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  • December 10, 2018, 03:22 AM
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Author Topic: IDEA: Hotkey Save files & presets with auto incrementing # and current date time  (Read 2153 times)


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A universal search and replace for the save text field. Instead of doing it all manually, it automates as much as possible so all you need to do is what can't be automated.

Automatically add a date at the end or start of a file or preset name or, more usually, replace an existing date time, optionally leaving the dialog box open for further edits.

It should be also able to increment a 0001 or 001 or 01 somewhere in the line, determining the next one from the last one if possible, or you set the starting number and it has its own counter that it increments whenever it is used.

I may have a name for a file or a preset in this format

Name Save# Description DateTime


Microsoft Windows 7 SP 1 123 Explorer becomes unresponsive 20091231 2359

A hotkey should save it as

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 124 Explorer unresponsive AGAIN 20100101 0000

Save# and DateTime can be positioned anywhere and either can be omitted. You set their positions manually.

Another hotkey would leave the dialog open (i.e. not press OK/Save) and position the cursor at any place in the name or automatically in front of the description.

Another hotkey would in addition delete the description so all you need to do is type the description.

In practice:

1 Press hotkey
Name 124 | 20100101 0000
(| is the cursor)
2 Type description
3 Press enter

This is a lot less work than
1 Click save preset
2 Move cursor
4 Increment number
5 Select old description
6 Type description
7 Move cursor
8 Modify date and/or time
9 Press enter

Sometimes Save Preset is not available as a shortcut key, and in the worst case  you must click a button, which opens a menu, and then select Save. I don't know how the hotkey would click the save preset button. Perhaps every UI element  has an identifier and you can teach it the right button, per software. Or the software author could be asked add a shortcut key for saving presets.
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