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  • August 22, 2019, 01:46 PM
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Author Topic: NSFW: To all website developers who feel the need to have popup ad's on websites  (Read 1702 times)


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Go die in a fire.

Go get anally abused by an elephant.

That is all.


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+1 and AMEN~! ;D

I just posted a bit of a rant on web sites/the web/browsers/web developers the other day:

1 Reason to Hate the Web

It’s not just the fault of the browsers though. Web developers suffer from some combination of 1 or more of these problems:

  • Being completely and totally mentally retarded
  • Being subservient to a project manager that is completely and totally mentally retarded
  • Being subservient to a project manager that is subservient to budgetary requirements that are completely and totally mentally retarded

Take your pick.

I loved that "Go die in a fire"! ;D

Today my murderous rage was directed towards D-Link and <insert profanity here /> around for nearly 2 hours (or maybe 1 hour -- it felt damn long anyways) because it decided that it just damn well didn't feel like allowing any wireless connections no matter what. Multiple reboots and power-offs and FINALLY the <insert more profanity here /> thing allowed connections... Fantasies of barbed wire-wrapped baseball bats as a slight variation of your "Alternatively" danced around in my head. But I really did love the alternatively~! That would be satisfying to see. :P

Today so far has definitely been a "I <insert further profanity here - don't hold back /> hate computers" day.

And thank you for the laugh~! :D
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Mine wasn't much better. We had a $4,000 multifunction printer smashed to smithereens in a loading accident. Last one we had in stock of that model/series/configuration ... and the customer was waiting on it (read down).

There's going to be some loading protocol policy changes.