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Author Topic: Is reverse engineering the Opera Presto Engine an ok start for a lone newb coder  (Read 618 times)
Paul Keith
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« on: August 10, 2014, 09:55:03 AM »

The more I try to learn some small quibble about coding, the more I stray towards the end product.

I say this because it just seems like the gap between newbie code and "programs I want to use" seem so distant that I've been trying to settle on a finished "something" as that end goal and fuck the complexity I'm heading here cause I can't catch up. I just want a software that would be closer to an engine that would restrict all I have to learn in one neat bordered down circle without trying to move to the new thing.

In a way it's an extension to this Stack Exchange post I wrote that was considered too broad.


Ok on to Part 2:

I'm picking Presto because it can handle tons of browser tabs which means it can handle tons of dynamic screens that can do what MakaGiga does minus the Java hog.

It already supports panels for notes and it would be a minor tweak to turn it into an outliner which it already coincidentally supports with the window menu except only for tabs.

It already has built in rocker gestures, mouse gestures and smart paste from note features which simplifies but is a good alternative for wiki-linking.

Speed dials built in means it can support Trello like boards but at the same time the MDI means you can create cascading outlines, tiled notes, sessions and it already supports an extension base.

The one con about leaving it in the dust seems to be the web browser which a PIM/To-do List/Outliner don't have to deal with except by opening in a new browser which ironically is possible seeing as Presto is still more lightweight than heavy Java programs.

In the end though, it's the fact that I have not seen any other full blown multi-purpose desktop software that can support so many features without eating up the memory. It was feature creep without the feature creep memory hog engine. All this just seems to add up towards the last hail mary end goal for a productivity software with my needs. I just don't have the knowledge yet to know if it's viable and why or why not. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I know there have been pleas for open sourcing the engine and some Firefox extensions can mimic Opera but the overall look is just not the same as the overall capability of the Presto engine to be light to middle hogging the computer.

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« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 10:55:28 AM »

Fate intercedes............. cheesy
If you are to become another Bill Gates, or the other guy what ate the apple, whatever?, I don't think you can do it by improving, adjusting, revising, whatever?, someone else's product!

You have arrived, with your lust for knowledge, at the perfect time.
What the world needs now is a program to reverse the common web page to deliver the message that the original author presented.
A Rev-editor to remove the two cents worth added by everyone following the author that attempts to make the page prettier, more attention getting, and profitable.
Yea, and Google adds a nickel's worth, not satisfied with their two cents worth!  Angry
Just think what the Cloud providers will think of you when you reduce a web page from 120kb to 6kb before sending it to them for storage. Wow  Wink A chance to become the third big wheel in the computer world.  Grin
No mean feat but I'm sure you can do it! Give it a go.......... and give up on the idea of becoming the guy that added another tab.  cheesy
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