GOE: Getting Organized Experiment - Freeware Programming Challenge 2007
Posted December 4th, 2007

Getting Organized 2007 Programming Challenge - RESULTS NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD

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In order to help encourage some coders who hang out at DC to write some new freeware productivity software, we had a little coding challenge in November as part of our "Getting Organized Experiment."

The results are now online for anyone to download and use for free.

The challenge was:
  • Write a computer program (or web service) which helps people be more productive with their time.
  • Highest honors go to creativity and uniqueness.
  • This must be program that was not released before Nov. 1st, 2007

We received almost a dozen fun entries, including some really interesting and useful ones.  Check them out and please send a thanks to the authors if you like what they've done.

Some cool stuff here including the programs: AnotherOneDone, Evaluweight, HowLong2It, TimerAssist, and more.

<i>And please remember as always, if you would like to see more things like this, it's important that you show the authors you appreciate their work.  Send them a thank you, send them some donation credits (just click the gold coin next to their name), etc.  Sometimes just a pat on the back is all that's needed to make one feel good about their work.</i>

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Having trouble justifying a decision?
Stop procrastinating and start using Evaluweight !

This started out as a little fun and bit of effort to scam mouser of one of the legendary Cody Mugs. In the end it is a interesting insight into how we come to a conclusion.

Theory: Each decision you make, is a 100 percent commitment. Therefore, that decision can be broken down into categories, and each category represents a part of that 100 percent commitment.

So "evaluweight" lays this all out in a nice and easy grid format. Simply give each category/feature a percentage mark of how it would impact your total commitment.
Now add the product that you want to compare, and in each category, mark that product out of 10 on how it meets your expectation.

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What it does:
Helps you keep track of your progress with a numerical goal, such as the amount of books you want to read, blog posts you want to make, batches of cookies you want to bake, etc.

  • Autosaves the amount of your goal.
  • Autosaves how many you have done.
  • Calculates the remaining amount left to go.
  • Copy info to clipboard.
  • Progressbar.
  • Stays on top.
  • Minimizes to tray.
  • Access to some controls from tray menu.

How to use:
  • Enter the amount of your goal in the top box.
  • Click the Set button.
  • Each time you complete one towards your goal, click the Add 1 button.
  • Once you have reached your goal, click Reset and begin again to set a new goal.

Download here

From the woman who brought you the world famous and much loved Instant Boss program, comes a new app to help you stay motivated.

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Screenshot - 12_4_2007 , 4_55_44 PM_thumb.png
HowLong2It is a way to keep track of how many days since some date in the past and how many days until some date in the future. The applications is always only a click away. Click on the tray icon and the status window will popup to show you the dates/tasks you are tracking.

I have setup a webpage for it. It is based of an idea from spankymcgee.

This is an odd entry, because I built it, and everything related to it (the web page etc.) in about a total of less than 24 man hours. I hadn't planned on entering this contest, but Friday I decided what I could do using AutoIt in the time remaining. I will be doing a heck of a lot of work on this over the next few days to weeks. Right now all that is there is the executable file. There is no installation necessary. There is no documentation at this point, so it will be the first thing I do starting... now.

You can also watch a video that demonstrates the features of the program: here.

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Timer Assist

I am posting here my application which was made for a request on DC Forum:

I work at a hospital and have to chart the patient's vitals every 15 minutes after surgery. This has to be done at 15 past the hour, 30 minutes past the hour 45 minutes past the hour and on the hour.

I need a timer that will sound a user chosen wav file (some sounds can be irritating to recouping patients so one that is tolerable has to be used) on the 15's, display a user defined message that will only go away after acknowledgment and continue counting happily away without user intervention. That is it will alarm at the next 15 even if the message is not acknowledged.

Most timers will not auto continue after sounding an alarm and if the timer is started at 10 after the hour, will not alarm at 15 past but at the preset countdown time.

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SMAU - Simple Multi-Alarm Utility

SMAU is a handy tool for creating and managing Alarms, which you set to execute an Action at a given Time, where both Action and Time can have a very broad meaning.

The main purpose of the program is to increase user's efficiency when working with a computer by reminding him or her of important things that need to be done on time, and could easily get forgotten.

The program allows you to create a simple Alarm within seconds, but still not much more is needed to create a more complicated Alarm, which will, for instance, remind you each Monday and Thursday afternoon to e-mail the work report to your project manager, by displaying a reminder and creating an empty message addressed to the person.

It can also be set to some important date but not have any Action assigned - it will just remind you about something when you look at the list of Alarms.

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PlainTextWiki Toolkit

I was inspired for this program by the PlainTextWiki bundle by Matt Webb for the MacOS editor Textmate. I've never used it but liked the idea very much.

The idea of a PlainTextWiki is to bring (some) wiki functionality to your text editor. The most important function is that you can include wiki links in your text file. When you move your cursor to that link and press a keyboard shortcut, that link will be opened in your editor.

The PlainTextWiki bundle works only in TextMate. My intention with the PlainTextWiki Toolkit is to make a small program that gives you this function in any text editor that has decent support for external tools.

Continue reading much more about the program and download..


I've seen other apps that do some of the same things, but have some limitations that I think I have addressed. It mainly adds some functionality to the windows common file dialog, like favorites, history, and custom file filters. I found other solutions didn't get the file filtering quite right so I wrote my own.. Small app, coded in C++, portable, so it runs on a usb thumb drive.. Comments and suggestions welcomed


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Main purpose of MyHelp is to have a program that will store all the things that we cannot remember so easily.

First make a category ( or categories . for example: "C++" , "PHP" , "Mails" , "usefull codes" or any other category you would like to have ) and then make as many entries that belong to selected category.

This way you will have your own help system, or a reminder or something like it...

You can mark some entries as favorites, and easily get to them.  You can also perform a search in order to find some phrase in an entry tittle or entry body...

I often use this programm, for example to store some important information about certain projects at work ( each has it's own category) , or to store some often used or interesting code in some programming language ( again, each language represents one category) or to store my friends' emails etc.

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JrHourlyMarker (for mirc and xchat)

I've posted one of my unofficial GOE entries here: http://www.donationc...r/mircpak/index.html

It's JrHourlyMarker, a script for mirc (www.mirc.com) that adds hourly markers so you can see when messages came into your windows while keeping timestamps off.

I'm posting it mainly to encourage coders to participate once they see i am posting a script that took only a few minutes to write.

member gjehle wrote an xchat compatible version which is also described and linked from this post.

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In the attention economy, what matters is your attention. Modern life is plagued with interruptions, some self-imposed (do you have a popup that lets you know when new mail arrives?), some not (phone ringing, people knocking on your door). The axiom is simple: your productivity is inversely proportional to the number of interruptions per hour. There exist psychological research that proves that doing two tasks -A,B- in an alternating sequence -ABABAB- is a lot harder than doing them on batches -AAABBB-. This is called task switch cost. Some research on economics proves that the same concept –switching tasks often is bad for productivity- is true organizations.

This is so simple it’s staggering. We thought: well, we don’t know how often we are interrupted, but we should! That’s how the interruptron was born.

The modern knowledge worker has a very short average time between interruptions. Some estimates are as low as 10 minutes. We need to be aware of when we have been interrupted and try to stretch time between interruptions as much as possible. Also, it’s important to be aware of when we are floating into ‘unproductive time’ and have some method to nag us back to work. This is the goal of the interruptron. Run it always, and you’ll have a good gasp of where your time goes.

Visit the Interruptron Webpage on WorkingCogs.com to learn more and download.

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