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  • November 17, 2018, 11:35 AM
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Author Topic: Quicknote 5.4 has been released  (Read 2011 times)


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Quicknote 5.4 has been released
« on: December 02, 2007, 09:48 AM »
The very nifty and popular Quicknote has been updated to Version 5.4.

Quicknote: Whenever you want to write something down that comes to your mind, just 'wake up' Quicknote by touching a small line on the top of your screen (or anywhere you set it to in size, color or position) with the mouse or by pressing shortcut keys. In its resizable window you can jot down your notes and organize them in categories or even sketch small drawings or import images.

It can also convert units, lets you directly start frequently run programs (now with parameters), encrypt notes, change system volume by hotkeys, manage windows tasks, and even send notes through a network.

It also has one of the most powerful scheduling/reminding functions I have ever seen. It can remind you at certain times, run programs or shutdown automatically your PC and much more.

The notes seem to be totally resilient against crashes and loss of information. That does not surprise me, because the origin of Quicknotes is a program conceived to take notes while programming and debugging a computer game. And this shows also in the collection of add-on functions included: Many calculation and conversion functions, dialog text capturing, tiny process killer, screen distance measuring, color picker (and converter), program starter etc. etc.

But don't think the program is bloated: It is a mere 440K if you install it and then proceed to compress it by UPX with the following parameters: upx.exe --best --compress-icons=0 --nrv2d --crp-ms=999999 -k quicknote.exe

I know from previous posts that many Donationcoders are getting a lot of benefits out of this extremely useful program.

It is my personal champ for taking quick notes and reminders and becomes more and more my central and easy to use no frills focal point of getting organized.

I also find the fact that Quicknote stores all its note information in plain ASCII text files of tremendous comfort, because I am always worried that some of these young startup companies developing todays hottest note taking software run out of money or inspiration and then the user is stuck with his precious information sitting in a program that is not being developed any further. Quicknote has been updated freely since 1999.

The author also redesigned the website to be much more informative about the wide range of functions this program offers. :Thmbsup:

F.e. for the first time you will find a list of keystroke shortcuts. I bet even long time Quicknote users will find this list useful!

Also a really nice collection of small video tutorials on the web site give any new or even regular user great advice and ideas of how to use this software.

Please do not forget to show the author some kindness by donating, if you use this program regularly. I know he has been working hard for making the program a great tool for everyone.

Changes compared to 5.3:

-Unlimited number of reminder's tasks and note-categories can be created
-Full Vista compatibility: Volume hotkeys work and there is a new
QuickText that can be displayed as gadget in the Sidebar
-New possibility to be reminded: When idle for x minutes
-Unlimited number of reminder's tasks and categories (previously constrained to 50 and 10)
-Reminder's tasks that can occur multiple times a day can be changed so that they will not be displayed again that particular day.
-The cursor position in each note is remembered in a Quicknote session while browsing notes.
-Notes in the category view can now be set to be saved encrypted
-Focusless input mode: Everything that is written in other windows can be
set to appear into Quicknote as well.
-Option to start Quicknote directly opened and not in sleep mode
-Images can be added as notes
-A large number of additional improvements, for the full list, look at

There is one caveat though: The program relies on the registry and is therefore not portable. This is very unfortunate, because the software would be an ideal companion for a USB travelling toolkit. I hope the author will consider adding this feature in a future update. I understand that the program has been under development since 1999 where USB sticks were unknown and that it takes a lot of rewriting for some of these older programs to make them portable but I still hope that it will go that way soon (and my final wish: A Linux version ..., because that will be the way of the future - the so called post-vista area ;) )

I hope you will enjoy using this program as much as I do.

Also thanks to the DC community from where I got the inspiration to use Quicknotes in the first place.

Kind Regards,

Regards, Brahman
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Re: Quicknote 5.4 has been released
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2007, 12:47 PM »
Thanks for the heads up, Brahman!