N.A.N.Y. Challenge

2015 NANY CHALLENGE (New Apps For The New Year)

This page is currently under construction. Please see this thread on our forum for NANY 2015 entries and discussions.

NANY 2015 - New Apps for the New Year Roundup

Since 2007 we have held an annual event that we call NANY (New Apps for the New Year), where we ask the coders who hang out on DonationCoder to create some new piece of free software and share it with the world on January 1st of the new year (browse previous year entries here).

NANY is really the funnest thing we do on this site, and it's one of the few times we can all play together.  There are no winners or losers, it's simply a celebration of programming and creating new software and sharing it with the world.  You can target any operating system (desktop or mobile) or even make a web-based tool.  It can be a game, utility, large application, whatever. Best of all, everyone who participates gets a free commemorative coffee mug.


Congratulations to everyone who has participated in NANY this year. I hope everyone had fun!  On behalf of everyone on the site, I thank you for helping us kick off the new year.

You can see the list of entries here: http://www.donationcoder.com/nany2015
(note this is still a work in progress so entries may be added or updated in the next couple of days)

And please show some appreciation to those who participated by sending them a small donation..

NANY 2015 Release: Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination)

Application Name Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination)
Supported OSes Windows 7.  Probably works, but not tested on, Windows XP/Vista/8/10
Web Page Website
Download Link Download
Author Jody Holmes (Skwire Empire)

Splat (Simple Program Launching and Termination) is a program that allows you to build launch profiles that can include the following: 1) Launching applications, files, folders, URLs, etc., 2) The closing/killing of processes, and 3) Starting and stopping of services.  You control the order and you can also insert two types of delays in between actions: 1) Time-based delays (wait n number of seconds before going on) and 2) CPU-usage delays (wait until the CPU usage gets below a certain percentage).  Hotkey support is extensive; each launch profile can have its own hotkey or you can use one hotkey to launch multiple profiles.  Profiles can be launched via the main interface, hotkeys, or the tray icon.  Usage examples include:

  • Startup profile to control the timing and order of which apps you want to start after booting your computer.
  • Pre-gaming profile to close/kill/stop unwanted processes and services.
  • Post-gaming profile to open/start those same processes and services.
  • URL groups to launch sets of websites.
  • Development profile to start up your IDE, debugger, etc.



Download the zip file and extract its contents into a new folder.  Run Splat.exe to start the application.

Uncheck the "Start with Windows" option if you enabled it and then delete the folder you unzipped it to.

  • Commandline parameter support to run a profile without seeing the GUI.

  • If you plan to use the service starting/stopping functionality, you must run this program with administrator rights.

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NANY 2015 Release: WhenLast (for Android phones/tablets)

I decided to combine my recent experiments with alternative programming languages/platforms with NANY this year, and release an Android app for NANY 2015.

My first Android App is tentatively called "When Last".

It's a simple app that helps you keep track of the last time(s) you performed some activity (like changed the batteries on your smoke detector).
This is actually an idea that I think was discussed on the forum in the context of a desktop app several years ago -- and it may have actually been coded as one at that time?


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NANY Release: Galaterra

My entry this year is a brief, proof-of-concept game implemented in JavaScript. It demonstrates an implementation of loops, commands, etc. all processed via the browser. This entry was created using Twine (http://twinery.org):



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NANY Release: Ballistic: an easy list filter

Application Name Ballistic
Short Description A word finder and filter
Supported OSes Windows 7
Web Page Documentation pages with screenshots
Download Link Download Ballistic
System Requirements Only works on Windows
Author Link to Author's Profile page on Stack Exchange

This program was designed to aid in making word puzzles.  The authour publishes a childrens' magazine, and Ballistic helps in making custom crosswords, word searches and other word games.
You can use the pre-made wordlists or even a custom wordlist, and easily filter the list to match certain criteria.  It doesn't generate puzzles or games, but you can use it to find words that will fit in your puzzles.  You can easily find a word that matches any pattern.

I made this program for myself and have hosted it for a few people, but it has never been officially released.  This is my first public mention of the program.

•Use any wordlist (simple text files)
•Comes with a collection of pre-made lists
•Reports the number of Matches
•Wildcard Matching
•Typoglycemic matches
•Export Results
•Copy Results to the Clipboard
•Quick List-switching menu
•Quickly open the list in current text editor
•Full-featured GUI with lots of options

Planned Features
Update the word lists
Fix bugs
Maybe create an installer.

Please visit the documentation page for more images

Just extract the zip file to a folder and run the exectuable.
There isn't any installer at this time.

Using the Application
A brief description of how a user will use the Application. What tips does a user need to get going?

Just exit the application and delete all the files.

The searches are faster if you disable the progressbar.
But the progressbar is fun.

Known Issues
Typoglycemiacize List is really slow for long lists.
If you stop the typoglycemiacize process midterm it won't save.  I can fix that.

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NANY 2015 RELEASE: Task Manager

Application NameTask Manager
Short DescriptionA Simple open source outliner
Supported OSesTested on Windows 7. Should run on platforms supported by Qt5.
Web Pagehttps://github.com/char101/outliner
Download Linkhttps://github.com/char101/outliner/releases

For now it's just a simple task/note outliner. Also it's a native single file portable app, written using Qt framework. Since it's open source you can hack it yourself if something doesn't fit you or if you want to add new feature.

See github page.


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NANY 2015 Release: Drawskrit

My NANY contribution for this year is a simple description language for drawings and diagrams (which I've named Drawskrit). My main goal is to be able to describe diagrams with text. The description language should be natural and simple (I don't want a diagram programming language).

Its current state is experimental. I have a JavaScript implementation that demonstrates the current specification. I'm afraid it's not very useful yet though. I'm not sure I'll ever get it to a state where it'll be powerful enough to specify real-world non-toy diagrams without becoming a complex monster language.

A few of the current obvious shortcomings:
  • needs more shapes (e.g. arrows)
  • current text alignment sucks (specification bug)
  • dotted/dashed looks horrible with thick lines (implementation bug)
  • needs more documentation (e.g. layers)
  • JS implementation needs to be decoupled from the HTML demo page

If I ever get it to a state where it's actually useful, I'm planning to implement it as a cross-platform tool which can be integrated into an automated build process.

A non-formal specification (i.e. a description) and the JavaScript implementation can be found here:


Drawskrit is open source.

If someone wants to play around with it please direct your browser here:


As a first example, paste the following text into the big text box on the left of the above web page:

orange background filled shapes
small blue circle small green circle
tiny purple square big red triangle tiny purple square
small olive smile

fat navy huge empty dashed circle

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NANY 2015 Release: Kml Reader

Application Name Kml Reader
Short Description Plot and Map KML file
Supported OSes All but checked with window 7
Web Page www.limelect.com
Download Link  * Main.png (397.24 kB. 1680x1011 - viewed 613 times.)
Author www.limelect.com

As one of my hobbies is riding i decided to make this program. Although this kind of program is on the internet
i preferred to make it and reside on my computer.
Wile riding i generate GPS riding data within a KML file.
The data is plotted and shown on Google map.
Its use is mainly for those interested to have and see
the information of a GPS rout.

Plot and map KML files


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NANY 2015 Release: apng2gif and webp2gif

Application Nameapng2gif and webp2gif
Short Description Batch-convert animated PNG and WebP images to GIF
Supported OSes Windows
Web Page a bit more about the software
Download Link apng2gif.exe and webp2gif.exe
System RequirementsNothing special, just Windows 2000 and later
Author http://www.donationc...tion=profile;u=27425

Check out these 3 animated pictures (actually 2, because I cannot upload a .webp as an image apparently - despite the png extension, it is a WebP).


I bet you can't. That's because the companies behind the 3 most widely used internet browsers are unable to reach a consensus about what file format should web designers use for simple animations. There is GIF, but that is limited to 256 colors, the compression is not stellar and it does not support full alpha. Then there is animated PNG introduced in Firefox years ago. Adopted by Opera, but who cares now, right? Chrome did not want to lag behind, but for reasons unknown to me and apparently many others, instead of adopting animated PNG, they created their own format WebP. Firefox (of course) refused to adopt WebP. Internet Explorer (as always) plays dead and does not care about innovation, so neither animated PNG nor WebP is supported.

So, here we are. If you want to have a small animation with more than 256 colors or full transparency channel on your web page, you are in trouble. You can either give up on the quality side and just use GIF. Or, if you absolutely want the best quality, you can prepare 3 separate files and pick the right one on the web server depending on the web browser used by the visitor (you can also do it on the client side with javascript, but eeek).

Here, webp2gif and apng2gif come to help you. If you decide to use for example WebP as the primary format for your graphic assets, you can use webp2gif to quickly generate GIF alternatives for all WebPs.

The tool(s) can scan all files in a folder and convert them. There are ways to skip already converted files so you can re-run the same command after you have made changes to your animations and it will convert just the changed/added files. It can also skip all non-animated images.

Either command line switches or hacky renaming tricks can be used to adjust the behavior of the tool. More info on the home page (or just ask in this thread).

Converts animated images in PNG or WebP format to GIFs for those conservative Internet Explorer visitors to your website/blog.

Planned Features
Open to suggestions.

Command line tool, so nothing to see here.

Not needed.

Using the Application
You can either use it from a command line or you can drag and drop files or folders on it.

Delete it.

Rename it, put it on the desktop and drag and drop folders with animations on it.

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NANY 2015 Release: Active Text Notes

Application Name Active Text Notes
Short Description Display text from a generated text file in a non-interactive mode
Supported OSes WinXp and above
Web Page https://sites.google...activetextnotes/home
Download Link https://sites.google...vetextnotes/download

We already have many electronic post-it-notes like notes for our computer. Most work just like paper paper version. Well they do most of the job, we normally require from them. They act as a static object, the text of which are added/ edited by us manually.

Well I needed similar desktop note but active. I wanted it to show the text content from a text file. The text file will get altered either manually by me or from another program. Not a big deal here. Well I wanted more. I want the note to run the program generate the text and display it. But, it should not disturb me. It should do it's work silently and update the text on the note on the desktop. I will, when I feel like, will glance at it to get the information.

My free app "Overlap Wallpaper" gave me an idea. I made Active Text Note, which is similar to it, but shows a text file content.

Active Text Note runs a given program and displays the output text file on the desktop. We can display directory listing of a network folder, auto backup log file text, latest text info. from a url etc.
I made few helper programs for downloading url, html to text conversion, text extraction etc.


To install, extract the zip file in a folder, say "Active Text Notes", and run the "Active Text Notes" exe.
To uninstall, right click on tray icon of "Active Text Notes" and select 'Exit'. Then delete all files in the "Active Text Notes" folder and remove the "Active Text Notes" folder.

Using the Application
In settings option set the program to run and the text file name to be read. You can leave program name blank.

NANY 2015 Release: Delete After Days

Application Name Delete After Days
Short Description Drag and drop files into the basket to delete them after given days.
Supported OSes WinXp and above
Web Page https://sites.google...ite/deleteafterdays/
Download Link https://sites.google...teafterdays/download

I download many files for work, leisure and checking purposes. Many times I do not get time to check them and they just occupy space in the download folder. When I feel like, I delete them on older file dates. Now some of the download though done today (say), show the original zip/exe date, which may be six months old or maybe some years old.

So the deletion as per file date deletes the ones which I may have download last week.

I needed something where I can mark the files to auto delete after few days, months etc. So I do not have to worry on my folder filling up with old files, as I mostly copy the work related files to their respective folders.

I searched and found there are many who are searching for the same, but till date MS also did not respond.

I made "Delete After Days".

Drag and drop files on the icon on the desktop. It will prompt you for days after which they will be deleted. The files remain where they are and you can copy / move them. If left for more than specified days, they get deleted, automatically.


To install, extract the zip file in a folder, say "Delete After Days", and run the "Delete After Days" exe.

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NANY 2015 Release: The OEMer

Application Name The OEMer
Version 11 14 2014
Short Description Use The OEMer to brand the computers you build with your company name, model name, company hours and a pictorial company logo
Supported OSes Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
Author Promoted Pawn Productions

You have built a wonderful business for yourself. People buy the computers that you build and are very happy with them. How would you like to put information such as your company name, hours of operation, phone number, and a pictorial logo for your business?

The OEMer is your tool!

- Program is designed to be run as a portable application. Just install to a flash drive.
- Change Manufacturer, Model, Support Hours, Support Phone, Support URL and graphic logo to anything you want.
- Easily Add/Delete model names from the list.

The Main Screen

The OEMer is a portable application. Just unzip to a folder on  your thumb drive and run it.
Using the Application
Using The OEMer is very intuitive. If you have any questions about how to use it, a help file is included in the base folder.

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NANY 2015 RELEASE: Link Warlock

Application NameLink Warlock
Short DescriptionAllows you to store entries in xml files to open and launch as needed with searching.
Supported OSesWindows 7+
Web PageNot Ready Yet
Download LinkLink Warlock Download
System Requirements
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Obviously a computer...

Allows you to store entries in xml files to open and launch as needed with searching and other features.

Features (in no particular order)
  • Built-In toggle to show window always on top or not.
  • Customizable browser path, file launcher, and search url for searchwords.
  • Customizable default group names for new/imported entries.
  • Display/Hide parts of the interface you want/don't want to show.
  • Display/Hide selected columns as well as even hiding the column headers all together.
  • Each entry may have short notes added or none at all totally up to you.
  • Enter group names as appropriate for each entry if you don't want the default group names to be used.
  • Importation of plain text files with 1 entry per line and possible more import features will be implemented later down the road.
  • List header goes based on filename with smart capitalization and removal of underscores for spaces.
  • Move entries to a new group while holding the shift key and left clicking a entry and dropping over any entry in another group for automatic sort.
  • Nice tool tips shown when hovering over the group name as well as entry information for each column.
  • Search entries, notes, or just search both entries and notes at the same time.
  • Text drag and drop with the option to toggle the showing of the dialog.


The main screen...

The launch/default group names setup dialog...


Extract to any portable directory location and run.

Using the Application
Add urls, searchwords and/or file locations to the list, then click to launch.
Note: Can use <appdir> for macro for file location and a few others to be revealed later.

Delete the Link Warlock files.

Known Issues
Scrollbar doesn't scroll to get to hidden entries while moving entries.

Inspired by...

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NANY 2015 Release: Bomber

Application Name Bomber
Short Description Drop bombs, destroy buildings.
Supported OSes Windows/OSX/Linux
Web Page http://www.donationc...ndex.php?topic=39505
Download Link http://deozaan.itch.io/nany2015
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.6+, Ubuntu 10.10+, SteamOS+
  • Graphics card: DX9 (shader model 2.0) capabilities; generally everything made since 2004 should work.
  • CPU: SSE2 instruction set support.
  • Web player supports IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others.
Author Deozaan

This is a game about violence and destruction. Drop bombs to destroy buildings before your plane crashes into them.
This is a one-button/switch game. You can press any key to play or drop bombs.


Unzip to your directory of choice.
Windows: Run the exe file.
Linux: Run the .x86 or .x64 file.
OSX: I have no idea.

Delete the directory containing the game files (and all subdirectories).
Unity saves some information (graphic settings, resolution, etc.) automatically to the registry (or OS equivalent), which on Windows is: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Deozaan/NANY 2015.

Prioritize the tallest buildings.

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NANY 2015 RELEASE: Commandline File Downloader

Application NameFile Downloader
Short DescriptionAllow's you to download files as well as starting/exiting from command line.
Supported OSesWindows 7+
Download LinkFile Downloader
System Requirements
  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Obviously a computer...

Allow's you to download files as well as starting/exiting from command line.

Features (in no particular order)
  • Can pause download and resume as long as the server supports it and the program stays open.
  • Customizable progressbar style with the ProgressBarBuilder.exe included.
  • Start downloads from the command line. (See Using the Application)


The FileDownloader.exe main screen...

The ProgressBarBuilder.exe main screen...


Extract to any portable directory location and run.

Using the Application
Give download link, save path and filename and click Start Download.

Command Line:
1. /f=filepathandname - Save file location and name.
2. /u=downloadlocation - http or https url of download.
3. /ec - Exits when complete.

Save Path Macros: <appdir> and <appdirparent>

If the save path is only the macro of <appdir> or <appdirparent> it will attempt to retrieve filename and add it automatically.

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NANY 2015 Release: MarkdownBuddy

Application NameMarkdownBuddy
Short DescriptionTool for viewing the parsed version of a markdown document
Supported OSesWindows 7 (Should work in Vista/8 also, but untested)
Web Pagehttp://thinkshui.net...tware/markdownbuddy/
Setup FilePortable
DescriptionMarkdown has taken off in a big way, and I use it in everything from publishing posts on websites to documentation in my code to writing fiction.  I love the descriptive nature of the formatting, and that all of the files are in plain text!  In many cases, however, I like to write in different barebones tools- but I can't see how it looks when it's formatted without opening it in some other editor.  I like the editors that have the real-time preview, but my favorite ones to write in don't have that facility.

On the mac, there is a application called Marked.  It is a Markdown Previewer. Now, you might think as I did- what is the use in having something that's not an editor?  It just previews?  But after you get further into markdown and the various tools out there, it quickly becomes evident that such a tool is invaluable if not essential.
  • Allows you to pick a file to be previewed
  • Allows the preview to be refreshed manually
  • Allow the export of the parsed document (HTML or PDF)
  • Specify an opacity of the window
  • Allow the changing of the background of the window
  • Allow the user to choose to update the document when it is saved

  • Allow the user to specify whether the window should always be on top or not
  • Allow the changing of options in the parsing of the document
NotesRequires .NET 4.5.

Original Precis:

I've gotten into Markdown in a big way, and one thing that I miss from my mac when I'm writing on windows is Marked.  So just like last year when I did the overlay tool from a tool that I found on the Mac, I'm going to do something similar to Marked for Windows.

From the Marked site:
Marked is a previewer for Markdown files. Use it with your favorite text editor and it updates every time you save. With robust features for previewing, reviewing and exporting beautiful documents, you can work in plain text while reveling in rich formatting.

Click here to read more, download, and discuss

NANY 2015 Release: ROTTools

Application NameROTTools
Short DescriptionDiagnostic Tools for interfacing with the ROT for developers
Supported OSesWindows 7 (Should work in Vista/8 also, but untested)
Web Pageplaceholder
Setup FilePortable
DescriptionThe Running Object Table (ROT) is a way for applications on different threads to communicate with each other- applications can register objects in the table, to be accessed by moniker from other threads and applications.  It's a technique in decline (personally I'd use a WCF application or something like that now), but dealing with other implementations and legacy applications, I have to deal with it every now and again.  This time when I had to deal with it, I realized that the SDK package from MS had done away with the ROT viewer.  And the only one that I could find was an old one that I'd downloaded years ago, written in Delphi.  I'm not even sure that I could find it again!

But accessing the ROT, while sort of arcane, isn't very hard.  So I made my own ROT viewer tool.  I'm also planning to put more in it possibly, as I need it or as requested.  Right now, its basic- I'll refine it for the release, but if you click the refresh button, it should display all objects accessible in the ROT.  The other function is a bit less polished- if you enter something in the textbox at the top, and press the 'i' button, it will try to access that object in the ROT and display the information retrieved.  It will display it in red if there is a problem accessing the object, as there sometimes is.  Right now the only requisites for error are (a) not found by moniker (b) the moniker passed in could not be parsed, or (c) the interface on the IUnknown retrieved cannot be queried.
  • Shows objects in the ROT
  • Allows the user to query by moniker, and shows in red if the object could not be fully queried

  • Allow the user to specify whether the window should always be on top or not
  • Specify an opacity of the window
  • ...?
InstallationWith .NET 4.0 installed, unzip application to location and run.
NotesRequires .NET 4.0.
This is a development tool for a dying technology, so there might not be anything registered in your ROT, and that's OK.  Just wanted to have an accessible tool for those of us who need it. :)

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NANY 2015 Release: PasteQuick - yet another pastebin app

Application Name PasteQuick
Short Description Minimal Pastebin application
Supported OSes Linux and Windows 32 and 64-bit
Web Pagehttps://sourceforge..../projects/pastequick
Download Linkhttps://sourceforge....cts/pastequick/files
System Requirements
  • Linux or Windows
  • 32 or 64-bit
Author Edvard

It's a Pastebin app, pure and simple.  A standalone front-end to pasting on Pastebin.com.  The official Linux Pastebin app wouldn't compile for me, so I decided to make my own, but it soon acquired a life beyond mere pasting.

Written in Pascal and Lazarus IDE.
Easily paste text and code snippets to Pastebin.com and get links in return without having to go to the website.
Paste as Guest, or login and paste under your own Username as well.
Stays out of your way: activated by clicking a System Tray icon or Auto-hiding as set in options.

Planned Features
Make "Hide on startup" feature set-able in the configuration file. 0.2.1 and 0.2.3 auto-hide on startup.  0.3.1 does not.
Remember last position.
"Recall previous link" or "Link history"; don't know which would be more useful.
Unicode pasting.
Paste & Quit mode (no tray icon, no autohiding)
Hiding & showing the main window via Hotkey.


Simply unzip the file into a location of your choosing, and run the executable.

Using the Application
Once the executable is run, you will see a window and a system tray icon.
Grab the window by the top bar to move it, click the bulls-eye button to hide it.
Left-click the tray icon to toggle the window hidden or showing.

Type or paste something in to the main window, set the options, and hit 'Send'.
Your text is pasted on Pastebin.com, the link is copied to your clipboard, and the window auto-hides if you have it set to do so.
If you will be doing a lot of pastes with the same options, you can hit "Set as Default" and it will remember your settings.

Right-click the system tray icon.  The menu has "Quit", "Login", "Auto-hide" and "Hide window".
Click "Quit" to quit the program.
Click "Login" to enter your Pastebin.com username and password. This allows you to un-check "Paste as Guest"
Check "Auto-hide" to make the window Auto-hide after every paste, un-check if you don't want that behavior.
Click "Hide window" to, well, hide the window.  That's there for the right-click addicts; you know who you are...

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NANY 2015 Release: SedTester

Application Name SedTester
Short Description Paste some text, type a sed statement, and see the to be expected output
Supported OSes Windows XP+, Linux
Web Page SedTester
Download Link Download from the SedTester DC Member page
System Requirements
  • Windows Operating System (XP or newer)
  • .NET 4.0 Client profile (or better/newer)
  • Linux (recent versions)
  • MONO (recent edition)
Author Ath

This application is written after a request from steeladept in the 'Ideas wanted' thread for NANY 2015.
The request was to have a simple tester for sed expressions on a piece of text supplied to it.

Show the result of a sed expression on a piece of text
Show the explanation of a sed expression
Optional SED script panel
Auto-updates the result, unless the Autocheck option is turned off
Saves options on exit
Store/remove sed expressions

Planned Features
  • Compatibility with MONO so it can be run on Linux (GUI) (Since v1.0.1.0)
  • Multi-expression mode (Available since v1.0.0.0)
  • Color the differences between input text and result text
  • Expression Explanation panel (Available since v1.0.0.0)

SED expression mode:
Screenshot - 03-01-2015 , 15_20_49.png

SED script mode:
Screenshot - 03-01-2015 , 15_20_28.png

SED script mode (Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon):
Linux Screenshot - 2015-01-03, 14_13_49.png

Unzip the downloaded zip-file in a directory.
The zip-file contains both SedTester.exe and a Windows-compiled version of GNU sed.exe that is spawned by SedTester for getting the result. It needs to be in the current directory or in the Windows path.
On Linux sed.exe can be removed or not extracted, as it won't be usable/used anyway.

Using the Application
Start SedTester.exe (On Linux: run using MONO)
Type or paste some input text
Type a sed expression (or select from the combobox if some are added already)
or Switch to SED script mode using the checkbox and write or paste a script to be executed (most examples from the sed online manual are tested)
Wait a second and it is auto-checked into the result text (when Autocheck is enabled)

Remove the 2 .exe files, and optionally the auto-created settings.xml, from the directory

Known Issues
On Linux/MONO (tested using the Cinnamon desktop) 2 CheckBoxes don't adhere to the RightToLeft setting...
On Linux/MONO the Application- and Window-icon don't show (MONO known issue)

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NANY 2015 Release: FenixWebGallery

Application NameFenixWebGallery
Version released
Short Description Web galleries generator
Supported OSes Windows 7
Web Page -- not yet --
Download Link http://fenixproducti...nixWebGallery-v1.zip
Translation Link http://fenixproducti.../translation-pl.xlsx
System Requirements
  • .NET 4.0
  • some photos
  • html skills for templates
Author fenixproductions

Simple application for generating web galleries.

- drag'n'drop images
- choose template
- create web gallery
- support for: GIF, JPG and PNG
- templates saving and importing from packages
- templates customisation
- gallery output customisation, ex. images resizing,
- completely free for everyone - there are a lot of similar apps but non-commercial use only;

Planned Features
- inside loops , i.e. for tables generation
- subpages - one page per image
- maybe EXIF support


View modes:

Template chooser:

Images settings:

Generated sources:

Final result:

Just download, unpack and run.

Using the Application
If you've ever wanted to created web gallery from your images… here is the way to go.

Remove application folder?

-- none yet --

Known Issues
Subpages and inside loops are not implemented so far.
Only Polsih and English available. Translations needed!

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NANY 2015 Release: Hotrod Panel (for Android phones/tablets)

This is a little toy app, based on the same code I use for my more serious WhenLast android app.  Hotrod Panel lets you create custom imaginary control panels for your android-based car screen:

Screenshot - 1_2_2015 , 6_20_51 PM.png
Screenshot - 1_2_2015 , 6_20_56 PM.png

Or make some imaginary nuclear reactor controls for the nearby plant and scare your friends into thinking you've hacked in :)

Download: http://www.donationc...rodpanel-release.apk

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NANY 2015 Release: Tox Profile Launcher

Application NameTox Profile Launcher
Short DescriptionTox launcher to handle multiple profiles.
Supported OSesWindows 7/8
Web PageN/A (for now)
Setup FileTox Launcher
Requires µTox
DescriptionI recently started using Tox in place of Skype, mainly because of privacy issues. Now, Tox is still in development and it looks as if they will be supporting this in the future, however, I'm using it now, and that functionality is important for me.

This Tox launcher handles all profiles for Tox. Natively, it only supports one profile, which consists of two files located in %appdata%\Tox. What this launcher does is archives those two files, each named respectively for what you name them via the gui. There is no limit to how many profiles you can have. To load them, simply start the launcher and double-click the profile in the listview control. To import, export, or create a new profile, just click the respective buttons.
  • Import/export existing profiles
  • Create new profiles
  • If there are no saved profiles, a text will appear in the listview to let you save the current one
  • Window may be moved by clicking anywhere on it that isn't a button (it's borderless)
  • Uses non-installed custom font to match the gui
NotesRequires µTox.

Tox is in development, which means it may be buggy.
I have not contacted the creators in any way, nor have I used any of their source.

NANY 2015 RELEASE: Discounter

Application Name Discounter
Short Description Discounter helps to calculate discounts quickly.
Supported OSes Windows XP or later (don't know if it runs on Win 2000 or earlier). Can be run on Linux or Mac with the use of emulators like Wine
Web Page No link at this time
Download Link  * 2.jpg (13.72 kB. 291x217 - viewed 681 times.)
System Requirements
  • Windows OS ( software can be run on other systems with emulators)
  • eyes :)
Author Link to Author's Profile page

Discounter is designed for the quick discount calculation. You just enter the price to see the any whole percentage discount in the list below.

  • can calculate discount for any whole number of percents;
  • any price between 0 to 1000000000;
  • can calculate first price, end price or discount.


Just copy the application wherever you want and run it.

Using the Application
Enter the price and scroll the list down to the amount of percents you interested in.










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