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  • January 16, 2019, 03:46 AM
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Author Topic: MyBB Warning and Complaint  (Read 2290 times)

Paul Keith

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MyBB Warning and Complaint
« on: June 19, 2010, 04:51 AM »
I'm not sure if this falls under a company so I'm making this here.

Also since this is a techie/tech knowledgeable forum, I apologize if this issue feels like a minor if not obvious case that can easily be understood by Googling it but I feel this is a major issue to many consumers. So much so that in her Website Shame video, Laura Roeder needed to clarify that there are two "Wordpress".

Finally this isn't so much as a complaint as I still finally got my answer from MyBB. It's just that even with supportive helpers, a part of me hopes that services further realize this problem so it doesn't feel like I'm being made (pardon the pun) a fool of. I have enough of that problem with people close to me, thank you.

The conversation:

Forum not loading

Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

I'm not only a new MyBB user but I have zero knowledge of maintaining a forum other than registering and creating a free forum. I don't even know what version of MyBB I have.

Anyways, has there been any downtime? I can't seem to spot a topic on it.

Right now both and my forum isn't loading.

Here's the link:

Your website is down.

That's the thing though. I'm not on a server. I'm using the default hosting.

Does that mean MyBB is down for some reason or something else?

Well, sometimes your hosting can be down temporarily, or it can be ddosed.

Easy if your not on a server.

Wait...isn't the default hosting connected to the actual MyBB service?

Sorry if I'm using the wrong terms. I mean I actually didn't switch anything other than create a MyBB Forum and I know zero things about domain paying and host server changing.

I just clicked those forms and got the forum.

Shouldn't this be a MyBB issue since you guys are...well...kinda providing the service?

MyBB is definetaly not reponsible.

Your forum is not connected in anyway to MyBB.

You have just downloaded their software, it's not like you host on their server.

So we can't do anything here.

I'm sorry I'm confused. I didn't download anything.

In fact, I didn't know how to do that which is why I was specifically looking for a free forum service.

So you're saying there's two MyBBs and unlike with vs., this site is not affiliated with you?

other user:

No, CreateMyBB is just run by a member here. It is in no way affilliated with MyBB.

Ok, thanks for clarifying that.

First off, I know some knowledgeable user is snorting now laughing and thinking "Haha, that's what you get for going free" or "Wow, what an idiot, he should have read the details on the site and googled the background of the service before he registered."

Look, I'm sorry ok? I try and I know I should try harder but often times, I'm just not good enough to soar the web and read and open up lots of tabs and see what service is what.

Sometimes even after I read some "easily found and obvious" text, I still don't get that say a free forum has no plugins while a paid download server thing has one.

...and I'd also like to apologize if I just don't have cash to support a host and test what all those things mean and compare the two products.

I know I'm a nobody in the grand scheme of things but I hope that one day services will try to differentiate much clearer on their site what's the difference between two services with the same name.

It's already hard enough to grasp which is the best free blog much less the best free forum, it's just near impossible for an idiot like me to test them all out and "get" at first sight what one has that the other hasn't especially with a forum where I can't test how slow or fast a forum can be unless some people actually go there to visit and even then I don't know which forum is prone to attacks and bad support.

I know this is a bunch of excuses but look, I can't even understand something as simple as exporting and importing a forum database so it's not just my own I'm hurting but I'm inconveniencing the few people who have registered and that's still no excuse and I know you're saying I'm going to inconvenience them later anyway because of my lack of knowledge but in this world where publishing is getting easier, can't you guys make it just a wee bit easier more?

Just a wee bit of adopting a multi-site version of the checklist feature comparison like the one on

The web has already made it easier to sync passwords, bookmarks, notes, documents, e-mail, etc. etc. Can't you FSP (Free Service Provider) guys improve on just one more detail?

...and again, I know, I know this is old news and I should probably have wisened up but I just didn't ok?

Sorry for this long post mouser but this issue just bothered me at the wrong time as the forum came down when I was creating a long thread plus combined with real life issues and discovering the speed of free forums being on par with, it just toppled over. Oh there I go making excuses of others again! Sorry everyone but I just had to let this out.

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