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26876  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Learning CHS on: November 28, 2005, 04:03:06 AM
i really need to update the help files for all of the programs, it's long overdue.

1) storing images+richtext: is coming soon (as an option) but it currently only copies plaintext.

2) count characters: specify the hotkey for it in options and then (when main window is minimized <- important), just select some text and hit the spell hotkey and it will report the character count in the system tray.  maybe i should add an option to auto-show it on capture?

3) restablish clipboard periodically: all tools which automatically capture clipboard can get interfered with by other programs that dont behave well, and lose their connection to the clipboard sometimes, and then they fail to capture until you "re-establish" the connection.  this option auto re-established occassionally so this doesn't happen.

4) quick note add: not fully implemented yet - is meant to be a small window popup where you can type a note to store in some group; right now just bring up main window and hit + button, it does the same thing.

5) spell windows object: idea is to add spelling inside other programs.  again it works by specifying a hotkey, and then triggering that hotkey from the progam.  unfortunately does not currently work inside internet explorer.  test it in notepad for an example of how it works.

i'll try to update the help files soon.
26877  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: CHS gets a mention at Lockergnome.com on: November 28, 2005, 03:54:57 AM
cool smiley
thanks lanux.

chs still has some rough edges and has a lot more stuff that needs to be added, but it's getting there.
26878  News and Reviews / Official Announcements / Re: Name and Catchphrase for New DC Logo Mascot - PART 2 on: November 28, 2005, 03:53:01 AM
carol i tried it right away and found it hypnotizing (and said so).
very cool and like i said at the time, the bending rubber wood effect really is hypnotizing.
26879  News and Reviews / Best Firewall / Re: agnitum outpost v3 - the horror? on: November 28, 2005, 03:51:44 AM
according to the reply, and my further use, it seems to be a bug, and it seems like it's now back to normal.
however i recently had some trouble listening to some real media streams and it was caused by the new outpost v3.
if i had it to do all over again i probably would have stayed with version 2 for longer, v3 still seems a bit flakey to me.
26880  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Bug Issue v1.05.02 on: November 27, 2005, 03:05:07 PM
the program starts up minimized for me fine and i also use windows xp.  the fact that those checkboxes are not checked are the biggest surprise for me.  maybe you wouldnt mind trying to change a lot of options and restarting it and seeing if it resets all of the settings.

also would be very useful to hear if you exit and restart before rebooting and see if the start minimized stuff works then.
26881  DonationCoder.com Software / Finished Programs / Re: idea: give a driveltter a name say E DVD-writer on: November 27, 2005, 02:42:37 PM
can this even be done?
26882  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Bug Issue v1.05.02 on: November 27, 2005, 02:41:34 PM
if you don't mind i'd rather you not find a fix smiley
more important for me to figure out what is causing this strange behavior.

question: are any of the options in the options dialog set to what you set them to, or do they all get reset when it starts up this way?

what operating system do you have, winxp win2k, 98, me?
26883  News and Reviews / Best Dialog Extender / Re: Opinions wanted on: November 27, 2005, 02:20:30 PM
dm2 doesnt seem to expand size of open/save dialogs nor change them into details mode.
26884  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Bug: Error MSGs on v1.04.16 startup on: November 27, 2005, 12:13:12 PM
i tried hard to reproduce this and could not.  but i did try a different change, maybe it will help?

exit program from tray and copy this new exe over the old.
26885  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Bug Issue v1.05.02 on: November 27, 2005, 12:09:36 PM
can you try this version. it's just a new exe - exit from tray and replace old exe with this one.

if you would prefer a full installer i can upload that instead.
26886  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Bug Issue v1.05.02 on: November 27, 2005, 11:44:28 AM
what operating system do you run?

other than the start with windows and start minimized, does the program otherwise appear to be working ok when it starts with windows this way?
26887  DonationCoder.com Software / Clipboard Help+Spell / Re: Bug Issue v1.05.02 on: November 27, 2005, 11:16:50 AM
someone else reported this problem also, though your clues are more detailed and intriguing.
someone suggested earlier that it might be due to the use of an alternative startup program.. do you have some special tool you are using to run programs on startup of computer?

with your clues im going to search and see if i can find what it might be.. the fact that the checkboxes are unchecking is a very good clue and may be all i need to fix the problem.. ill report later today.
26888  News and Reviews / Best Dialog Extender / Re: Opinions wanted on: November 27, 2005, 06:33:15 AM
dm2 has great promise but it is lacking some key features for this review
(though it has tons of extra features as you say that others dont).
26889  News and Reviews / Best Dialog Extender / Opinions wanted on: November 27, 2005, 06:09:12 AM
as i finish up the review i'd really appreciate any opinions people might have on these tools.


come on guys/gals, help me out by installing the trial versions and letting me know you opinion on which is best and why.
26890  Special User Sections / Activation/License/Language Help / Re: Question,Please come in,Thanks. on: November 27, 2005, 12:41:34 AM
the sites i pasted use standard port, so you can just ignore that.
just try efnet servers until you find one that lets you connect. you should not have to enter any port information.
26891  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Unknown service (can't find relevant info on the web) on: November 26, 2005, 10:28:52 PM
yes but carol's experience shows the danger of just reflexively "cleaning the machine" -
because in deleting the file she also deleted her hope of determining for sure if she did in fact have a trojan, and perhaps figuring out how.

i say treat a possible infection as if it was an indication of a security problem - your first goal should not be to remove it and destroy any clues.  your first goal should be identify the cause of your problem and how it got in, then proceed to cleaning.
26892  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / 18 Tricks to Teach Your Body - cool on: November 26, 2005, 10:14:46 PM

[from boingboing]
26893  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / singing text web page on: November 26, 2005, 09:53:23 PM
ok i've tried this and it's pretty damn cool.
you type in some text and it uses snippets of songs to sing it:


[found from boing boing]
26894  Other Software / Found Deals and Discounts / 50% discount on ExtraLab's RSS creation tool in november on: November 26, 2005, 09:41:25 PM
zaine's most recent blog (http://www.anova.org/blog/) says this:
"ExtraLabs' Feed Editor is the best RSS creation tool around right now, with gads of options and customization galore. They're running a 50% off sale all during November. Go get it and for the fun of it, tell them Zaine recommended you!"

26895  Main Area and Open Discussion / Living Room / Re: Unknown service (can't find relevant info on the web) on: November 26, 2005, 09:40:37 PM
does anyone know of  a good webpage about "what to do AFTER you find a virus/trojan on your computer" ?

i've been lucky enough not to find myself in this position, but if i ever found a trojan or virus on my computer i would consider the system compromised and do a very thorough check of everything.

i would assume that any trojan found was not the only one present and would consider it important to figure out exactly how it got on my machine; if i couldn't trace back the origin and convince myself that there were no more present i would strongly lean towards restoring the machines to a known good backup.

yet another reason and reminder to do monthly drive image backups.
26896  News and Reviews / Official Announcements / Re: Due to Popular Demand, November Software Giveaway Drawing Extended to Nov. 30 on: November 26, 2005, 02:01:07 PM
by the way you can find pointers to the different programs and our past reviews here:


definitely worth perusing.
26897  DonationCoder.com Software / Unfinished Requests / Re: IDEA - Folder history on: November 26, 2005, 12:26:27 PM
make sure you read this; part 2 is due out monday:
26898  News and Reviews / Official Announcements / Re: Name and Catchphrase for New DC Logo Mascot - PART 2 on: November 26, 2005, 10:56:20 AM
still need some more good catchphrases, nothing seems to have stuck..
26899  DonationCoder.com Software / Post New Requests Here / Re: IDEA - a simple way to batch rearrange blocks of text within filenames on: November 26, 2005, 09:55:18 AM
it's not an add question -
i think skrommel is so used to using "AutoHotkey" that he forgets that most of the world has never heard of it.

all of skrommel's utilities are written in a very cool free scripting language system called AutoHotkey:

it's definitely worth installing since you'll probably be seeing more scripts from skrommel you like smiley

most of the time skrommel adds tools to his page but sometimes if its short like this one he just pastes it in a reply.

so you would copy and paste his code and save it as a file with a .ahk extension, and then after you install AutoHotkey you can run it (or compile it into an exe using autohotkey tool).

while i'm here i have a question for skrommel:

1) can we drag and drop files onto this autohotkey script from explorer to have them renamed?
2) if we compile the script can we do this?
3) in your line setting the separator, would there be a way to specify a SPACE character as a separator?
26900  DonationCoder.com Software / ProcessTamer / Re: Install trouble on NT on: November 26, 2005, 09:10:14 AM
but i'd still like to know a bit more about the error so i can figure out what might be causing it.
can you tell me if it happens after you get the first page of the installer screen (with a Next button), or if it happens even before that.
did you see the initial messagebox saying it was about to run the installer?
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