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I can confirm that their is definitely something going on with file launching. None of my ms office file extensions are launching at all as well as any pdf and txt files. lnk, exe extensions still work however.

Also might not be a bad idea to keep links to the last two versions just in case the latest release is a little buggy one can go back a version. Cant work without FARR  :P

Find And Run Robot / Re: File browsing
« on: June 14, 2008, 07:16 PM »
Hmm, i was actually hoping that the focus would remain in the list after hitting left/right instead of jumping back up to the search box. I think it works better that way imo. You can already navigate fwd/backwards using alt left/right while maintaining focus in the search box.

Find And Run Robot / Re: File browsing
« on: June 14, 2008, 06:35 PM »
When browsing on my hard disk I always see the current folder as the first entry in the result list. Furthermore it's written in lower capital letters, even if the original name has upper capital letters (all the other entries are capitalized correctly).
In my opinion there should be an option to remove the first entry. But on the other hand you could also add a ".." entry (for the sake of completeness, which will navigate one level up).
+1. Definitely think this should be an option.

When pressing "left" in file browsing mode while the focus is in the list, the level above is shown but the focus is completely away! Neither in the result list nor in the input field.
Also noticed this. I think once you are in the results list the left/right arrows should navigate forwards/backwards through the directories whilst maintaining keyboard focus on the list perhaps focusing on the first entry in the list until you hit enter to trigger a result or esc to return to search box or tab to enter path into search box.

on a separate matter.. it's pretty clear we need some way of saving FARR htmlview window sizes -- it's annoying for the window to be too small to display these pages properly.

+10. It is quickly becoming apparent how powerful this html viewer is/will be and this type of functionality is definitely needed. I vote that the alias/plugin should have the ability to set the size of the window although just as the with all other plugins the user should be able to overide this setting. As you suggested earlier the ability to set the sizing for a specific url would be even better :D

If going down this path i would suggest some type of html options page where the user could save a specific regex url mask with the following options:

-window size & position
-keyboard focus
-pre-processing file (file/script to send html to which would in turn return html that would be displayed. greasemonkey style)
-post processing file (file/script to run after launching url)

More options could be added/removed as needed along with a set of default standards.

Maybe there should be an option in the dcupdater settings "Download development versions" or something to that effect. This way farr and all plugins could be up to date.

Great job with the new release!!! I think this html mode is a huge step forward. Donated :Thmbsup:

Find And Run Robot / Re: [Feature Request] HTTP POST request
« on: June 09, 2008, 09:29 PM »

perhaps what we need is a kind of greasemonkey-type scripting system plugin for rewriting pages to make the output very compact.

Great idea as mentioned in this previous thread http://www.donationc....msg115016#msg115016 8)

... it would be great if while you are maintaining a list of websites url regex patterns you could also specify an action/file/script to be launched to process the page before displaying it. This way you could strip out only the html you were interested in or add/change/format pages, greasemonkey style


Find And Run Robot / Re: Today is release day !!!
« on: June 09, 2008, 09:20 PM »
one idea i had was the ability to specify a list in an options tab of what pages/sites should load in internal browser by default, so all other aliases which open web pages would first be checked against that list and then loaded internally or externally as specified.

Excellent idea. As Nod5 mentioned browsing with farr is becoming increasingly addictive :D and the ability to have the window auto-size (or set by the plugin/alias) is an important functional step imo.

Second, found a bug in web-mode.

found the same problem as vitalyb but without changing mode, successive igo browsing also gives that error.
 (see attachment in previous post)

Also keep getting this on one of my machines. Have to restart farr to get html mode to work again.

Find And Run Robot / Re: Launch "ALL" items shortcut not working
« on: June 06, 2008, 11:59 PM »
Great! Speaking of new releases 8)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Multi-selecting in dropdown list
« on: June 06, 2008, 04:35 PM »

Also as mentioned here http://www.donationc...ex.php?topic=13389.0
please fix or let me know how to launch ALL results.

thx as always

Find And Run Robot / Re: Instant infos via aliases?
« on: June 04, 2008, 04:50 PM »
Oooh this definitely looks promising and seems to have a ton of features/expandability. My only concerns are speed and keyboard compatibility. From playing around with it it seems to make really good use of the keyboard so i dont think that should be an issue as long as the transfer from search box to results grid and back can be performed without using the mouse.  Regarding performance I guess the only way to find out how it performs is to test it out :D. I wouldnt imagine anyone using this for extremely large datasets and the performance figures you mentioned dont seem too bad.

If it turns out anything like your other plugins i cant wait :Thmbsup:

Find And Run Robot / Re: Instant infos via aliases?
« on: June 03, 2008, 12:15 PM »
I think it makes sense to start with a very basic textfile search capability first and then expand it if and when demand occurs.
Two rather non-complex systems could be:

1. comma separated data. Example:

tag1 data1 data2 data3
tag2 data4 data5 data6

When the user inputs "info tag1" FARR would output "data1 data2 data3" (or "data1 \n data2 \n data3")

Mousers example ("info phone hospital") in comparison adds one level of complexity. But how often is that needed? I suspect that it for much lookup usage is enough to output all the info related to a "first level tag" i.e. "info hospital" would display adress, phone number, email etc in FARR. Two drawbacks with the more complex example is that the user must memorize all the second level categorizes and must create all his/her new data in a very well formed and consistent way. I definitely prefer something less complex and less (human) memory hungry.

Also like this idea of getting a simple yet scalable info retrieval plugin out now and improving it as time allows instead of trying to create the ultimate plugin right from the get go and never getting it off the ground. The only thing i would add to the idea above would be to include some kind of optional meta data or options that farr could interpret for display/functional purposes that would be listed at the beginning of each file. Using the example above:

@type: csv
@displaymode: grid
@defaultsort: asc
@headers:name, number, address, phone

A great example for this functionality could be an address book feature which allowed you to search for a name and have it display all the relevant info (name, address, etc) in the upcoming grid mode. You could also then extend the features down the road to include files that are formatted differently (xml etc) as well as different display modes and support for additional meta data/options. I think as a first step support for csv files should be a primary goal as most info from popular apps (ms office) can be exported into this format. 

Either way cant wait to see what you come up with. Hopefully sooner rather than later  :D

i may have to make a little mini toolbar for the htmlview mode with options like "open in browser", refresh, etc.  and i guess an address bar too.

I'm not sure abot a mini-toolbar and address bar.

Why not just make it an option.

my ie7 does not have this, is that normal ??

interesting. Just checked and even though i never use ie if i right click on a link it has a "Open in new window" option. Might be part of some toolbar addon i added.

one thing i was thinking might be needed is an options page in FARR dedicated to the html view mode, and one thing it might include is a list of websites url regex patterns that FARR should open in it's internal window, vs. those it should open externally.

sound goods. i would only add that the default behavior should be to open in the internal browser. like nitrix-ud i plan to use this for a lot of quick searches and info gathering from within farr.

I know you dont want to over complicate this feature however it would be great if while you are maintaining a list of websites url regex patterns you could also specify an action/file/script to be launched to process the page before displaying it. This way you could strip out only the html you were interested in or add/change/format pages, greasemonkey style :Thmbsup:

about links i wonder what is the best strategy for new windows (target="_blank") and popups ?
i think it would be great to be able to open a link in your regular browser when you want it

say you google search within FARR, i'd like to see the results in FARR but then open an interesting link in my full blown browser...
maybe shift+enter AND middle mouse click are good choices

then what i'd like when i click on the link is see FARR closes automatically OR not Wink

i would imagine you should be able to do this as is by right clicking on the link and choosing "open in new window"

Also concerned about popups. Not sure how these would be handled but obv it would be great if there werent any  :D

thats what i figured. I think this is fairly important to the success of this plugin especially if the window steals focus from the search box when run. My vote would be to take over the esc key. cant remember the last time i had to stop loading a page which i believe it is used for.

Haha i agree although in all fairness you did put up an image displaying a regular website :D. What about the ability to traverse the plugin with the keyboard? Will you still be able to esc back to the  search box?

O M G  :o :o :o this looks sexy!!!

Flash support would be awesome for things like media playback and perhaps some quick gaming 8) also the ability to be able to navigate the plugin by using the keyboard similar to other plugins. i.e tab/esc moves focus between search field and html window. Alt left/right for back and fwd as well as pgup/pgdn and F5/refresh wouldnt hurt either.

Scanfs (file search, grep)

kartal curious why you use this over locate32, any features im missing out on by not using it? And more importantly is there a way to integrate results in to farr like with the locate32 plugin?

Find And Run Robot / Re: Instant infos via aliases?
« on: May 31, 2008, 05:04 PM »
my suggestion:
wait for the Information Reference plugin, and don't waste your time setting these aliases up manually.
I keep waiting for someone else to write this plugin idea which will basically let you search a specially formatted text file for notes and data by keyword or tag.

That someone wouldnt be you by any chance would it :D Seriously though a plugin such as this should be on the top 3 plugin todo list

For example say you had an alias called "go" that after you entered a keyword it would launch that website. So you type "go <donationcoder>" and the alias would simply wrap the keyword with www and .com. Now if you had a history for that alias as soon as you started typing "go don.." it would search your history and display donationcoder in the results box and than you would hit enter to launch the site. Pretty soon you would have all your most visited sites in the history!

i use a regex mask like so :
^(https?://)?(([0-9a-z_!~*'().&=+$%-]+: )?[0-9a-z_!~*'().&=+$%-][email protected])?(([0-9]{1,3}\.){3}[0-9]{1,3}|localhost|([0-9a-z_!~*'()-]+\.)*([0-9a-z][0-9a-z-]{0,61})?[0-9a-z]\.[a-z]{2,6})(:[0-9]{1,4})?((/?)|(/[0-9a-z_!~*'().;?:@&=+$,%#-]+)+/?)$

just type an url and it works like a charm  :up:

Already have an alias that does a similar thing although yours does look a little more impressive :). My point though was more about the history and not having to retype the same url/keyword over and over.

i think we need a different box because you don't want to add an extra step... and because we are not talking about history only...
and do not forget one alias may lead to many many results... not like most of the other launchers (launchy, dash, quicksilver, etc.)

Still not sure what you mean by this, which extra step?

Not sure why you wouldn't want to have the history show up in the results box. After all they are results, just ones you used in the past 8). I think adding another box just adds an extra level of complexity thats not really needed.

Also to be clear i think we might be talking about different things. Im suggesting a history that can be shared amongst different alias's or specifically for a single alias which is only displayed after that alias has been activated and not a kind of autocomplete feature that functions on farr's root level.

-For example say you had an alias called "go" that after you entered a keyword it would launch that website. So you type "go <donationcoder>" and the alias would simply wrap the keyword with www and .com. Now if you had a history for that alias as soon as you started typing "go don.." it would search your history and display donationcoder in the results box and than you would hit enter to launch the site. Pretty soon you would have all your most visited sites in the history!

-Another example of using a shared history is say you're interested in purchasing "product x". You search google for reviews on the product by doing your  normal "google <product x>". Now that keyword is entered into a shared history called "search history" which is specified in the alias/plugin settings. You now decide you want to buy this item and subsequently search amazon and ebay for it however you already have "product x" in your history making it a lot easier/quicker to search for it especially if it has some long convoluted product name which most do :D. Same thing applies to searches for movie reviews than locations it is playing etc....

You could also distinguish history items with a unique icon so you could tell at a glance which is a previous history result.

There are so many times while using farr that i think how cool it would be if you could build a sentence by stringing multiple arguments together.

Are you suggesting that we could define FARR "macros" (for want of a better word), where the command and various arguments could be defined, eg

command copy;move;shortcut @E @E

where "command" is the name of the alias (is that the right word), "copy;move;shortcut" are three options that can be selected/typed in for the first argument and the two @E's are type-ins for the second and third arguments (that will have their own histories to select from)???

Hmmm: that sounds awesomely powerful!!
-Perry Mowbray (May 27, 2008, 09:20 AM)

Exactly! There is another launcher called Dash which did this very well although it seems to have died off as of late.

but however i'm wondering if FARR should not have other boxes in addition to the search box maybe two more, an argument box and one for FARR specific modifiers
it would nicely separate the strings, would make it intuitive to shift+tab to go back, etc... i would imagine them one on top of the other... (so that resizing would not be an issue, and it gives more room...)
they could also be hidden (optionally) for rookie use...

Sounds like a familiar mac app i have heard of :D. My only issue with this approach is that it potentially limits you to 3 actions. Whereas if you look at the app i mentioned above you could have many more steps to use when "building a sentence/macro". It also has a very clever way of handling this as well as providing feedback to the user as to which step they are currently at.

Some potential workflows could be (-> represents a tab):
Email->email address->subject->body<enter> 
Possibilities are endless.....

This way it is up to the alias/plugin to determine the number of steps needed/required. It is this intelligence that i wish farr had and i keep asking Mouser for  :D

Pleeeeeeeeeease also add the functionality to keep a per alias/plugin history that can be searched against when using that alias. Right now for example if you have a youtube alias and type "youtube search term" it simply displays the youtube url in the results box adding the search term to the url as you type it. This really serves a limited purpose imo and would be better served by displaying a searchable list of entries that you have previously entered using this or any other similar alias's. In addition to this it would be very powerful to also display google suggestions for the search term among the history list.

Btw i figure the more i keep asking the more likely it is to be implemented :D

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