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  • January 17, 2019, 11:20 PM
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Author Topic: RalfPocalypse v1.0 - Official Bug Tracking and Feature Request Thread  (Read 3075 times)

Ralf Maximus

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To all users,

These are reported bugs and requested features thus far. Please reply to this thread with a feature request or bug report.  Once we receive it, we will prioritize the request and update its status as it gets updated by Ralf. Thanks for your help!

Team RalfPocalypse


1. BUG: When maximizing the main menu, computer reboots.

2. BUG: When workstation reboots, RalfPocalypse is automatically started (despite user settings) and main menu is maximized.

3. BUG: Playback of MP3 files is problematic when voice-recognition mode activated.  Lyrics from certain rap titles cause unintended program operation.

4. REQUEST: Reduce popup tray notifier font size from 198pt to 10pt.

5. REQUEST: Make automatic renaming of critical Windows files default to "Off".

6. BUG: Rotating "RalfPocalypse" animation displays upside down for Australian users.

7. REQUEST: Please remove all graphic and text references to "Giant Radioactive Red Lobster".  (Their lawyers called again.)

8. BUG: Clicking the "Exit" icon or selecting File/Exit maximizes the main menu.

9. BUG: PDF converter applies 4096-bit encryption without prompting, and without notifying the user of the password.

10. BUG: RalfPocalyse contacts its Automatic Updater service approximately 30 times per second, even when downloading an update.

11. BUG: Modem users report random profanity and the phrase "get broadband now, loser" inserted into text stream.

12. REQUEST: Please add pronouns to spelling checker.

13. REQUEST: CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-SPACE-F5-BREAK hotkey is difficult to manage on standard keyboard.

14. REQUEST: Reassign default "maximize" hotkey from "Enter".

15. BUG: "Mega Compression Mode" reduces file size to 1 byte, regardless of input file size.

16. BUG: Login ID appears to be hardcoded to "John Smallberries" and attempts to change it result in the message "You are our only hope, Buckaroo Banzai" with subsequent logoff.

17. BUG: Countdown timer stops at :03 with the message "That was close!"

18. BUG: If workstation has subwoofer attached, background "throbbing" noise induces subconcious feelings of unease, depression, and random terror.

19. BUG: Calendar function displays every third Wednesday as "Shmegglesday".

20. REQUEST: When displaying financial data, please avoid use of hexadecimal.

21. REQUEST: Remove national slurs from "International Settings" dialog.

22. BUG: Screensaver burns smiley face pattern into some Acer brand LCD displays.

23. BUG: Fax feature sends random document regardless of file selected.

24. REQUEST: Allow user to designate another folder for saving files other than "Recycle Bin".

25. BUG: Service Pack 3 cannot be uninstalled.



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REQUEST: After observing the drain on resources, the "RalfPocalypse" animation should also rotate counter-clockwise for Australian users.


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 ;D ;D ;D That made my day! ahahahahah


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Fax feature sends random document regardless of file selected.

And, apparently, at random times. 
By the way, thanks for the fax gallimaufry that I received at 03:00, 04:04 and 04:46. 
Since I couldn't get back to sleep again after the last one it was good to have 197 pages to read.


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