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General Software Discussion / Re: The software awards scam
« on: January 19, 2011, 03:55 AM »
Yes they rotate but the big one is not always a Google add. Is a toolbar based on Conduit and we can bet it has loads of funny affiliate links implemented. Why domain is blocked at some security services already. This could easily be on Softpedia or where ever, probably is.

Site Admin is responsible for content on site, including signing up for ad-sense or whatever. The most common but worst excuse ever is to ignore that.

Anyway, if big sites can do it why not the small http://www.readwrite...s_a_bing_affilia.php

Now I see it again you are correct, the big dl sign is also from Google. How was it with Google rules for painting a page with Google Ads? Well, makes link to RWW even better since Google are crying over Bing/FB for doing the same, turning blind eye to content of ads.

General Software Discussion / Re: The software awards scam
« on: January 19, 2011, 03:13 AM »
At some point you also have to fight the power. "Download Now" position trickery is probably also beneficial to someone = it is cool. If you are good at making malware that is good for bank account as well = it is cool. Softpedia is a shop in disguise and I don't believe anyone is forced to deal with them or others who care even less of content. Since I have nothing to sell I find it easy to say problem is lack of imagination and laziness on developers part.

The least they could do was to shut up about being so careful with selection of software, testing and evaluating with users expectations of "clean" downloads in mind. They will pimp and sell whatever, end of story. Softpedia made a big story out of black listing Comodo Software, today they are not black listed and article with their arguments is now deleted from site. How they roll. Even when they attempt to clean up the mess that is software market they cant help them self and must scream as loudly as possible. They don't lift a finger without estimating clicks so cool if SEO-software tricks them ;)

Download now, Download here or just Download is an old trick, you see it on many sites with incompetent or do-not-care site admins. Here is an example or several on same page.

General Software Discussion / Re: The software awards scam
« on: January 18, 2011, 03:45 AM »
And they will take advantage of practically hidden use of affiliate deals via Buy buttons. I am sure most sites will have a note about their share of the cake, hosting/pimping in exchange for $$$, but rarely transparent and clear to users with plastic cards ready. Sites are shady as any other site not being upfront about such arrangements. Nothing wrong about affiliate deals, sharing is caring after all ;)

I don't think Softpedia is any worse than others though. I find them all crappy but especially dislike those who pretend to do "handpicking based on real testing" and/or focusing on "safety" with icons and all. That is BS.

Sites like Bitsdujour also have loads of crap but user should know what the deal is. They are in bed with products for better and worse, whole site is focused on that. You know what you get, you are in a shop. Much less clear when racing around on Softpedia, Cnet etc.

Ad-Aware is doing fine, according to PC-Mag,2817,2375637,00.asp and them self http://www.lavasoft...._free.php?t=overview

So they got caught but not really that much difference to inventing new buzzwords for feature list no one understands. Or doing creative and selective work with "tests" and "reviews". Security companies and related media cannot be trusted :)

Living Room / Re: I need advice: which laptop to buy?
« on: January 17, 2011, 09:22 AM »
You could look up models at Notebookcheck one of the better review sites for mini computers.

And then check even more at Notebookreview users know best.

All brands have made and do make crappy models so don't exclude whatever because of 2 year old stories - or the opposite.

When looking at reviews and perhaps ordering on that basis be careful with specs. Same model can have different spec for cpu, hd, battery, video card and whatever is in there. What you buy will only look similar to the one you read about as it is a variant with same or almost same model number. Go by unique manufacturer number to be sure. Shops should list that.

Living Room / Re: What Do You Think About ANONYMOUS?
« on: January 16, 2011, 02:10 AM »
Disturbing the peace as in annoying whatever comfortable status quo can be a good thing.

What they are doing is not always legal so not sticking head up is probably a very healthy decision. Authorities do not accept this way of fighting so there are no fight! They are terrorists or underground freedom fighters. They don't even have a cause to build any revolution on, a bit of a manifesto but where is the next battlefield? next connection between their ideas and whatever target will be?  Much seem undefined and random, they don't seem very revolutionary to me.

I cant see how they can feed a virtual attack force by setting up a few sites. If they use those sites for anything it is probably to select those with useful skills or other attributes they can use. I am sure there is a "they" but speculation of course. If any idiot could be part of exiting/illegal events not much would be secret or anonymous for long. I don't expect cyber police to be so dumb they cannot hunt down stupid. So I think they are well organized, will put money on few members with access to resources rather than a little army of 4chan tossers.

It is an almost generic BlueCoat message - obey warning and blah blah. "INTERNET USAGE IS ROUTINELY MONITORED AND LOGGED." is to scare further attempts and K9 actually does log everything, every connection not just blocked sites! Only Admin can see log so something to remember if whoever ask what computer is used for. Log feature cannot be disabled. This is part of "coaching", does not mean there are deeper local thoughts behind it, basis is still same filtering databases everyone else uses. If local powers are interested in spying/total control they will not only use K9 but stuff like Spector 360 May be they do already. K9 not without tricks though Speed Bump is typical IT evilness, heh.

Should be fixed now.

That and X gb of iso downloads ;) New version now also burns cd/dvds but tool is updated frequently because not everything works perfectly. Latest beta is most likely best choice. He has a forum at Reboot so easy to spot bugs and get in contact with I see there is a problem with Avira cd right now, how it is but he fix problems.

Ubuntu probably works fine on most computers. Same cannot be said for AV boot isos so having more than 1, preferably all of them, is not silly. I am not even sure all work via usb drive, Dr. Web does today but up until recently it did not - or Sardu could not handle it. Bitdefenders is build on Knoppix so that is kind of a guarantee for hw support while others seem experimental and home made ;) Best to just grab them all and see what works.

Correction. Usually K9 react to changes in real time so when a new category is added that is in effect. Not so in this case or site is still blocked by K9/Bluecoat.

I have disputed though :) I suggest others do the same here http://www1.k9webpro...rt/check-site-rating After check there is option to complain, ask for review, add comments about why they are wrong. Software/Downloads is probably a better category than computers/internet but site can have more than 1.

Also very difficult to infect a healthy Windows but Sardu has these Linux ideas covered, go crazy. When I have had actual need for a multi-bootable monster, cd or usb based, I have typically not been prepared because it is painful to keep updated. So now I pimp Sardu (and Ketarin) at every occasion - also that way I don't forget ;)

UrlVoid say all clean so could be worse.

Neither me or my browsers are scared to visit any site but if you by "modified programs" and shady sites refer to warez, cracks stuff you should assume outcome is horrible for Windows - act accordingly to that doomsday/"highly not recommended" approach. Does not mean all such programs do not work, are harmful but that it is what you should expect. From my investigations I would say that porn sites are very safe in comparison :)

Have no clue but if interested in alternatives you could contact PrevX. They seem to be very friendly towards business users, from reading on their forum http://www.wildersse...rumdisplay.php?f=105 You can probably get a test run for free. Has almost nothing to do wtih Kaspersky or Symantec, not any other AV actually ;)

Note that they have been bought by Webroot but of course every consumer will benefit and all that. They are also close to releasing a new version = may be not the best time to sign up. A bit pricy but different and because the way it works there is no lighter solution. I have tried full version on local desktop and it is great once you accept it, heh. One thing to be aware of is the cloud based detection which CAN be very annoying. If you install something that is unknown installation time can increase with 1-2 minutes. Besides that it is not likely to bother you, kind of the point with PrevX.

But check that forum, here is one of the relevant posts http://www.wildersse...p;highlight=business

When I tell K9 to block all categories including "Suspicious" I still have access so either they fixed FP or K9 have different protection schemes for their business products.

That would be Bluecoat which I also use, K9 is popular name http://forums.blueco...p;t=7577&p=24651 I just googled msg.

Suspicious category:
Sites considered to have suspicious content and/or intent. This categorization is determined by analysis of web reputation factors. If a site is determined to be clearly malicious or benign, it will be placed in a different category.

Should that happen it will be comforting to know that all sensitive info is not in readable format but encrypted by ? Locking down info should be part of security "suite" ?

I do have a license to Ad Muncher but not used it since long. Pricing is not difficult to figure out - it is expensive, overpriced per computer deal Considering they have done a Roboform action, without too much public blame, and does not yet support GZip I feel like complaining a little ;) I just read that right now he "think" Gzip will be supported within 1 year. In August 2005 he said "The gzip engine is actually done, we just have to integrate it into the code the base of Ad Muncher." I can think of some other areas where Ad Muncher is easily a "winner" ;)

Oh yeah forgot about the only firewall anyone can use, Windows 7 firewall control which also works on Vista and now apparently also XP Free version has some limitations like it does not protect or monitor system files but if that is a realistic worry there are other problems than finding a firewall which does include everything. Checks and inform about application activity or what most are interested in. Windows Firewall can also do that but painful to set up. Should be perfect for MSE users if that means less is better and no desire getting to know strange buzzwords and interfaces.

Pro version on the other hand is not for everyone from what I can tell. Complicated or advanced ;)

I would add dns-services like Norton, DynDns and ClearCloud. Also K9 which is a proxy type of software but a more than boring parental control. Opposite http filters from AVs there is little to no overhead and they work. DynDns and K9 has white list feature, FPs do occur so I consider that a must-have. These services must not be mistaken for Google Dns, Opendns since they ignore malware/spyware/virus stuff or charge heavily for it.

Only screwed up routing is good reason for not using any of these. Need one anyway so might as well use one with added features. Not really possible to mess up also counts. Dns benchmarks will probably show ISP dns is faster but in real life computing I doubt difference is noticeable. Dns lookups are cached in Windows, in browsers, in some routers as well.

K9: http://www1.k9webpro.../protect-my-children (Children/school part can be ignored)

Too lazy to test but right now I have a problem with this forum which I think has to do with K9. When posting it says "Bad Request. Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand." or something - but post is accepted. But nothing is perfect and I am on beta-program ;) Only problem I have noticed. They have active support, forums and what not. I just have not bothered checking this issue out.

Those who like WOT will say why not WOT then? I don't think it belongs in same category since it is only a browser plugin where the others are system wide.

If preparing for war or going to visit family members! use Sardu and Ketarin for auto-burning, auto-updating of whatever tool you can find. Take time to set up though. List of portable/on-demand system diagnostics, removal tool is very long. Even Norton now has Norton Power Eraser http://security.syma...rt/npe.asp?lcid=1033 If you also want to deal with what to do when security setup does not work so well any more these 2 are useful.

Btw, if any certified security freak see you list ComboFix as a tool to use by every random person good luck getting away with that ;) If you open up combofix.exe in 7zip or similar you will see it consist of Nirsoft tools, gigantic batchfiles, registry this and that. Basically 1 monster script you run. So when author tells combofix to delete a system file required for boot it will be done - has happened before... Most features are not documented since only to be used by "experts" on removal forums, the scripting part which take place after reading log-file. All that nobody have a clue about and why it is considered risky to recommend. I understand concerns but ask my self then why the hell put up a how-to guide! Very strange but potentially a Windows killer. Risk level can be compared to running Registry Cleaner - or something of that nature. Another thing is I don't think it supports 64bit Windows? Should be mandatory to get on any list in 2011?

Take a look at OTL for real documentation for how-to script and log stuff http://www.geekstogo...use-oldtimer-listit/ If uninteresting that could hint ComboFix should not be used.

Living Room / Re: R.I.P. MySpace
« on: January 12, 2011, 08:40 AM »
They have also been used for a CDN by website admins here and there. Typically those with cheap hosts. You could hotlink/embed MySpace pics. Don't know if they stopped that last few years but hints about their level of interest/competence regarding security and stuff. People lose respect for sites like that, technical aware laugh. Those in charge probably got too much money too fast and have been drunk and high ever since :)

True about many good bands popping up there but not really difficult to find alternatives or set up own site. Not a major loss for alternative music business.

Yep, but you see the problem with Google doing lots of good via malware blocking services via browsers and helping site admins in Webmaster Central/Stop Badware and then the fact they index and present content used to make block worthy sites? That is a genuine problem. This is even an area where Google has all the expertise in the world. They could block sites manually, would not take long. "Censorship" would be in new headlines if they go too far, but there is no logic in trying to protect users via browser filters, giving security advises and then allowing WP crap sites or sites with cracks, warez for that matter, more of the same. This also goes for Youtube where there are loads of videos with how-to crack, serial numbers. They probably do block a lot but priorities should change a bit perhaps.

Real calculated evil schemes are common elsewhere. A streaming site like don't mind copyrighted content like full movies, series UNTIL someone complains - they they are taken down fast so not to get lawyers interested. Official rules of course do not accept this type of content, is illegal. Sharing ad-revenue with popular channel admins is how ends meet. The more popular=typically illgal content shown the more money you make - and so do we. That site is also a reminder why Google text-ads are adorable if some should have forgotten why they were almost praised years ago. I would not be surprised if Google have slightly different rule set for some sites but would think that has more to do with running a huge world wide business (give and take a little and mistakes do happen) than basis for how they make money ;) Lousy WP theme sites is not how they became stinking rich. Is more embarrassing for them but definitely fuels any whoop Google butt campaign.

Another test you can do is to set up a new site. Then compare between Googlebot and whatever. Unless site is set up to annoy Google I bet they will win easy. If content consist of nothingness you have contributed nothing but indexed you will be ;)

Btw. the new Google Toolbar for IE adds 5 chrome.exe processes and 1 Google Toolbar Broker process to task manager :) Seems like a big step backwards compared to old. Way less settings but now has instant search build-in! They must assume majority demands simplicity and want click click ease of use regardless of task. Personalization is of no interest if it require effort. Hopefully they have higher goals with web search or that won't be changing much from now on.

Well go ahead and review :) Bing vs. Google May be I have more reservations about how results are interpreted than test it self - though you must be aware of impact from location, Goggles webhistory vs. being nobody. Do location based results get a boost while searching from a mobile unit? Who knows? There is also a Firefox extension which lets you search Google as if you were placed in Israel, Russia, US and so on. For SEO purposes of course but there are no definitive results list.

This is the real problem with Google as of now, and since long Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes in Google or Anywhere Else Classic search terms, classic result. This you can reproduce also if searching from the moon and is what feeds anti-Google movement ;) Must not forget how horrible Google is.

Yeah but it only grey out domains, make them non-clickable right? But one to check, have not tried new version of CustomizeGoogle https://addons.mozil...firefox/addon/52498/ I think most regular Google users know exactly what to wipe out, can't wait to do it either. I don't see many Yahoo Answers lately but 1-2 year ago they seem to pop up for every computer related search I did. May be Web history kicks in since I rarely clicked on them.

That is like testing the weather. Too many parameters involved and besides one thing SEO dudes agree on is they change all the time. Probably also the case for Bing results. Have seen a couple of extensions for Firefox giving you a side by side result page.

People don't complain about Google not indexing enough, which would be a REAL disaster, but about spam/SEO. In some cases that seem to go against what they declare in guides on how-to set up a website, do SEO. Google allow and encourage all legit tricks but should punish those who ignore. That is the complaint. Not sure if crying about high ranking for type of sites qualifies, more like a personal preference - may be not understanding how your search methods are hopeless? Webhistory should take care of that over time. If not logged in enjoy generic results ;)

I do use Webhistory and it sure does help or rather knows what I have been clicking on for the last 4 years. Now they have a link at bottom of search page "View Customizations" to get to generic results. This should be on top or in left sidebar so there are never any doubt what is active.

Anyway, just noticed Search Engine Blacklist for Chrome. Would be better if one could attach blacklist to Google Account though, Google should provide this.

Living Room / Re: Why I love product reviews....written by NON-TECHS
« on: January 10, 2011, 02:28 PM »
So Santa does come from Finland after all! Will look that movie up, looks fun. I have been playing Killing Floor to kill Xmas. They offered free Xmas DLC with bad bad Santa.

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