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Author Topic: I cant get this site video!!!!! Ive tried EVERYTHING  (Read 5921 times)


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I cant get this site video!!!!! Ive tried EVERYTHING
« on: October 09, 2005, 04:46 PM »
on this site

I cannot get the video saved!!! the exact url is  http://mediaservers....33618&movie=0101

and here is what the urlsnooper found   3dsmax7/movies/01/

How can i save that video, ive tried everything
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Re: I cant get this site video!!!!! Ive tried EVERYTHING
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2006, 02:34 PM »
OK, hopefully this won't post twice.  I have a Firefox crash in the middle of typing this up the first time.

OK, is not the quicktime file.  It is a reference file.  It points to the ACTUAL quicktime file, and they try their hardest to obscure this.

But, we have URLSnooper.  I got the actual movie file like so:

1) Go to the 3dsMax7 html page that you listed in your post
2) Start up URLSnooper (I assume that you know how to use it and verified that it is properly sniffing on your network - check the help if necessary)
3) Click on "Sniff Network" in URLSnooper
4) Click on the Intro Movie link on the VTC page.
5) As soon as you hear the audio in the movie, go ahead and close that window out.  We don't need the movie playing anymore.
6) Look at URLSnooper.  You do NOT want the file (protocol) Quicktime Media http file!  THat is just the 17k reference file
7) Unfortunately there seems to be a column width problem in my version of URLSnooper so I can't adjust the column width!  First, look in the Protocol Column.  You will be looking for links that are "http php file"
8 ) Now, what you are looking for under the "Link" column first of all is a link with the word "cipher" in it.
9) If you click on the first one you see (line 0004  for me) you will see the text in the bottom pane with a URL highlighted.  The URL is:


(replace the hxxp w/ http - don't want a bunch of people clicking directly from here to vtc - they might get wise)

This is NOT the one we want!

10) In my copy, lines 0017 & 0018 also have a URL with the word "cipher" in them.  When I click on the lines I see in the bottom pane the following highlighted:


THIS is the right line.  We want the line that has "cipher" in it and "login" at the end of it, NOT "Large".

IOW, we want




11) OK, now I believe that just copying

to your program that will suck down the file won't actually work (maybe it will, you can try it out).  What this is missing is the " HTTP/1.0" tag at the end.  So, we want to highlight and copy

"hxxp://|edh1x|tmn3pseh&type=mov&vtclogin= HTTP/1.0"

12) Now open the program that will suck the file down from the website.  I like offline explorer and it works great for many sites.  However, it WILL NOT work for files from because of the filename.  Offline Explorer chokes on that "/" character, and while it downloads the file, it never saves it to your hard drive!  Streambox VCR 2 WILL work nicely, however!  It just saves the files as "1.0" so before you download your next file, you need to rename it to "" or something.

13) Open up StreamBox VCR, paste the entire URL in, and it will download the mov file nicely.  The file is about ~1.4M in size

Streambox VCR is hard to find now.  As of Jan. 1 it was removed from  Google for

"Streambox VCR Suite"

Eventually you will find a copy that is not a dead link.  :-)

The file that you want to use once you have extracted/installed the VCR suite is:


Hope this helps, and is not too late!


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Re: I cant get this site video!!!!! Ive tried EVERYTHING
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2006, 02:46 PM »
whether it's too late or not, it's a great post, and contains a bunch of useful information for future tasks.
thanks  :Thmbsup: