amazing piece of software... Find and Run Robot beats the pants off of other desktop search programs, including MSN, Google, and Yahoo Desktop search. This program is very fast, and has a high degree of customization regarding what files you want to search for and where to search. It does not consume hard disk space by indexing your files like other desktop search programs. Try this program out and you'll agree that it is lightning fast and probably the most useful desktop search program out there (and best of all, it's free). My best regards go out to the developers of this program... Simple/quick to use. Don't use the start menu again, and quickly find loads of stuff lost in those pesky menus! Doesn't use the registry and no nasties. I am just a happy user. image

Lucid Dream Inducer is a simple little utility to play a customizable chime and voice file in the middle of the night to try to nudge you into Lucid Dreaming..


  • You need to have a computer near your bed when you use this program. The basic idea is that you would enable it when you head to sleep, and some hours later it will play some chimes to semi-wake you and then a voice recording to remind you to try to be aware that you are dreaming.
  • There are options to let you easily choose which chimes and voice messages to (randomly) play at what volume. I include a few but really you should make your own. You can choose how long after you head to sleep the first episode should occur, and then the number and delay between subsequent episodes.
  • There is nothing controversial about the fact that people can have lucid dreams -- but inducing them seems to be a hit and miss affair and more of an art than a science, with different people finding different tricks that work for them.
  • While there may be some high-tech ways to induce lucid dreaming by detecting when the brain goes into certain stages of sleep and waking the person at that time, this tool uses a low-tech, less-reliable technique. If you are serious about trying to use this tool you will have to experiment with the time delays, volumes, and sound files to find those that work most often for you (the program displays a log of which sounds were played and when to help you identify what worked).
  • I'd love to hear if this works for anyone!
  • And I need some better people to make good "instructional" voice messages, so please make some and share them!

More on Lucid Dreaming: Wikipedia page.

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