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Author Topic: Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!  (Read 4968 times)


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Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!
« on: May 23, 2012, 03:02 PM »
Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!

May 23, 2012: Total Commander 8.0 final is now available for download.

Since 32-bit plugins cannot be used by 64-bit programs, they need to be converted first. Therefore there will not be many plugins available initially for 64-bit. If you use plugins extensively, you should keep using the 32-bit version. You can install both in parallel to the same directory - there is now a separate installer which will install both together.

Please download Total Commander 8.0 (Shareware) now from our Download page!

The update is still free for all registered users (also of Windows Commander) - please check our update instructions.

Still no upgrade fee!   8) :Thmbsup: :-*


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Re: Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2012, 04:56 PM »
It is worth to mention to revisit plugins pages and check for 64bit versions (there were a lot of updates for these):


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Re: Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2012, 04:36 PM »
revisit plugins pages and check for 64bit versions
-fenixproductions (May 23, 2012, 04:56 PM)
Good point, thanks.  I only have 32-bit Vista Home Premium, so never think much about 64-bit stuff.


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Re: Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!
« Reply #3 on: May 25, 2012, 03:03 AM »
i cant see whats new in website for v8

any words about the new features?  :-\


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Re: Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!
« Reply #4 on: May 25, 2012, 03:13 AM »
23.05.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 final (32/64)
23.05.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Split display of very long lines into chunks of 2000 characters instead of 8000 because of a bug in some display drivers (32/64)
22.05.12 Fixed: Re-read drive button bar when restoring TC from the task bar and a drive was added/removed while minimized (64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Search on FTP server wasn't aborted when the user clicked Abort just while a directory list was downloaded (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Right click context menu: Wait up to 5 seconds (instead of just two) for tcmdx64/tcmdx32 to start, also reduced minimum start time (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Second drive panel removed with cm_VisTwoDriveButtons while cursor in right window -> drive panel showed wrong active drive (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: New delete function to recycle bin (VistaDelete): Let the user abort the initial conversion of the names to OLE objects, which can take a long time with many selected files (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Use same font (SYSTEM_FONT) as in 32-bit version (64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Find files: Feed to listbox while quick view was shown -> quick view wasn't always showing the new file under the cursor (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Dialog box "Commands" - "System Information" didn't support accented characters in printer name, user name etc. (64)
16.05.12 Fixed: Windows 8: Do not resolve links pointing to other volumes in the form "\??\Volume{" either

11.05.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 release candidate 2 (32/64)
11.05.12 Fixed: Configuration dialog was opened twice when launching TC with ini location read only and 0 byte (or no) ini (64)
08.05.12 Fixed: Do not call SHFileOperation with names longer than 259 characters (to delete to recycle bin), because it always fails, and may even cause an access violation on Windows Server 2003 (32/64)
08.05.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Empty directories were not deleted when deleting to recycle bin (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Main window, bottom buttons: Refresh problem on Ctrl+F2 when using classic theme (64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Ctrl+D - Add current directory didn't support tabstops in folder names when adding dir to subfolder (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Enter (and ESC in 32-bit version) didn't work in inplace rename edit when a MessageBox was open in Lister. Unfortunately the beep cannot be avoided (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Center color comboxes vertically to ">>" button (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Foreground color combobox had wrong height (32)
06.05.12 Fixed: Connection progress dialog (FTP) couldn't be closed if the connection failed (64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Default beep on first opening (with fresh wincmd.ini) of multi-rename tool (32)
03.05.12 Fixed: "Copy NTFS Permissions" was missing in F5 copy dialog when the Netware client was installed (32)

27.04.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 release candidate 1 (32/64)
25.04.12 Added: SelectionFocus=1 or color: Draw focus differently when there are selected files in that panel. Add $4000000 to only show when on not selected item (32/64)
25.04.12 Fixed: Unpacking file from multi-volume ZIP: Don't ask for disk change if the file is in the last part, which contains the zip central directory (32/64)
25.04.12 Fixed: Files - Change attributes: Date field was not focused when checking option "Change date/time" with the keyboard shortcut (64)
25.04.12 Fixed: The program msdev.exe was incorrectly detected as a self-extracting LHA archive (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Do not re-read active panel (e.g. from background operation) during Ctrl+Tab operation, when user switches through folder tabs (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Text in "Rename mask: File name" box wasn't always selected when opening the dialog (32)
24.04.12 Fixed: Windows 8: Do not resolve links pointing to other volumes in the form "\\?\Volume{" (when double clicking on file, see fix 20.03.12 below) (32/64)
24.04.12 Added: AppendLnk ini option: New value 2 (now the default) sets the behaviour described below. Set to 0 for behaviour as in TC7.x (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: When creating *.lnk files, do not truncate directory names after last dot, e.g. directory.ext -> directory.ext.lnk (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: OPENBAR command: Support double quotes around parameter (.bar file), do not show "As administrator" (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Handle OPENBAR command in button bar the same way as when specifying the .bar name directly (including "as menu" option and overlay) (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Could no longer close Synchronize dirs after comparing two files (one in a RAR), changing both, and re-packing (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: While a MessageBox was open in Lister or Compare by Content, TAB didn't work in TC, and ESC in other Lister windows -> handle it manually (32)
15.04.12 Fixed: Lister: When searching repeatedly for the same string with Ctrl+F (not F3), directly consecutive patterns were skipped (32/64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Improved layout of multi-rename tool a bit (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could no longer delete files from UAC-protected dirs to recycle bin (reason: deletion per folder) (32/64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Verify checksums: ESC closed the dialog without aborting the verification (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Verify checksums: Crashed when user closed main TC and ignored warning about active comparison (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Nag dialog: Some texts were now in bold by mistake (64)

13.04.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 25 (32/64)
13.04.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs by content: In the footer, sizes >2TB could not be shown (32/64)
11.04.12 Fixed: On screens with high DPI settings, the copy progress dialog, overwrite dialog and custom message dialog were incorrectly scaled (64)
11.04.12 Fixed: Right click on empty area in file lists could cause access violation in file system plugins or archives. In plugins, just show "Properties" menu item (32/64)
11.04.12 Fixed: Lister plugins: ListNotificationReceived did not pass WM_NOTIFY messages to the plugin (64)
10.04.12 Fixed: ZIP packer, archives >4GB: The size field of the central directory header was wrong (misunderstanding of specs). No problem with Winzip/WinRAR, only 7Zip+DOpus (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Sort directories - unsorted not working correctly after counting size with space bar (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Lister, RTF view: Switching word wrap on or off removed all text formatting (64)
06.04.12 Fixed: File list: Do not show square bracket "]" at the end of a directory if they are turned off, but the directory name itself ends with one (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Lister didn't handle the "L" key (fit only larger image to window) when a plugin was active (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Help: Removed text saying that the wincmd.ini is in the Windows directory (which is no longer the case) (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Some jpg files could cause an SSE floating point exception in Microsoft's PhotoMetadataHandler when deleting with VistaDelete method -> turn off SSE exceptions (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Button bar: ENTER on button containing OPENBAR command -> focus went back to file lists by mistake (32/64)

30.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 24 (32/64)
30.03.12 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] DecodePercent=0: If set to 1, decode %hex values in user name/password in URLs (32/64)
30.03.12 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SubdirCopyOrder=4 sets order in which files in subdirs are copied: 4=unsorted (default), 5=like active panel (no custom columns), 0..3 ascending by name, ext, size, date, -1..-4 descending by name, ext, size, date (32/64)
30.03.12 Fixed: On Windows 8 consumer preview, Metro apps have strange DefaultIcon entries which couldn't be loaded -> use SHGetFileInfo (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Some jpg files could cause an SSE floating point exception in Microsoft's PhotoMetadataHandler -> turn off SSE exceptions before each call to GetInfoTip (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Background transfer manager: The "+" button allowed to add files from port connection although the latter doesn't support transfers in background (it cannot handle multiple transfers in parallel) (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with plugins not creating remote directories if the used plugin only contained the Unicode MkDirW function, e.g. WebDAV (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Pack with password: Password confirmation dialog could be confirmed with ENTER even if the two passwords didn't match (64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Command md foldername  with space at end in the command line (e.g. from Ctrl+Enter) unintentionally created dirs with space at end. Use double quotes to create such dirs (64)
28.03.12 Fixed: Hotkeys in dialog not working when focus on certain controls (e.g. checkboxes) when "Punto Switcher" tool was running (64)
28.03.12 Added: Screen readers: Use same GetTextMode options also in multi-rename tool (32/64)
28.03.12 Added: Screen readers: Made GetTextMode=1 (tab-delimited) the default (32/64)
28.03.12 Added: (Experimental): wcx_ftp.ini, SpecialFlags option, new value 2048: Duplicate all characters with code #255 for servers expecting Telnet-style escape characters (32/64)
27.03.12 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives to protected dir with Alt+F9 -> elevation dialog was shown only as an icon in the task bar (reason: TC window was given as parent instead of progress dialog) (32/64)
27.03.12 Fixed: Unpacking RAR archive with Alt+F9 didn't pass user-specified switches to external RAR (e.g. -kb to keep broken files) (32/64)
25.03.12 Fixed: "Copy dir timestamps" was copying wrong timestamp when copying a folder with multiple subfolders (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: No thousands separators were shown in copy progress dialog for number of copied files and their size (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: (Note: this was changed again on 24.4.2012) Button bar: Do not show triangle overlay for buttons with command "OPENBAR" when "minimized" is checked. Leave out "OPENBAR" to show .bar file as menu (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Button bar: Right click on button: Function "Edit linked button bar" not working when using command OPENBAR (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Crash on Ctrl+PgDn or Ctrl+Q on EXE smaller than 2.5 kBytes trying to detect it as an archive (64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Crash on Alt+F1/F2 in some rare cases (64)
20.03.12 Fixed: The breadcrumb bar could not be closed with a click outside if a subdirectory was opened and closed with the keyboard (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Workaround to Windows 8 bug (failure to launch any EXE files from a directory which is a hard link to some other directory) by resolving the hard links before launching (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Detect Windows 8 also in system info dialog (32/64)

16.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 23 (32/64)
16.03.12 Fixed: Do not create names longer than 259 characters in multi-rename tool with LongNameCopy=3 (=long names disallowed) (32/64)
16.03.12 Added: HideRemovableNoMedia now also works in dialog "Drive not found!" (value: 2) and Search - Drives (value: 4) (32/64)
15.03.12 Fixed: Tip window with panel width percentage value was not removed when invoking the split panel from the outside (32/64)
15.03.12 Fixed: Starting totalcmd with parameter /S=L and clicking on "Cancel" kept the program running in the background (64)
15.03.12 Fixed: FTP logging not working if normal file logging was disabled (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter creating list file (e.g. %L) used with %Z within an archive returned path inside the archive twice (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter %Z%p or %Z%m used within an archive returned path without archive name (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter %Z%N, %Z%M, %Z%R or %Z%S used within an archive returned file name(s) with relative path inside the archive (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Text labels in FTP toolbar had wrong colors after turning XP background on and off in Configuration - Options - Layout, but only with drive button bar turned off (64)
13.03.12 Fixed: When renaming a file in file system plugin failed, the resulting error dialog wasn't modal (32/64)
13.03.12 Fixed: Failed to read NTFS timestamps from RAR archives (just the DOS timestamps were read), so no odd seconds were supported (64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Do not update target for each archive when packing (moving) each selected dir to a separate ZIP archive (32/64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Ctrl+F5 (reverse search direction) not working in Lister (64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Set CheckUsbHdd=0 in wincmd.ini if the check whether a harddisk is connected externally takes longer than half a second, and the user hasn't set CheckUsbHdd=1 manually (32/64)
08.03.12 Fixed: Icon thread (used to load icons and calculate dir size in background) may stop when adding files to background transfer manager (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: Unicode names in ZIP and RAR files not decoded correctly (due to bug in Free Pascal) (64)
07.03.12 Fixed: When packing each selected file/folder to a separate archive, the selection was no longer cleared after packing (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: When packing with option RemovableInTemp=1 and the user aborts the copying of the new ZIP from TEMP, allow user to continue copying. Erase partial ZIP when aborting (new zip in TEMP is not deleted) (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: Installing a plugin twice in the same session didn't find the previous installation if the existing plugin path contained an environment variable (64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Wrong text color in inplace rename edit box in synchronize directories (file list text color instead of system text color) (32/64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs and compare by content could not handle names longer than 259 characters due to length limit in edit box (64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Support copying of directories with spaces at the end (32/64)

02.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 22 (32/64)
02.03.12 Added: (Experimental) Change font for tooltips separately: wincmd.ini, resolution-specific section, FontNameTip, FontCharsetTip, FontSizeTip and FontWeightTip (TC uses the dialog box settings if these are not present) (32/64)
02.03.12 Added: Options to set format of LB_GETTEXT result (for screen readers): wincmd.ini [Configuration] GetTextMode=0: Delimiter: 0: space, 1: tab, 2=<cr> 3=<cr><lf> 4=like 2 5=like 3. 4&5 show fields with column headers (tab-separated), e.g. Name:<tab>Filename<cr>Size:<tab>10k (32/64)
01.03.12 Fixed: Inactive focus rectangle not redrawn correctly when user closes inplace rename edit box by clicking in other panel (32)
01.03.12 Fixed: When starting TC maximized, extensions could be shown attached to names by mistake because the calculation returns -1 for the name column width, which means directly after name (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Installing a plugin a second time didn't find the previous installation if the existing plugin path contained an environment variable (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: FTP: Displayed file sizes invalid (far too large) when using a template (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: When uninstalling 64-bit version, UNRAR9X.DLL from a 32-bit version in the same directory wasn't removed. Cannot remove 32-bit links because they may be pointing to a different directory (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Use timer to show inplace edit box in synchronize dirs in a similar way to the main program, otherwise double clicks do not work always (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Ctrl+Enter still selected the entire command line when it had the focus AND Ctrl was released before the Enter key (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Packer plugin configuration dialog: Show "File x not found" error when the user enters a non-existing plugin name manually (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Don't set cursor in source window when user closes inplace rename box by clicking in other panel (64)
28.02.12 Added: Log function for icon thread: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DebugIconThread=1 to allow test why icon extraction or dir size calculation hangs (=2 for more details) (32/64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Changed Lazarus code to draw menu bar background area correctly (just the empty area) (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Menu background was drawn incorrectly with classic theme (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Menu wasn't drawn disabled with classic theme when TC/Lister didn't have the focus (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: On some computers, changing themes causes problems with main menu bar (menu items have 0 width) -> try to call DrawMenuBar with a timer, also try normal width if theme width returns 0 (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Inplace rename edit box in sync tool was using the wrong colors (instead, use standard window text and background) (32/64)

22.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 21 (32/64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Unpacking from CAB file with active quick filter (Ctrl+S) could unpack some of the hidden files too (32/64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Main menu with themes turned off: Use colors COLOR_MENUTEXT and COLOR_MENUBAR instead of button colors for owner-drawn menu (flat menus only) (64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Start tcmadmin.exe with "runas" verb on Vista and newer to ensure that it's loaded with admin rights (32/64)
21.02.12 Fixed: When deleting to recycle bin with the new delete method, TC reported a non-empty directory also in case of hard links (although it would just delete the link, not the files inside) (32/64)
20.02.12 Fixed: Lister started with zero width/height if the user didn't save the size in older beta versions (64)
20.02.12 Fixed: Clear USB HDD detection cache only when receiving volume arrival or removal notifications, not on any WM_DEVICECHANGE (32/64)

17.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 20 (32/64)
17.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content dialog not shown correctly with right to left language when starting with 2 panels above each other (64)
16.02.12 Fixed: Move file with F6 - F2 to a directory which didn't exist yet -> focus could get lost (32)
16.02.12 Fixed: Shift+Tab in left panel with no separate tree panel -> input went to right drive list by mistake (64)
15.02.12 Fixed: TC wasn't following hard links (junctions) any more which were located on a remote network drive (32/64)
15.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Turn off drawing while pasting a large amount of data (more than 1 kByte) (32/64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Save search results: Overwriting a saved search would list the item twice if there were accents in the name (64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Only partially: Ctrl+A in command line after choosing item from auto-suggest would not select anything. Note: Due to some obscure Windows bug, the command line may be emptied by Ctrl+A (32/64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Printing and print setup not working in Lister and Print directory list when printer name contained accents (64)
14.02.12 Fixed: tcuninst.exe didn't remove the newly added unrar9x.dll (32)
10.02.12 Fixed: Internal associations and color dialogs were too small (but could be resized) (64)

10.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 19 (32/64)
10.02.12 Added: Include both new unrar.dll for Windows 2000 or newer, and unrar9x.dll for older Windows versions (32)
09.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, rename file: Select only file name if RenameSelOnlyName=1 is set (32/64)
09.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content, files > 1MB: Open file with "deny write" option to avoid problem with file mapping (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Prevent floating point exception (without using try..catch) in date/time compare function in case of invalid timestamps from some network drives (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Directory hotlist, add directory to submenu: Handle also malformed menus with more closing markers '--' than opening markers '-menuname' (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Do not open inplace rename edit box when user clicks on the other side of the same line while already renaming (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Delete empty lines at the end of a tooltip (32/64)
08.02.12 Fixed: Small error in word wrap function used in tooltips causing word wraps at unwanted locations (32/64)
07.02.12 Added: Searching with search list in "Search in" field (e.g. @c:\path\searchfile.txt) now also accepts wildcards and regular expressions (32/64)
07.02.12 Added: FTPS: Support encrypted data connections even after CCC command (clear command channel) (32/64)
07.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Rename file by click on current file not working when files were hidden with the arrow buttons above that position (32/64)
07.02.12 Fixed: Memory leak when searching with regular expressions (32/64)
05.02.12 Added: Also show harddisks attached via firewire/IEEE1394 as external drives (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Do not follow links when searching, copying etc. if the target cannot be determined due to missing user rights (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Could not unpack from header-encrypted RAR when using wildcards other than *.* (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Increased default width of multi-rename tool a bit (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: File disappeared from list when renaming it with DrivesExportUpcase=1 and DrivesShowUpcase not set (or 0) (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Some strings were missing in English version (64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Crash in standalone sync when closing rename box with ESC (32/64)
05.02.12 Fixed: Moving cursor over main menu item while TC was in background -> other menu items would disappear (64)

03.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 18 (32/64)
03.02.12 Fixed: Start minimized with position saved as maximized, restore -> right panel height may be wrong (64)
02.02.12 Fixed: Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D): Error when clicking on "Add" more than 6 times (problem with subclassing of dialog controls) (64)
02.02.12 Fixed: Button bar: Use same code to get icon for button when adding it via "Change >>" button as when using drag&drop, also add double quotes if necessary (32/64)
02.02.12 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Make Search&Replace groupbox a bit wider than the name groupbox, so the beginning of the "Subst" option is visible by default (32/64)
02.02.12 Fixed: F3 on some JPG images opened empty lister on Windows XP, use timer to force refresh (32/64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Error reading external .dbg files to analyze debug logs sent by users (64)
01.02.12 Fixed: When adding items to submenu in directory hotlist, use ANSI functions to move entries if the ini is ANSI (32/64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Closing various dialogs (e.g. date/time choose form) could bring other programs to the foreground (Lazarus problem not calling inherited form methods) (64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Nag screen was resizable (64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Disable button for list of saved settings (and F2) while a comparison is in progress (32/64)
01.02.12 Fixed: Main menu: Increased distance between command and hotkey a bit when there are no separators (32/64)
29.01.12 Fixed: TC would sometimes change to drive C: when removing a device of type PORT, not only in case of a harddisk (32/64)
29.01.12 Fixed: Updated unrar64.dll to latest version. Can't update 32-bit unrar.dll because it no longer supports Windows 9x/ME/2000 (64)
26.01.12 Fixed: When changing the sort order in thumbnails view, the cursor didn't scroll into view when in the first row (32/64)
26.01.12 Fixed: FTP connection details: Also keep surrounding single quotes around remote directory if user enters them (32/64)
26.01.12 Added: CheckUsbHdd=1 in wincmd.ini [Configuration]: Turn on/off check whether a harddisk is connected via USB, and show it with different icon (32/64)
26.01.12 Fixed: Cache check whether a harddisk is connected via USB (for different icon) to speed up opening of drive dropdown combobox (32/64)
26.01.12 Added: InplaceRenameSync=1 in wincmd.ini [Configuration]: Turn inplace rename in sync by left clicking on/off (32/64)
25.01.12 Added: Rename files directly in synchronize dirs (currently only in the file system), Hotkey: F6 and Shift+F6 (32/64)
25.01.12 Fixed: Right to left text in file names not shown correctly in print preview (32/64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Make sure the right drive buttonbar isn't created twice when turning it on (due to resizing problems) (64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Do not show warning "Files modified" twice if the file was modified again while the dialog was shown (32/64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D): Dropdown menu with list of submenus was shown too high (64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Main menu bar text wasn't grayed out when the window didn't have the focus with menu bar theme turned off (64)
24.01.12 Fixed: Select files ("+" key): When clicking on the "Define" button, a selected filter name was passed incorrectly to the opening dialog when containing accents (64)
23.01.12 Fixed: Support FTP command CCC in connection settings (send commands) to switch to clear after login, e.g. for NAT support (32/64)

22.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 17a (32/64)
22.01.12 Fixed: Explicitly adjust header widths on restore if the screen resolution was changed while TC was minimized (64)
22.01.12 Fixed: Colors were saved incorrectly (due to bug in Lazarus str() function) (64)
22.01.12 Fixed: Adding item to directory hotlist: Selecting submenu not working when opening the submenu twice (32)
22.01.12 Fixed: Adding item to directory hotlist submenu or removing any item could remove all remaining items too (32/64)

20.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 17 (32/64)
20.01.12 Added: Let the user change more colors in Configuration - Options - Color (32/64)
20.01.12 Fixed: When copying in background, show user account control (UAC) dialog on the main form, otherwise we just get a blinking icon in the taskbar (32/64)
19.01.12 Fixed: When copying comments with files, the descript.ion file could get additional blank lines (already in TC 7.56) (32/64)
19.01.12 Added: Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D): Option to add a new entry directly to a submenu of the list. Will be added at the end of the list, but before any contained submenu (32/64)
19.01.12 Added: Search function: When restoring the last search result, also restore the cursor position and top index in the list (32/64)
19.01.12 Added: Show harddisks connected via USB with removable disk icon, just like USB sticks (32/64)
18.01.12 Fixed: When copying folders with admin rights where the number+size couldn't be determined, show number of copied files and bytes without the totals (32/64)
18.01.12 Fixed: Starting TC minimized with position stored as maximized -> window was completely empty, except for the menu bar (64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Main menu bar text wasn't greyed out when the window didn't have the focus (64)
17.01.12 Fixed: ActiveRight=1 not working with both command line and drive comboboxes disabled (64)
17.01.12 Added: Copy function: Show warning at the end if some directories couldn't be opened for copying (32/64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Copy function: Number of files/folders to copy was incorrect if the directory size had been calculated before opening the F5 copy dialog (e.g. with spacebar) (32/64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Ctrl+Enter selected the entire command line, but only when it had the focus (64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Search function: Infinite loop detection (due to junctions) not working when searching for e.g. xyz (but worked for e.g. *.xyz) (32/64)
17.01.12 Fixed: Multimedia buttons like "Mute" were passed twice to Windows when the 64-bit version was in the foreground (64)
17.01.12 Added: Show special warning when user tries to install a 32-bit plugin in Total Commander 64-bit (64)

13.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 16 (32/64)
13.01.12 Fixed: Alt+F1/F2 drive combobox: Don't use user-defined background color for closed combobox on Windows Vista/7 (64)
13.01.12 Fixed: Get symbolic link target: Support also links of type IO_REPARSE_TAG_SYMLINK, not only IO_REPARSE_TAG_MOUNT_POINT (32/64)
12.01.12 Fixed: Directory lists with more than 65535 items could not be scrolled by dragging the scrollbar (32/64)
12.01.12 Added: Hints in multi-rename tool for options 1x and [E] (only shown when translation exists) (32/64)
12.01.12 Added: Allow to translate new media audio remote menu (32/64)
12.01.12 Fixed: Problem with focus following the mouse cursor in internal associations dialog -> use PostMessage for child dialog (64)
11.01.12 Added: Change attributes: F2 Load/Save combobox: Set width to longest string if more than combobox width (32/64)
11.01.12 Fixed: Quick view (Ctrl+Q) in temporary panel: Only reload preview if the link target actually changed (32/64)
11.01.12 Fixed: Could not scroll through dropdown combobox list with cursor keys if the list contained the same line twice - it always jumped back to the first of the two (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Inplace rename: option "Select only the file name when renaming" still not working when user pressed ENTER to invoke it (e.g. command line, context menu or button bar with keyboard) (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Create dir in ZIP: Cursor wasn't placed on directory when creating dir in right panel (32/64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Command line dropdown list did not use the correct colors when user defined different list color (Bug in Lazarus) (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Command line dropdown list had only 8 visible entries instead of 20 (64)
10.01.12 Fixed: Moving cursor over current path with breadcrumb bar turned off could make font darker (due to font smoothing) (64)

06.01.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 15 (32/64)
06.01.12 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CopyDirsAsAdmin=1: When a directory cannot be copied, then: 0: skip it, 1: ask user, 2: always try as administrator (32/64)
06.01.12 Added: Copy function: Show error when a directory cannot be entered, allow to use "As admin" and "All as admin" functions (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: Search function: Infinite loop detection was not working (it worked in other functions like "calculate occupied space") (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: cd c:\path\ did not place cursor on "" if the file wasn't a valid archive although it had an archive extension (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: Internal ZIP and TAR packer: Do not stop packing when moving files to archives, one archive per file/folder, and at least one file is write protected. Instead, report error after packing all files (32/64)
05.01.12 Fixed: When minimizing and restoring TC while the cursor was on the last file, the last line became only partially visible (64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Menu hotkeys displayed in the main menu could be slightly cut on Windows Vista/7 (where they are right-aligned) (32/64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Reduced flickering when loading Lister (caused by ShowInTaskbar:=stAlways) (64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Inplace rename: option "Select only the file name when renaming" not working when invoked via right click menu or command cm_renameonly - use a timer because something(?) is re-selecting the entire name (64)
04.01.12 Fixed: Try not to handle mouse move messages while context menu is open (problem only affects tablet PCs with SingleClickStart mode - untested) (32/64)
29.12.11 Fixed: FTP connection details: Keep surrounding quotes around remote directory if user enters them (32/64)
29.12.11 Fixed: Default beep when closing master password dialog with ENTER also when secure input was disabled (64)
29.12.11 Fixed: Always release mouse capture when moving mouse over list window while left button not pressed, otherwise clicking in other panel may fail (64)

23.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 14 (32/64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Beep when starting TC again with option "only one instance" (64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Resizing TC with active thumbnails view could put cursor on a different file (32)
23.12.11 Fixed: Starting TC with parameter /S=L:Ppluginname didn't find the plugin if its name was stored as pluginname.wlx64 instead of pluginname.wlx in wincmd.ini (64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Double quotes around names were not preserved in UTF-16 Unicode ini files (32/64)
23.12.11 Fixed: Copy+Paste in button bar not working with Unicode if the bar file was UTF-16 Unicode (32/64)
22.12.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Dialog would react to ENTER also after closing "Wait for external compare tool" dialog (64)
22.12.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: Faster deletion to recycle bin on Vista/7 by deleting each directory as a whole instead of each file (32/64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Inplace edit not closing when clicking on file outside of the edit box after using inplace path edit once (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connect dialog: Increase redraw speed when clicking on entries in the list (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connect dialog: Enable double buffering when drawing the list to reduce flickering when themes are disabled (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Could no longer run TC minimized (bug in Lazarus) (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Remove selection from a file, then use quick search (quick filter off) -> the previously unselected file appeared selected (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Master password input dialog: ENTER key was seen as a character when not using the secure input method (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Lister: "Go to %" could only be reached with Alt+%, no longer with % only (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Lister: Search dialog controls overlapping in Windows classic theme (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Percentage in tooltip wrong (fractional value only) when moving the splitter between the two panels with Shift pressed (64)
21.12.11 Fixed: Moving the splitter between the two panels moved the caret (keyboard cursor) to the right panel even when the left panel wasn't too thin (32/64)
18.12.11 Fixed: Dir tabs: Tab tooltip (hint window) could be shown for hidden tabs outside of the TC main window (32/64)
18.12.11 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Icons: Draw frame around sample manually because it's not drawn by Lazarus (64)

16.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 13 (32/64)
16.12.11 Fixed: Column widths wrong when changing the screen resolution while TC is minimized (64)
16.12.11 Fixed: Background button was shown for some packer plugins even if they didn't support background unpacking, as long as the plugin was never used for packing (32/64)
15.12.11 Fixed: Shift+Click after selecting with Insert would select the wrong range (64)
15.12.11 Fixed: F5-F2 copy in background: Show the warning dialog when appending a file to another as child of the main form so it's not hidden behind it (32/64)
15.12.11 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Icons: Sample icon wasn't visible initially (64)
15.12.11 Added: Multi-rename tool: F2 Load/Save combobox: Set width to longest string if more than combobox width (32/64)
15.12.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: F2 shows list of saved synchronize options (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Virtual drives did not show up in the breadcrumb bar (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: "Select all" function (to select text in edit boxes) not working on some Asian windows versions (Lazarus problem) (64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Side scrolling custom columns view: Distorted display of inactive focus rectangle (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Hide inplace rename box when scrolling vertically in the file panel surrounding it (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: DEL/F8 on [..] updir items caused error "No files selected" twice on Windows Vista/7 (only if VistaDelete not disabled) (32/64)
14.12.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Hide filter symbol as soon as a new comparison starts (32/64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Dialogs were mirrored on Hebrew or Arabic windows even when using English language due to change in Lazarus (64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Selecting files with Shift+Click could select wrong range immediately after F5 copy operation (32/64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Ignore NethoodStyle option on Windows versions older than Vista, it doesn't work (32/64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar was causing again icons in the task bar (64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Ctrl+F dialog: First item in list was selected in addition to item under cursor (64)
11.12.11 Fixed: Various index out of bounds errors in listboxes due to Lazarus update (64)

09.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 12 (32/64)
09.12.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] NethoodStyle=0..2 set style of Network Neighborhood: 0=Windows-Standard, 1=additional XP-style subfolder, 2=only XP-style (32/64)
09.12.11 Fixed: Still some mouse cursor flickering when comparing two archives by content in synchronize dirs (32/64)
09.12.11 Fixed: Show warning about non-empty folders also when deleting to recycle bin with VistaDelete=1 (this shows all warnings BEFORE actually deleting anything) (32/64)
08.12.11 Added: Installer can now be set to install TC invisibly (e.g. from some init script): install.inf [auto], auto=1 and hidden=1 (32/64)
07.12.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MediaRemote=1 use windows media remote to control TC (default: 0): Cursor+OK as usual, <- Backspace, i directory hotlist, >| Tab, |< Ctrl+Tab, Play/Pause Command menu, Stop ESC in dialogs, select file in lists (32/64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Disabled UC2 packer because it's not available in 32-bit or 64-bit, so it cannot be run on 64-bit Windows (32bit on Win64/64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Problems showing inplace rename when separate tree visible (32bit: Only when moving window outside the screen and back) (32/64)
07.12.11 Added: When auto-installing a plugin with translated description, support also other codepages than the current user codepage (32/64)
07.12.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareDeleteBak=1: Delete .bak files when closing "Compare by content". Note that only the last created .bak file for each side is deleted (32/64)
07.12.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: Show again also files in auto-complete list if only one file is selected for copying (32/64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Unloading tcunzl64.dll before stopping icon extraction seem to have caused crashes on some user's computers (64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Quick search with Alt+Letters: Menu items directly on the menu bar would still be executed if the hotkey matched (64)
07.12.11 Fixed: Main window: Ignore the font script (e.g. Cyrillic) chosen by the user on NT-based systems, use DEFAULT_CHARSET because it's Unicode anyway (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Option <Default> did not reset the checkboxes "1x" (only once) and "[E]" (also in extension) (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: FTP upload: TC could try to resume upload although the user chose "overwrite", if the connection was lost before the upload started (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: Inplace rename confirmation button disappeared when the cursor was at the right edge and the user pressed cursor right (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: cm_EditPath, Encode file ,Synchronize dirs: Do not start operation on ENTER in auto-complete dropdown list (64)
06.12.11 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] PreferIPv6=2 tries the server addresses in the order the name server sends them (IPv4 and IPv6 mixed) (32/64)
06.12.11 Fixed: Quick search: Cursor was no longer placed at the end when re-opening an active quick filter (32)
04.12.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: ENTER on "F2 Background" button had same effect as ENTER on OK button (64)
04.12.11 Added: Switched to new Lazarus build with fpc 2.5.1 - may cause various incompatibility problems, please test thoroughly! (64)

02.12.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 11 (32/64)
02.12.11 Added: (Experimental) On Windows Vista and newer, show subfolder in Network Neighborhood with "Entire Network" (as on Windows XP - doesn't seem to contain anything on some systems) (32/64)
01.12.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: In the footer, show number of displayed AND total files when a filter is used, otherwise just one number as before (32/64)
01.12.11 Fixed: Problem with selecting partial name in Chinese file names (e.g. F5-F5 or Shift+F6-Shift+F6) (64)
01.12.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Show group boxes right-aligned too, e.g. in main configuration dialog (32)
01.12.11 Fixed: Could no longer pass parameters to external unpacker by giving them after the target path, e.g. c:\target -kb or "c:\target -path" -kb (32/64)
30.11.11 Added: InplaceOkButton=2 shows confirm button to the left of the edit box, where the icon is normally shown (32/64)
30.11.11 Fixed: Color filters without a "_SearchFor" entry no longer worked in beta 10 (32/64)
30.11.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Some controls were misaligned in the search dialog (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: Only show folders in auto-complete suggestions, because the sort order couldn't be fixed (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Using Home/End/Cursor left/right with cursor enabled could leave remainders of the cursor in the text when the window itself was scrolled (64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Show inactive text cursor also in active window during search and other dialogs (but not when showing the copy progress dialog) (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Exif rotation incorrect for rotation flag 5 and 7 (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Crash viewing bitmap file with RLE4 compression (Lazarus bug) -> use GDI+ to load all bitmaps (64)
29.11.11 Fixed: Jump to bookmark in html when loading not working if the html file was UTF-8 encoded (32/64)
29.11.11 Fixed: ENTER key no longer worked in synchronize dirs result list (64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content of large binary files: Avoid that the window freezes after a few seconds, causing the progress bar to stop. Note that binary compare only counts the differences! (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Inplace rename box width incorrect for folders when using Russian user interface (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Moving separator to 0% while cursor in left panel -> put cursor in right panel (32/64)
27.11.11 Added: Do not move TC to the tray when the user minimizes it via task manager and there is a popup window open in TC (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: While comparing archives by content, show cursor with wait with busy sign beside it instead of switching between cursor and busy sign (when unpacking) (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: FTP upload many small files, or delete files - progress bar and names were shown only rarely, because winsock called the callback function less often than in 32-bit (64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Drag file to breadcrumb bar dropdown list always copied the file, even when shift was pressed (64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Inactive cursor had white lines between the dashes instead of the background color (visible e.g. when using a black file list background) (32/64)
27.11.11 Fixed: Trying to get floppy drive type may fail with ERROR_MEDIA_CHANGED when a floppy is in the drive -> just call the function a second time (32/64)

25.11.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 10 (32/64)
25.11.11 Added: Send WM_COPYDATA with dwData='G'+256*'W': Same as with 'G'+256*'A', but data is returned as UTF-16 Unicode. dwData of return is 'R'+256*'W' (32/64)
25.11.11 Added: Send WM_COPYDATA with dwData='G'+256*'A' and lpData pointing to command to get back WM_COPYDATA with various info. Supported commands A: Active side (returns L or R), or two byte command: first byte: L=left, R=right, S=source, T=target. Second byte: P=current path, C=list count, I=caret index, N=name of file under caret. dwData of return is 'R'+256*'A' (32/64)
25.11.11 Added: New environment variable %COMMANDER_EXE% pointing to the Total Commander program (totalcmd.exe or totalcmd64.exe) (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: FTP, delete connection: Function wanted to delete also the item below the deleted one (64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Footer not updated in the following special case: Brief view, Cursor down, Ctrl+A, Insert, Ctrl+Num+"-", Cursor up (64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Log file rotation by date (daily after midnight) not working (64)
23.11.11 Added: When dragging mail from Outlook to TC, and a mail with the same name existed, TC only offered to retry or abort (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Press ENTER in autocomplete dropdown list in various dialogs (e.g. change button bar) -> dialog was closed (64)
23.11.11 Added: Allow to use 64-bit plugins also when the wincmd.ini is read only, so the [???64] sections cannot be written (64)
23.11.11 Added: Start TC with a larger default size if the size wasn't saved, make sure the window isn't partially hidden by the task bar (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: TC could crash on Windows XP with cleartype enabled (64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Icons of file system plugins not loaded if the path to the plugin contained an environment variable (64)
23.11.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AlwaysAsAdmin=1: Once the user has confirmed any operation with "All as administrator", this is applied to all other file operations too until tcmadmin is unloaded (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with Alt+F9 to a protected folder not working with option "Unpack each archive to a separate subdir" (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives with Alt+F9 to a protected folder created one progress dialog per file, didn't remove them all (32/64)
23.11.11 Fixed: Last used packer was not read from ini value LastUsedPacker when packing files from one archive into another (64)
22.11.11 Fixed: Closing standalone synchronize dialog could sometimes take more than a second (64)
22.11.11 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: F2 list was not sorted by name (64)
22.11.11 Added: Alt+F10 tree: If TreeFileLocation isn't set, save the tree in the same location as the thumbnail cache in the following cases: 1. network shares, 2. the drive containing the windows directory (revert to default with TreeFileLocation=%R%treeinfo.wc) (32/64)
22.11.11 Added: Find files, load/save search: Put character '>' in "Search for" or "Search in" box and save the search -> when loading, the field with this character is NOT loaded (32/64)
22.11.11 Added: Alt+F3 or F4: If the editor isn't found, show the name of the program which isn't found (32/64)
22.11.11 Added: Verify CRC checksums: Allows to check the checksum of a single file by putting the checksum in the clipboard and using Files - Check CRC checksums with the file to be checked (32/64)
21.11.11 Fixed: ESC or clicking outside inplace rename box renamed the file anyway (64)
21.11.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] InplaceOkButton=0 turns off the button to confirm the inplace rename (32/64)
20.11.11 Added: Show button to the right of the inplace rename edit box to confirm the renaming with the mouse (32/64)
20.11.11 Added: Lister: Jump to bookmark in html when loading from command line e.g. TOTALCMD.EXE /S=L:T5 file.html#bookmark (32/64)
20.11.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: Show number of filtered out files in the footer (right side) with filter icon (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: New internal command cm_100Percent to show one panel at full width (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: Support SSL-encrypted ftp server to server transfers by sending the server the SSCN ON command if the server reports it via FEAT, otherwise try CPSV (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: Connect to FTP or HTTP: Always try all IP addresses as long as connections fail. By default, this will now also support IPv6 on Windows Vista/7 (turn off with PreferIPv6=-2) (32/64)
17.11.11 Added: Support environment variables also in ignore list (32/64)
16.11.11 Fixed: FTP, add new connection: Connection not added when closing dialog with ENTER (64)
16.11.11 Fixed: Default beep when closing command browser with ENTER or ESC with cursor in search box (64)
16.11.11 Fixed: The position of the command browser (e.g. when clicking on magnifying glass icon in "Change button bar") was not remembered (64)
16.11.11 Fixed: XP only: With InactiveFocus=1, starting quick search with search dialog could leave behind an inactive cursor (32)
16.11.11 Fixed: Totalcmd crashing on ReactOS (reason: problems with ANSI calls to Unicode combobox) (32)
16.11.11 Added: Lister (F3): Use Irfanview/Xnview to load internally supported image type (e.g. *.bmp, *.jpg) if it is listed in IViewAdditionalTypes variable (32/64)
15.11.11 Fixed: Tab key not working in dialog box "Verify Checksums" to switch to up/down button (64)
15.11.11 Added: wincmd.ini [Lister] AutoRotate=0 turns off automatic rotation of JPG images according to the EXIF orientation value (32/64)
15.11.11 Added: Compare by content: Show compare progress bar and percent done in footer (32/64)
15.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Increase load speed (slowdown caused by try..except block) (64)
15.11.11 Fixed: Numerical values from wincmd.ini were not read if there was text behind them, e.g. comments in the form ;this is a comment (reason: bug in Lazarus function val) (64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: "Copy to clipboard" in ANSI text not working (64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Lister: End key in large images (>1000 pixels high) didn't jump to the very bottom (32/64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Memory leak loading images via GDI+ (32)
13.11.11 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Comments of folders were not deleted with the folders (when option to copy comments with files was set) (32/64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Shift+F6 rename in full view: Edit box had wrong width when not using the default (show as bytes) for the size column (32/64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Lister: F5 key was handled twice, once by the menu hotkey, and again by onKeyDown (64)
13.11.11 Fixed: Pressing TAB in auto-complete window selected first item from the list even if none was selected (or the next item if one was selected) (64)

11.11.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 9 (32/64)
11.11.11 Fixed: F5 copy dialog: Do not start operation when clicking on an item in auto-complete (64)
11.11.11 Fixed: Command line: Do not execute it when clicking on an item in auto-complete (32/64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Wrong progress shown when copying a folder where the size shows a question mark (=counting folder size with Alt+Shift+Enter) (32/64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment: Confirming new comment with Ctrl+Enter added line break at the end of the comment (64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Selecting text by double click not working correctly in Unicode file without BOM (32/64)
10.11.11 Added: (experimental) Compare by content: support files >2 GB (64)
10.11.11 Fixed: Master password input: Turning off secure input mode now also allows to input passwords via IME (e.g. Korean) - this is not supported in secure mode (32/64)
09.11.11 Fixed: Master password input: Clear the typed character before calling CallNextHookEx (older versions didn't call CallNextHookEx, but Windows did, so other programs could see the keys too) (32/64)
09.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Don't allow to switch to display type '5' (html) while viewing a directory -> beep, switch to UTF-8 (32/64)
09.11.11 Fixed: Some USB floppy drives were not correctly recognized (they returned media type 17) (32/64)
08.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Switching to image/multimedia manually with '4' key -> plugin could no longer be closed with e.g. '1' key (64)
08.11.11 Fixed: Hide compare by content window before re-uploading file to FTP server (was causing lockups to some users) (64)
08.11.11 Fixed: Network neighborhood: Entering a plugin with a default custom view not working when in thumbnails view (32/64)
08.11.11 Fixed: Don't use VistaDelete method if file cannot be found, e.g. because it's in a directory belonging to a different user (32/64)
08.11.11 Added: (experimental): Quick search with Korean characters (mode: letters or letters with search dialog): Show IME window in lower left of the listbox instead of using a floating window (32)
08.11.11 Fixed: Re-opening quick search with Ctrl+S would select an earlier quick filter string (64)
08.11.11 Fixed: With InactiveFocus=1, brief view on both sides, switching away from TC and back could show the focus frame in the footer (32/64)
07.11.11 Added: Lister: Auto-rotate jpg images loaded via GDI+ to the angle stored in the EXIF information (32/64)
06.11.11 Fixed: F3 on a directory -> the display type was shown as binary instead of utf-8 (32/64)
06.11.11 Fixed: Ctrl+Q or F3 on a directory -> the text could be scrolled with PageDown (32/64)
06.11.11 Fixed: Inactive focus rectangle was drawn during copying each time a file or folder was copied (32)
06.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Paste from clipboard not working with Unicode text into ANSI files either (64)
06.11.11 Fixed: XP only: When using InactiveFocus=1, inactive cursors may appear in the active panel on quick search, when switching panels etc. (32/64)

04.11.11 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 8 (32/64)
04.11.11 Fixed: Calculate height of Shift+F6 rename box only from font height and difference between combobox height and edit box (within combobox) height (32/64)
04.11.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: When comparing two solid RAR archives or two plugin archives with each other, unpack the right archive, calculate SHA1 checksums, then unpack the left -> much faster (32/64)
04.11.11 Added: Synchronize dirs: Also support "by content" with packer plugins, if the plugins supports the PK_CAPS_SEARCHTEXT capability (e.g. 7zip) (32/64)
03.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Show "access denied" error if file is locked by another process (32/64)
03.11.11 Fixed: Compare by contents function: make it faster by optimizing time-critical loop, turning on free pascal optimizations (64)
03.11.11 Added: (experimental): InactiveFocus=1: Use a different pattern and brightness from the normal focus rectangle to distinguish it easily (32/64)
03.11.11 Fixed: Footer not updated when selecting the last item (or the first in the root) in a file list with Shift+Cursor up/down (64)
03.11.11 Fixed: Compare by content: Paste from clipboard not working with Unicode files (64)
03.11.11 Fixed: Lister: Triple click to select entire line didn't work (required 4 clicks) (64)
03.11.11 Fixed: File system plugins: No icons shown in thumbs view when delay-loading them (plugin returns FS_ICON_DELAYED) (32/64)
03.11.11 Fixed: Right to left languages: Make status lines right-aligned in search and compare by content (32/64)
03.11.11 Fixed: Mini-numbers in column headers (shown when sorting by additional columns) were shown as black squares (64)
03.11.11 Added: (experimental): wincmd.ini [Configuration] InactiveFocus=1: show focus in inactive panel (or InactiveFocus=RGB value for setting the color manually) (32/64)
02.11.11 Added: Lister: F3 can now also open directories (only in the normal file system), just like Ctrl+Q (32/64)
02.11.11 Fixed: Lister wasn't resized to the width/height of the video or music window (64)
02.11.11 Added: Multi-rename tool: New option "[E]": If unchecked, the search string will be replaced only within the name part, and not the extension (32/64)
02.11.11 Added: Multi-rename tool: New option "1x": When checked, only the first occurrence of the search string will be replaced (32/64)
01.11.11 Fixed: Make VistaDelete=1 the default ONLY if the user hasn't disabled delete confirmation dialogs in Recycle bin properties (32/64)
01.11.11 Fixed: Dialog box: Associate - Edit type: Icon looked ugly -> use TPaintBox and draw it ourselves (64)
01.11.11 Fixed: Dialog box: Associate - Edit type: Icon had white background (32)
01.11.11 Fixed: Lister without plugins: F3 on icon file didn't always load the right size, e.g. 16x16 instead of 32x32 (32)
01.11.11 Fixed: Search dialog: When maximizing, the "Search in" path could change to one in the history (32)
01.11.11 Fixed: Korean quick search not working correctly with more than 2 characters (64)
30.10.11 Fixed: Mouse scroll wheel not working correctly in Ctrl+Q quick view (64)
30.10.11 Fixed: Lister: Removing the scrollbars by maximizing the window didn't scroll the bitmap to top-left (64)
30.10.11 Fixed: UseTrash=0: Shift+Del not working with VistaDelete=1 (32/64)

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Re: Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!
« Reply #5 on: May 25, 2012, 07:30 AM »
Well I was looking for the 'new features' too, when I got the alert for TD 8.0 today.

Since the history is a long list mixed with fixes, I filtered out the 'Added:' lines, to read only the new features, which is about 115 lines.





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Re: Total Commander 8.0 final for Windows released!
« Reply #6 on: May 26, 2012, 12:30 PM »
One more link for 64bit plugins: