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  • December 12, 2018, 05:42 AM
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Author Topic: Slashdot has officially Jumped the Shark into Permanent Irrelevance (again)  (Read 2194 times)


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    • Read more about this member.
    • Donate to Member was once the darling of the techo/geek internet.. And once was the starting page for many who wanted to stay on top of the coolest stories.

Those days have long since passed but Slashdot seems on an exponentially fast track to become an unintentional satire of its former self.  It's almost as if we are witnessing a slow motion meltdown of the site and a deliberate attempt to prove how bad they are at selecting useful and interesting stories.

Here's the final straw for me.  A *front page* story today: A story about a story about a google employee that has a collection of pictures of himself with famous people who visit google.  Now that's news!

Screenshot - 9_1_2007 , 4_47_46 PM_thumb002.png

Google Geek's Photos of the Famous:
"The NYTimes has a fun story about a relatively unknown Google employee and his hobby — taking photographs of himself with famous visitors to Google's headquarters.

Sad day to see such a site fall so far.  At least i have one less site to visit now on my bookmark list. 
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Funny you should mention that, i had deleted it off my list of feeds last night because I hadn't seen anything that was useful, except the odd thing that was on all the other sites anyway


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Slashdot is another victim of the whole Internet meme. No, not a new meme, I'm talking about the Internet itself. If you remember that post of Jeff Atwood two weeks ago with tips to make a good blog, one of them talked about copying and rehashing things you heard about in other blogs. Well, all tech sites are more or less like that, a visit to one or two is enough to be in sync with the current news. Heck, even a visit to the major newspapers will suffice most of the times. So Slashdot have to find another way to be 'cool'. Sadly, it hopped the Digg bandwagon (it's not that I read Slashdot before, anyway ;D)