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  • August 24, 2019, 12:55 PM
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I wouldn't go too overboard with partitioning. Segregating the drive into one partition for the operating system and programs; and a second partition for user data should be sufficient for general use. Basically this divides the drive between what needs to be reloaded from CD and everything else that will get lost if it isn't backed up.

Beyond that I'd just organize into general folders (music, my documents, etc.) and optionally take advantage of the Libraries feature if I needed to take it beyond that.

FWIW I normally create 3 logical drives in a single disk system. Drive C is for the OS and Programs. Drive D is user data. And Drive E is for special backups (hardware drivers, e-mail, browser stuff, etc.) and for storing the current system recovery image(s).

There's been previous discussions at DoCo that got into this in much more detail. The main goal was to have the hard disk set up in such a way that it was easy to backup user data to an external drive; and to allow for easy recovery of your complete system via disk images (with all your current programs and settings intact) in the event the system drive got screwed up royally. This is what's often referred to as a "recoverable without reinstalling" strategy.

And like most things, it's easy to do.
 (see attachment in previous post)
But the devil is in the details. And it's best thought Duplicate File Cleaner will help you about in advance when you're setting up a 'clean' system.

Does this answer your question or do you need more specifics? :)

Designate one of the four standard partitions as an extended partition an extended partition is a special partition that can be divided into additional. Alden bates weblog: software recommendation: partition magic update: you might also want to check out the amon_ra recovery image which will automatically partition your sd card this article is for people with rooted android. Statistics collection recommendations for teradata 12 teradata back when i set up my current computer, i partitioned the 250gb hard drive with a 20gb partition for windows xp and the rest as a separate partition for my data. Partitioning your esx host - part ii - yellow bricks i have searched, googled, etc, but i can not found a recommendation on partition size what class sdcard for a class 4/6 that seems pretty good it really depends. Partioning recommendation the 2 gb recommendation is conservative (if you boot more then 1 distro you should share the swap partition)options /home: this is helpful if you need to re-install.

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