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  • December 11, 2018, 02:33 AM
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Author Topic: Kickstarter Highlight: Pulp Reading at its best  (Read 910 times)


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Kickstarter Highlight: Pulp Reading at its best
« on: April 17, 2012, 02:32 PM »
I love alternate forms of publication- for books, software, music, anything!  But I especially have a passion for books and ebooks.  And one genre that remains a real thrill when written well is pulp.  Sure there are the knockoffs that were produced strictly for money.  But there are also those gems that raise your adrenaline level as you read, and are real page turners- literature that you can't put down.

There are a couple of series of novels on Kickstarter right now.  Both are already funded and working on stretch goals.

Spirit of the Century Presents: The Dinocalypse Trilogy
dinocalypsenow.pngKickstarter Highlight: Pulp Reading at its best
Goal$5,000 ($34,161 as of this posting)
End Date2012-04-22
Project Creator(s)Evil Hat Productions
ExcerptWhen the Century Club is called in to prevent the assassination of FDR, it's just another day on the job — but what they discover puts not just the President, but the entire world in jeopardy. With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it's up to Sally Slick, Jet Black, Mack Silver, and the other Centurions to save humanity — from extinction!

This is our first fiction project at Evil Hat. We’ve published pen & paper roleplaying games before, and now we’ve set our sights on expanding into other media.

For our starting point, we’re diving into the wild and wooly world of our in-house 1930s-era pulp adventure setting called Spirit of the Century. In that world, you’ll find flying jet-men, talking apes, and ancient Atlantean technology, along with two swinging fists, mad science, and some snappy patter (not to mention Sally Slick, a Rosie the Riveter type gal who’s aces at inventing new gadgetry). We’re excited to begin!

The Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde!!!
docwilde.pngKickstarter Highlight: Pulp Reading at its best
Goal$3,000 ($4,130 as of this posting)
End Date2012-04-29
Project Creator(s)Tim Byrd
Excerpt"In a young adult book market crowded with the depressing and the dour, Tim Byrd’s Doc Wilde swings in on a jungle vine to raise the flag high for adventure. Infused with pace, fun, and all the two-fisted action a reader could ask for, Wilde lovingly riffs on situations straight out of the old pulps, even while making them fresh for a new generation."
                                — Zack Stentz, screenwriter, Thor, X-Men: First Class

Looking For Adventure? GO WILDE!

The Astonishing Adventures of Doc Wilde recapture the magic of classic pulp adventure stories, with lost worlds, ancient ruins, weird science, evil villains, and daring heroes, bringing them into the 21st century with contemporary themes, modern scientific notions, the wonders of a close family, and a deep appreciation of literature and of the thinking life itself.

"It's a true delight...Tim Byrd has taken Doc Savage, added in a pinch of Robert E. Howard, a liberal dose of H.P. Lovecraft, and mixed it all together in a well done, enchanting pastiche of the pulps that will appeal to the adult audience as well as the young adult readers. It is an over the top at times, rip roaring adventure that returns us to the days of yesteryear and leaves us wanting more."
                                                                          —The Baryon Review