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Find and Run Robot Has Fans
Find and run robot is really the best implementation of a quick run command line program I've come across and I'm sure I've tried most of them. I don't know if you've tried the others out there yourself but 'find and run robot' definitely beats them.. Find and run is just perfect - if I can think of anything that might improve it I'll let you know. Really love the ONE key shortcut key for it - genius. Really love not having to set it all up for what words that are relevant for which programs. Really love the context menu to open up folders for particular listed files.
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MwImporter is an Open Source php script that aids in batch converting and importing an entire directory of html files and images into a MediaWiki site.

It's useful if you want to convert your static page site into MediaWiki.

This builds on a number of existing tools, including HTML WikiConverter perl scripts, and the php importing tools that come with MediaWiki.

What it adds is a bunch of nice helper functions that facilitate massaging the html prior to conversion, and wiki text post conversion, handling filename clashes, relative links between pages, and the handling of recursive directories of both static pages and images, using php classes that are easy to extend.

Most importantly: you can import a large deep directory of pages and images, and it will import properly all of them, creating unique names when the file and page titles are not globally unique (nesc. due to flatness of a wiki), and fixing up all links between pages.

NOTE: I should add that really this is a generic set of php classes for "converting/importing" a recursive directory of files from one format into another, which includes derived classes specifically for converting and importing from html files into a MediaWiki site; but the base classes could serve as a useful starting point for anyone who wants php code to recursively discover and batch process/convert a directory of files from any format to any other format, with helper functions for handling commandline options, temp files, file matching patterns, etc.

AUDIENCE: This code is intended for experienced users who aren't afraid of getting their hands dirty; if you are expecting a super friendly idiot-proof tool you need to look elsewhere (bearing in mind there is nothing else at the current time that will do this stuff).

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