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I have deleted all my history items and it seems related to it... it had a low score on the history to start with...

When launching a new item it will be stored in the history and the "Score file Bonus (Adds weight to previously launched items)" will set / increase score.
But If I keep doing the same, that score is not changed....

Is there a way to keep increasing the score every time a result is launched?


Thank you all for comments and help :)

Current settings, searching "Mus" eventully scores 2724, then I click enter and the folder C:\MyFolder\Media\Music is launched in Windows Explorer!!

An intriguing thing is, If I then call FARR again, even without typing anything, I see that "Music" item is ready alredy on the list on top place but only with score 1000!!!!!!!!! And if I then start type "Mus" for a few instants that FARR redraws and that folder gets 645 points that will reach the 2724 seconds after...

My current settings:

Screenshot - 2014-07-24 , 01_56_38.png

Under search folders:
   Removing "C:\MyFolder\Media" (score 800) --> will get score 639

Under Heuristic Scoring rules:
   Without "Left most Match Bonus (250) --> will get score 2700
   Without "History File Bonus (adds weight to previously launched items) (1000) --> will get score 2724 (Same!!)
   Without "History File Bonus Max Autoceiling (Grouw to this) (510) --> will get score 2724 (Same!!)
   Without "Folder Score as % os file score [<100 ranks files above folder](300) --> will get score 908

I guess that revision of scoring from the history would be really benefitial!!

Most of the files I want to launch were already lauched in the past!!

So during the scoring process is a bit annoying/slow to have files/folders on top that I have never even launched and having to wait for the files that have been launched in the past to head up to top after a while!! :)

Have a great day,

Hi Mouse,

Thank you so much for looking into this.

That folder is in the Launch History with a score of only "100" and then "Heuristic File Bonus" adds 1000 and eventualy it reaches over 2000.
(but not sure if folders work a little diferently in FARR than files...)

Let me give this a little thought -- it would seem like scoring something initially from the launch history should give it its highest score right away, so that it would never go up in score later on..

Yes, for me scoring from the history should always be going on top!! I guess that would do the trick :) Not sure if adding a historical table with recently "combined scores" would help!

Have a great day,


When I start typing a name of a folder (eg: Mus  - for Music!!)  then many related folders show up, and the one I really want goes to top with over 2000 points!!!

That is really what I want, but the problem is that when I start typing, "Mus" I can see that other items are being populated and re-scored at a latter time, and even the correct Music one is being populated with less than 1000points.

This means that I cannot just type "Mus"+Enter because during those initial seconds it still did not reach those 2000points and the folder I really want is not the first one on the list!! So I have to slow down, wait and read before clicking Enter which is a bit slower and also sometimes I end up triggering other folders/files because in the instant I clicked enter the results have changed.

This might be the way FARR is adding score based on each rule... It would be ok that when FARR would find a higher pointed item on the list to redraw it, but in this situation the item is being presented with lower points than what it will have some seconds after... hopefully there is a way to present the item only when all the rules have scored the item or maybe have a historical table with recently "combined scores"

It would be much faster to just type a few letters and click enter and not end up triggering other items because of laggines of update final score, at the end this was a recently used item that I know it will end up in top position and I just want to quickly relaunch it without having read and wait for it to be on top position to click enter!


Find And Run Robot / Re: Folder score
« on: July 11, 2014, 06:33 PM »
Greaattt, thanks :)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Folder score
« on: July 11, 2014, 09:46 AM »

Wasn't there an option to score up folders in general?


Find And Run Robot / Folder score
« on: July 08, 2014, 12:10 PM »

When I search for some folder (getting score like 200) and thereafter click "Add scoring rule for this item" and type score 1000, then, next time I search for that folder I still get the previous score of 200... (If I then right click and do the same, I can see the 1000 is stored but somehow not working)

Any suggestions? :)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Network Files in History?
« on: July 03, 2014, 11:19 AM »
Hmm, interesting! I had experienced the same!
Would be nice to have option to keep those network historic items populated but not resolved so it would not slow down the search :)

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR V3 Discussion
« on: May 10, 2014, 02:07 PM »
uhuhuhuhhhhuuuuhhh!!  :D  :D  :D

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR V3 Discussion
« on: May 03, 2014, 06:54 PM »
Added new items to my selection of nice to have features!

"09 - Bring FARR to front when relaunching FARR"

FARR is greeaaaat, take it to even higher standard!! 8)

Hi Mouser,

Have tested the scroll windows capturing for the first time.
It worked really good and fast in auto mode. (Quite complex the menu but just accepted default settings and SSC did everything!!) So then I tried with the manual mode, pretty straight forward instructions and same result achieved. Well done!


Greaaatttt :D Well done!

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR V3 Discussion
« on: March 19, 2014, 09:46 PM »
Edited my selection of nice to have features :)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Latest FARR Release v2.213.01 - Nov 29, 2013
« on: November 29, 2013, 01:44 PM »
Iaaahhh!!! nicee, keep it up:D

Nice, thanks for the update :)

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR V3 Discussion
« on: November 19, 2013, 11:45 AM »
ability to search settings page

Seems a nice one, will add on my wishlist as well!! :)

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR V3 Discussion
« on: November 17, 2013, 06:23 PM »
FARR v3, which I am strongly considering doing for NANY

Allriiighhttt    :D :D :D

As for Chrome Bookmarks I find it really interesting to have those results merged with the file search, I did not know plugin's could't be directly merged with file search... anyways, the plug in option is still interesting!

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR V3 Discussion
« on: November 17, 2013, 08:43 AM »
5. Read/launch Chrome Bookmarks (Chrome Portable version)
-Filipe Meira Castro (November 05, 2013, 02:08 PM)
Good idea Nod5 :)
As a workaround I am creating each bookmark as a file and not using Chrome builtin bookmarks system!!

Find And Run Robot / Re: FARR V3 Discussion
« on: November 05, 2013, 02:08 PM »

FARR is more than really, really great and I agree it can be even better with upgrades like those in place.

For me I would prioritize as:
01. Launch file, Keep FARR opened and Continue searching! - "ctrl+dbl click" launches the file and keeps FARR opened but it should also keep populating results! (not all results are populated instantaneously)
02. Content Search - search for text inside .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt!
03. Ignore "accents" - add functionality to search accented and not accented files at once (search for "dinamico" and return both "dinĂ¢mico.doc" and "dinamico.txt") - it's quite unpredicted when filenames have accents or not and therefore easy to miss a search.
04. Fuzzy search - so that it may find results that are mistyped.
05. Multithread all searching - to eliminate the occasional delays people experience during searching [from Mouser]
06. Launch file and keep FARR opened but avoid safe-mode - "ctrl+dbl click" is opening apps like word and adobe pdf in safe mode - the shortcut could be changed for "shift+dbl click" or middle mouse button
07. Drag and Drop from desktop into FARR search folder - Drag and drop a file from the desktop into a FARR folder, that is shown on FARR search results, could copy/move the file into that folder (right mouse button drag and drop could open context menu - same as between normal windows folders!)
08. Drag and Drop from FARR into desktop with right click - Drag and drop a file from FARR into the desktop with right mouse button should have the same type of functionality as between windows folders (showing context menu).
09. Rename functionality - "Right click\Shell Context Menu\Rename" does not work! Add rename possibility to FARR!
10. Improved Right Click Context menu - add option to combine "ShellContext Menu" with "FARRContext Menu" - or "ShellContext" submenu could open with mouse-over (same as the "Add to Group Alias" submenu)
11. Indexing - always handy to have a faster system and be able to avoid being so picky with the amount of configured search folders!
12. Costume filetype launcher - option to override Windows settings and to use a costume application to launch files (by use of relative path)
13. Cross-platform - add macOS and Linux support!
14. Allow FARR searching while options window is open - This makes testing easier [from Nod5]
15. Ability to search settings page - "unreal commander" has this in a nice way, maybe something similar in FARR!
16. Ability to identify from which rules / points does an item has - Eg: 50 points for being in folder_x, + 30 points for being in the history, etc...
17. Bring FARR to front when relaunching FARR - Bring FARR to front and avoid message "Only one copy of FARR at the same time" - same as with your SSC app.
18. Toolbar shortcut items with costume icon - add option to select a specific icon instead of using the builtin .exe icon - could be handy to assign an icon to batch file as well!.
19. Double hotkey to start FARR - start FARR hitting twice a hotkey like ctrl, shift or space

01. Toolbar shortcut items with relative path are not showing the icon - "..\Winamp Lite\winamp.exe" launches winamp but it does not show the winamp.exe icon while "c:\sw\Winamp Lite\winamp.exe" does! (it does show relative path icons if FARR is restarted but it will remove them again when clicking "Configure Toolbar" and "OK")
02. Include shortcut text on context menu items - the text "Launch and stay open" should be renamed to "Launch and stay open [CTRL dbl Clk]"

Have a great day

Would be really nice to have that setting when right clicking on the systray icon ;)

Find And Run Robot / Re: Launch, stay open and continue searching
« on: August 27, 2013, 10:38 AM »
Yes, seems like, Have tested with ALT# and works but ALT Click then it does not!

Great, thanks for the update  :D

Find And Run Robot / Re: Launch, stay open and continue searching
« on: August 23, 2013, 05:28 PM »

Thank you for your comments :)
The Alt key is not keeping FARR opened even it is on the settings...
Screenshot - 2013-08-24 , 00_26_07.png


Find And Run Robot / Re: Launch, stay open and continue searching
« on: August 18, 2013, 12:06 PM »
Hi, Hi,

Hopefully you are managing a way on this :)

There is a small annoyance on this Ctrl dbl click because some applications will also detect the CTRL key for other purposes... ex: if I am launching a .docx word will prompt to open in safe mode, and if launching a .pdf acrobat will prompt for default language...

Maybe would be nice to include a checkbox near the search bar for this, for example... or have a different combination of keys maybe shift key will not interfere as much...

Keep FARR on great standard, it's an awesome app :)

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