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  • March 23, 2018, 10:10 AM
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Author Topic: [REQ] Web Extension : Silently save complete html + screenshot then close tab  (Read 181 times)


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Dear all,

Main idea:
With one click on a button, the Web Extension (in Google Chrome or Firefox) silently saves the complete webpage as html and as a complete screenshot. Then it closes silently the tab. 

Process detailed :
1) Save the complete webpage like if I use the shortcut [CTRL+S] and rename the page as MONTH_DAY_MIN_SEC.html + its related folder ("htmlfilename_files" containing small images and etc....)
And all of that without prompting to enter filename and/or directory.

2) Save a complete screenshot of the page
This can be the equivalent of this extension : ScreenGrab "Save Complete page" :
(or something like this trick :  tip : [CTRL+I], then [CTRL+P], then typewrite capture Full screenshot page (see In my tests this don't capture always all the page. But this may better than nothing!)

3) close the tab
Like when I use [CTRL+W]
(or a webextension like https://chrome.googl...midmoifolgpjkmhdmalf )

Optional :
- the button can be a standard icon or a bookmark button. It can change color when the saving process is running.
- it could be great if the saved content in saved in different folder each day (like: C:\NEWS\MONTH_DAY\MONTH_DAY_MIN_SEC.html + folder : C:\NEWS\MONTH_DAY\MONTH_DAY_MIN_SEC_files ...)
- the save html webpage can be replaced by "Save Page WE" https://chrome.googl...geafimnjhojgjamoafof
but it creates only one html file containing images a little like a .mht file. It works ok but probably not 100% on all pages.
- save a WARC file of the webpage ("WARC is now recognized by most national library systems as the standard to follow for web archival" Example : WARCreate https://chrome.googl...lcbmckhiljgaabnpcaaa
- Force closing the tab if after 10 seconds not everything is saved ?
- maybe saving the screenshot first is faster than saving html first ?

Why am I asking for this ?
With the new Firefox Quantum released a few months ago, I am forced to change my habits. I save a lot of pages daily with one click on a bookmark. I am very happy with it. But I currently uses an outdated Firefox + Imacro addon versions in order to save webpages very fast. See https://www.reddit.c...d_web_pages/dvbnycf/ and http://www.donationc...ex.php?topic=23782.0
Previously I used a Firegesture shortcut to save webpages. This resulted in too many webpages saved for my taste! So now I prefer one click on a bookmark in the top middle of my screen !
But why saving the same webpage with different formats ?
Because I realized that sometimes the saved html page is not saved properly. Then when I tries many years later to open it with the current browser of the day, it does not display well because of some small inserted urls or something ! Too bad for me as there is a small missing image that either I have to dig in the related html folder to see or it was not saved for some reasons !
So being able to see a screenshot might not be a bad idea (and in the Windows Explorer I can also display screenshots as 'extra large icon'). ;)
Furthermore, now years later, I use locally Dtsearch for indexing all my contents and online Google Drive which does automatically OCR (even it is far from perfect!) on screenshots ! ;)

Many thanks in advance ;)
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