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Not exactly very noob friendly and you can't add items to startup with it but, a very good program none the less.
So a little bit off topic, but hope you guys (and gals) don't mind.


Autoruns has some great features including the ability to hide all Microsoft verified entry's.

fSekrit / Re: Idiotic Antivirus
« on: May 05, 2007, 09:22 AM »
Send the file into Aviria as a fake positive

Ok, this script is taken from SDL dot net runtime installer it has the code to detect if .net 2.0 is installed or not.

I have a NSIS function to detect if .net 2.0 is installed or not.
I'll post the code tomorrow when I find it.

Mars Project Stage 1 - v1.0.61230.15 - December 30th 2006
  • First public release
  • Basic chat server for the Ares Galaxy P2P chat network

What is Mars Project
Mars Project is a long term project, to be a replacement for the Ares Galaxy P2P network focusing on chat instead of file sharing.
It is being developed in multiple stages, so far only a few stages have been planned out.
Each stage will be fully usable.

Stage 1
Stage 1 is an Ares Galaxy compatible chat server, it works with the Ares Galaxy official client.

Stage 2
Stage 2 is separated into 2 sub stages. Stage 2a will be a custom Mars Server which will NOT be compatible with the official
Ares Galaxy client, but instead will use it's own client.  Stage 2b will be the custom client which will be compatible with the official
Ares Galaxy server, and also be a client for Stage 2a.

Plans on the stages for the file sharing part of Mars Project hasn't been made yet.

For more information please visit

Notes on Installing
  • Dot Net framework v2.0 is required
  • Plugins go in the "Plugins" folder in the installation directory

Screen Shots
Main program

Default admin plugin

I use a notebook to map out my ideas for the program, and how objects in my program will interact with each other. (going to build a white board so i can easily change my ideas and stuff without wasting paper)

Also when i need to think I pace around my room.

Seems a bit unfair to lump Windows Firewall in the list since it doesn't even pretend to block outgoing traffic !

The new windows firewall in Vista does have the ability to block outgoing traffic.

Living Room / Re: Best Freeware FTP client?
« on: December 04, 2006, 11:13 AM »
FileZilla all the way, I use both the client and the server :)

I'll try to participate I'm currently forming a small team to help me actually get my program into a public beta testing stage by then.

Actually you would be surprised how easy it is to forget it when working with multiple processes.

IMHO he should make the orbitnet.exe as a windows service also then have the user have the option to keep it running in the background as a service or if they don't want it as a service then have it run like it does but make sure it closes when they close the main program.

So far the only thing I see in it that COULD be "something" is a string reference to

Upon further review of it appears that an anti-virus corporation acquired it.

Living Room / Re: Show us your (physical) desktop
« on: September 17, 2006, 01:57 AM »
Here is my first post and my desktop:

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