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Still dreaming of your own personal robot?
Still dreaming of your own personal robot? Technology isn't there yet, but you can have a personal computer robot to save you time and serve your whims. Another benefit of FARR -- one that makes it different from SlickRun and other favorites--is that it comes from a developer at, an active site for software developers. The forums there are lively, but not too busy to keep up with. Browse through the Farr Add-ons forum to unearth old standby plug-ins and discover new ones just as they post.
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Thank you for your interest in purchasing a commercial/site license.

From this page you can quickly and securely order a Commercial License in common quantities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any of the following applies to you:

  • You need a formal invoice or purchase order prior to placing your order.
  • You would like to purchase a different number of seats.
  • You would prefer to pay using a check or alternate payment provider.
  • You would like us to price-match a competitor.
  • You would like to request customization of our software for your company.
  • You just want to chat to make sure we are a good match for your organization.
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