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  • December 13, 2018, 11:43 PM
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do you use any system to speed up your reading/writing (speed reading/autocompleter)?

both speed reading and autocompleter
speed reading only
autocompleter only
none; I read and write plenty fast already
none, I use paper and pencil to write, and print out everything I read so there's no point

Last post Author Topic: do you use any system to read/write faster(speed reading/autocompleter)?  (Read 17472 times)


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My observation of this thread leads me to believe that the net cast is too large and people are comparing apples and oranges here.

Auto-completion only makes sense when large portions of text are used repeatedly or when an integrated look-up/reference system is required. An example of the former are form letters and two examples of the former are directory and filename completion on the command-line and code-completion in a programmer's editor.

As for spell-checkers, the best are the one's that don't break your train of thought, your flow. The, now common, method of using red wavy underlining is a fine way of doing this. Word's auto-correct is the worst, it often misinterprets what you want and distracts you by requiring you to edit in real time instead of proofing later.

Although, if you develop your own form of shorthand, like Sri apparently has done, it can be helpful. I can see this being helpful with things like medical transcription, legal writing, or scientific papers, where there are many long and complex words used often.


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I managed to mistype the name of the program I suggested :), it's actually called rapidreader.

RE: autocompletion.
Yes, we need to distinguish between shorthand expansion (which is what tinjaw was describing) and autocompletion, which is completely different.

We have raised this point before.
A text expander is, for example:
This in NOT an autocompleter.

Most people are confused by this. Here is an example on how confusing this might be:

The thread starts with discussion on autocompleters, and then it moves to text expanders and worse, launchers like direct access. This is NOT what an autocompleter does.

An autocompleter learns from what you type, and makes you type faster, period. This is not a spell checker. In fact, if you continuously misspell a word, it will learn that misspelling and SUGGEST it :(

It's not a collection of shorhands. you type as you would normally. If you ignore the suggestions, then it'll just work as usual.

I find it really useful, and have trouble accepting that people do not get any advantage of it. If you tried it for a short time, you owe it to yourself to try it some more, until it's a habit.