N.A.N.Y. Challenge

2007 NANY CHALLENGE (New Apps For The New Year)


SelectoSurf - Open plaintext URLs flexibly from any program

; Select plaintext in any program and hit the hotkey (ctrl+space)
; If the text looks like a url or website name (like donationcoder.com), it will be opened.
;  otherwise a google search will be conducted with the phrase.
;  urls will be cleaned of unnesc. punctuation and split-lines will be merged.
; Compiled exe and .ahk source script included.

There are a lot of scripts that do this kind of thing, but i still thought it would be nice to have another that people could customize.

  • Just select a url or something that looks like a url in any program and hit hotkey to open proper web page in browser.
  • Fixes urls that are malformed (missing prefixes, extra surrounding characters, etc.)
  • If you select a non-url phrase a web search is conducted
  • Compiled exe included that uses default browser and hotkey Ctrl+Space, but autohotkey source is provided you can customize
  • Cleans up split-line urls, perfect for email urls


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THE N.A.N.Y. CHALLENGE - New Apps For the New Year

UPDATE: All N.A.N.Y. programs (over 20 of them!) are now online as of January 1st, 2007 !

Discuss the programs on our forum: Here.
Read about the project on: ShellCity.net.
Read about the project on: CybernetNews.com.
Read about the project on: ghacks.net.

Here was my challenge to DC members with coding skills:  "Join me in pledging to release a new program/utility/game on JANUARY 1st, 2007 to celebrate the new year! We will give out fun prizes (custom dc mugs celebrating the event or something like that), for all coders who live up to their pledges."

If you see a NANY program you like, send a few donation credits to the author! (click gold coin next to their name)

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What do you do when you need to upload files out of a directory at intervals?  Sure, there are several FTP programs out there, but most of them are pretty large, and are made for attended FTPs.  What this FTP program does is very simple.  It allows you to configure a directory, a server to ftp to, and an e-mail address.  Using the windows scheduler, you can schedule a job for the program using the /run:<configuration name> parameter.  Then when the job executes, everything in the local directory is uploaded to the remote directory, and an e-mail stating the success or failure of the job is sent.

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It's a simple virtual desktop manager. Almost as simple as it gets!
It is limited to 4 virtual desktops: 3 "normal" virtual desktops and one (named as 0) where all the windows appear.

It is mostly hotkey based, although it has a minimalist gui too.
The hotkeys are defined as follows:
  windows + 0: show desktop 0
  windows + 1 / 2 / 3: show corresponding desktop
  windows + left / right: show next desktop
  windows + shift + 1 / 2 / 3: add window to that desktop
  windows + c: show the "changer", which allows you to change desktops using only the mouse.

Now... Why did i make it? 2 reasons:
  • low memory usage (about 3mb)
  • It's a script!
This program being a script means i (and anyone else) can change it to suit my own needs!  Of course, source code in AHK is in the zip package. I only ask for recognition if you decide to change it and distribute it.

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Too fast for your own keyboard? Now your can beat Windows' keyboard buffer!
Speed up the navigation keys (or any other keys).

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Screenshot - 12_31_2006 , 10_51_44 AM.png

A Dark and Deadly Path

A Dark and Deadly Path is a super tiny little audio game engine (can be used to make audio-only one switch games too).

This was an unofficial entry into the contest that was not eligible to win any prizes, as it was written by one of the organizers (mouser).

It works like the old Dragon's Lair LaserDisc game [1], or like those "choose your own adventure games [2], but is audio only and involves no graphics.  An author narrates a story/game is an audio story where the reader/play must make choices along the way by pressing a key on the keyboard.

The choices may have to be made rapidly in quick succession within a narrow  time window which can add an element of panic to the story - and make it a particularly appropriate device for suspense stories.

Audio files are normal .mp3 files that an author records with standard software.  The game script is an .xml file with a format to be described in a separate file.

Download: Here.

This entry was not eligible to win any prizes.


Mars Project Stage1

Mars Project Stage 1 - v1.0.61230.15 - December 30th 2006
  • First public release
  • Basic chat server for the Ares Galaxy P2P chat network

What is Mars Project
Mars Project is a long term project, to be a replacement for the Ares Galaxy P2P network focusing on chat instead of file sharing.
It is being developed in multiple stages, so far only a few stages have been planned out.
Each stage will be fully usable.

Stage 1
Stage 1 is an Ares Galaxy compatible chat server, it works with the Ares Galaxy official client.

Stage 2
Stage 2 is separated into 2 sub stages. Stage 2a will be a custom Mars Server which will NOT be compatible with the official
Ares Galaxy client, but instead will use it's own client.  Stage 2b will be the custom client which will be compatible with the official
Ares Galaxy server, and also be a client for Stage 2a.

Plans on the stages for the file sharing part of Mars Project hasn't been made yet.

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AD Search Screenshot.jpg

AD Search

This program allows an administrator to navigate and search Active Directory, to retrieve only the objects that are of interest.  The search refers to should be returned in a query, not what should be query should be looking for, ie this is not like a search in Windows Explorer, that will search folders and subfolders for matching results.  (However, this may become part of the feature set in a later release).

Yes, there are other tools out there like this, but the reason I did this particular program is because it is something I needed to learn as part of a larger project.  This is also, my first ever C# .NET application - which began as a proof-of-concept program about 3 months ago, approximately 1 month after taking up C#.  Previous coding experience was limited to Borland Delphi (7 to 2006), so this is a big change for me!

Having become very excited by the challenges that real object oriented programming presents, I am now studying to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer!!

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Fixed Run Dialog

Fixed Run Dialog - v0.97ß - December 15, 2006

Program Description:
Fixed Run Dialog is a minimal enhancement to your Windows desktop. It will add a 'command box' that can be always on top or not. It acts just like the Run Dialog, which you would get by clicking 'Start > Run...'. Fixed Run Dialog can handle all commands that you normally enter in the Windows Run Dialog, plus more! You can define custom commands for your frequently used applications, documents, folders or websites. You can set the Fixed Run Dialog command box to be transparent (customizable level of transparency) to make it less obtrusive. The command box is quickly accessed by pressing a (customizable) global hotkey like CTRL+SHIFT+R or WIN+A for example. This application is aimed at people like me who don't like to use their mouse so much. The application is fully customizable to suit your personal needs.

  • Accepts all Windows commands
  • Accepts locations of folders to open them in Windows Explorer
  • Accepts website URLs to open with your default web browser
  • Accepts documents and launches the default application to open them
  • You can create new custom commands with a dialog or from the command box directly
  • Keeps track of your history of used commands
  • The command box can be dragged anywhere you like
  • The label under the command box can be hidden or the text customized
  • You can set the font, foreground- and background colors
  • You can resize the command box quickly by pressing CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys
  • A readme.rtf and readme.txt file is included explaining all of the features in details

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26_12_2006 , 8_31_19 AM  Screenshot.png

Backup Revision Folder

Ever made a mess of a file by saving something you were not meant to, and not being able to undo the disaster you created.
I have, lots of times. so i went in search on google for a simple 'incremental revision save' of files. To my dissapointment, most systems just seemed to complex for what I needed. I don't work in a team, or have the desire to setup up a client/server. Booking In and Out is not required. and I don't always have access to the internet.
I just wanted something really, really simple. To work as a standalone, small, single user. Did I mention Simple, like 123 simple.

It can do two things that will monitor a file for changes.
-Create a new file in the same folder as 'Backup Revision Folder.exe'
-Create a link from the tray menu, (the link is actually stored in the same directory as 'Backup Revision Folder.exe')

What File Revision Folder does when executed and running
  •    * It will monitor all the files in the folder it resides inside, and upon saving a file
  •    * Prompt the user with a interface to enter a breif description.
  •    * Save a copy of the changed file to the folder MyDocuments/Backup Revision Folder/example/example 2007_01_01 09_30.???
  •    * Append to a historylog  file, the users popup interface, saved in MyDocuments/Backup Revision Folder/example/example_HistoryLog.txt
  •    * And most importantly, it is simple. Simple enough for kids and grandparents to use. ABC simple.

You can now continue to work on your original master file, knowing that there is a version saved to a backup folder.

You can run Backup Revision Folder.exe straight from a Thumb drive folder,
which means it will save a version of the changed file to the current machines mydocuments folder. (or configured location)

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The program is a substitute for Windows clock in notification area (tray). Needs a bit training to use, though.
The colours are adjustable. Looks good also on XP view, and in Win9X. The time can be displayed in hint of TPClock.

(The thing between Thunderbird and ZoneAlarm, of course. Now the seconds are displayed on top so it's 17:21:54)

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Each button either starts the download for a free security application or else it takes them to a site to get the app.
The last button takes them to a page with explanations and other security information.

  • First release
  • Based on a friend's website
  • When I send people with questions to his site, they are too lazy to read it
  • Hoping a GUI will get a better response
  • Since it is basic security information, people silly enough to run JRE are a good target audience
  • ALL suggestions are welcome!  I'd really like to replace ZoneAlarm with a free firewall that isn't evil so I am hoping for suggestions on that
  • I'm still researching how to add the icon to the jar  :-\  

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Crocus Contacts

This program acts as a secure digital rolodex, storing the following information for individuals or businesses: name, phone number(s), email address(es), picture, miscellaneous notes, and more.  Passwording a particular contact is optional.  All contacts are stored in a proprietary format and, if passworded, are only accessible once the password is supplied.  Supports emailing any contact for which an email addy has been provided.

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I humbly submit "Volt", a tray-based, hotkey-driven system volume controller.  The app is a redux of VolumeTray (http://glorysoft.omsk.ru/volumetray.html) that can use the same skin format but that will allow me to add/change a few things that VolumeTray does not have/allow.

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Screenshot - 12_31_2006 , 10_44_38 AM_ver001.png

Phorp (Phone Home Robot Pro)

Open source for Windows/Mac/*nix/etc. Comes with precompiled Windows binary.

Phone Home Robot Pro (phorp) is an open source program that runs on your pc or laptop, and periodically "phones home" to a server somewhere to check if it has been stolen, and gets instructions on what to do if it has been.

There are a lot of services you can buy that perform similarly to phorp, in that they connect regularly to a central server so that you can hopefully track them down when they are stolen. In general, phorp is different from these services in that it attempts to be extremely lightweight and minimalistic, and in that there is no single service you need to subscribe to. Instead, you can use your own web servers or ftp accounts as the home page for the program to phone home to and for you to leave instructions for.

NOTE: This is an advanced tool for advanced users; it requires some reading and work to set up.

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This is a subliminal messaging application.  It displays an image and/or text on the screen at user specified intervals.  It's pretty simple and self-explanatory.

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Whats Its Color

Whats Its Color is a fun little online application for getting the primary and complementary dominant colors of an image, how many visually unique colors are in an image, and the top ten visually unique colors in an image.  Why is this useful?  Well, if you were creating a website around an image or using an image as the primary inspiration for any type is design it can be very helpful to know what its primary dominant color is or what are the unique colors that people can see when viewing the image.  The final results will display your image on a background that is best suited for that image.  This application is just fun to play around with.

  • Images are resized for display purposes only.  The original image file, and all its color information, is used in the processing
  • Font colors used in the results page are adjusted based on the colors that are in the display
  • Full support for JPG, GIF and PNG
  • Option for discarding the background from being used in calculations.  This lets you process an image on a solid color background without the colored background affecting calculations
  • Information on the amount of visually unique colors are displayed.  This includes the top ten
  • Additional color information is gathered but currently not displayed.  Open for suggestion on what else to display

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Asteroids of Orion

Final submission version for Accessibility Games Contest, One-Click Game: Core gameplay, levels, menu, high score list.


A one-click version of Asteroids, placing you in command of a nuclear-armed, nuclear-propelled spacecraft!

Press the spacebar to fire a bomb; release the spacebar to detonate the bomb.  The distance between the bomb and your ship determines the amount of thrust the bomb provides to the ship.  The distance from the bomb to the asteroids determines the damage done to the asteroids.

Remember: We guarantee that each of our spacecraft contains at least 1.3 megatons of Nuclear Fun - or we'll return every Zongfrib you paid!

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"MusToe" ("Music-Tic-Tac-Toe")

A "Tic-Tac-Toe" game variant for two players with an audiophile twist. Download MusToe, unpack it, start it without any installation, select your MP3-Collection folder, find a buddy as an opponent, turn on your speakers and let's go.

A detailed manual with the rules is included in the program.

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WorkCoach is a program that helps you keep track of how you spend your time on the pc, and coaches you in doing what you plan to do.

The program keeps track of the application you are using, and of the text in the window title of that application (the text displayed in the title bar). You can define projects and tie those to certain programs and window titles. For example, you can define a project "Work on my report" and tell WorkCoach you are working on that project if the application is "winword" (Microsoft Word) and the title bar contains "My report.doc". The program will display the time spent on each project in its status window.

Using the program

After you've started the program, the status window will be displayed. In this window you can see how much time you've spent on each project on that day. There are two "special projects": the projects "Unknown" and "Idle".
If an application and/or window title is active that hasn't been assigned to a project, WorkCoach will count the time towards the "Unknown" project. If you haven't been active (used the keyboard or mouse) for 1 minute, time will be added to the "Idle" project.

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Smile Inducer 2007

A mood based timer.

Helps fight depression by giving you reasons to smile.
The more depressed you are, the more frequently you are given 'smiles'.

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main window.png



Allows you to create your own repeating nag message that will popup as frequently as you want.

Features Custom nag message, tray icon, customizable timer, sound.

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DC Forum Post Notifier Lite (a.k.a. Pop-Up Cody)

DonationCoder Forum Post Notifier Lite is a fairly lightweight utility that
  • Alerts you whenever a new post has been made on the forum (DC forum only)
  • Keeps you informed about the most recent 10 posts
  • Provides handy shortcuts for easy access to a series of forum features

  • Standalone and Lightweight
  • Prompt notification with minimal network traffic usage
  • Fade-in/out and slide-in effect
  • Ability to auto-run when windows starts (optional)

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VR 1.0.jpg

Virtual Resolution (V.R.)

Every time i develop some application, I need to see can it fit to several different resolutions.

You could easily see this just by looking at height and width of a form, but it is much easier this way, and faster...

Select resolution you wish to check, cick apply - and that's it! You can also enter any non-standard resolution.

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XL Data Analyzer

XL Data Analyzer

This program was born of a need to perform analysis on excel data.  Basically, if you have a column of scale (time, distance, etc) and a column of values for each member of the scale (blood pressure measured per second, for instance), you can enter different discrete values on your scale, and the program will scan that area of the excel sheet, and either average the values, find the floor of the values, or find the ceiling of the values.  So... let's say you had a spreadsheet of heart rates over time, and wanted to average the heart rates for discrete periods... you could enter the starting time, and ending time, and the program would average the heart rates over that period of time.

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