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I know how it feels, no worries, and thanks!

I use two programs for viewing and handling PDFs. One is a simple viewer and annotator (Foxit), and here you can search for a word or a phrase in a single PDF or all PDFs in a Folder. The other is called Mendeley Desktop, which is more of an "iTunes for PDFs" (made for academia).

But if a PDF is an image, obviously it won't show up in the results. If I have a list, I could OCR and convert them.

So, no, I don't have to open each file one at a time to perform a search. Both programs do an indexing of the texts of the collections.

not sure, but something like this might be what you're looking for (?)

Well, I'm a GUI kinda-guy! It would be great to choose which folders I want to search in, and then have a list that I could order in terms of filename or folder so it would be easier to work with...

Here's an example of a PDF image (non-searchable text)

Other example are all the downloadable ebooks and pages from Google Books (either the free versions, or using Google Book Downloader for Greasemonkey from


I have a huge number of PDFs, and often I perform text searches across my collection. But I just realized: some of these PDFs are images!

I'd like to be able to know which PDFs are images so that I can convert them to searchable text. But there are so many of them in my folder, I'd have to open them one by one and check manually.

Would it be possible to have a little program that would check in certain folders and tell me which PDFs are images (even with a certain degree of certainty)?



I guess the specific reason why I was looking for something like this was because with all these extensions and addons in Firefox, I was trying to figure out what hotkeys were used (not just by FF but also by the addons), for what, and which ones were not.

thanks for the info guys!

I dunno if there's already something like this out there (I wasn't able to find anything), but I was looking for a simple program that would find and list all hotkeys used by programs (Windows, Office, Firefox, etc.) and be able to print them (not necessarily modify).

Anyone?  :-[

Thanks! I'd love to see what you have!

I remember there being a really simple tool like this many years ago, but unfortuantely I can't find it anymore...

Image Manager Shootout / Re: Xnview vs. Irfan View
« on: February 17, 2009, 05:49 PM »
I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts regarding this topic now, since these posts date back to 2005. Both apps have changed. What do you think now?

Mmmm... not really...

So this is the deal (and I'll try to explain myself better): next to the START button, pretend you have two or three windows open. every time you you repeatedly click on one of them the window pops up and minimizes again and again.
So now I want to be able to do the same with my tabs in Firefox (I hope that sort of explained it)...

Any ideas?

General Software Discussion / Tagging within a single file
« on: January 27, 2009, 10:58 PM »
I was wondering if there's such a program that would allow me to tag chunks of text, for example, within a single file. I know there are a lot of programs out there that allow you to tag files, but I haven't been able to this. The main idea would be to allow multiple "highlighting" of text chunks through tagwords.

Say I have a text file of some sort and I want to highlight and tag all the verbs, nouns, adjectives; then I want to tag all phrases referring to men, all of them referring to women, etc and so on. At the end I could just look up the tagged chunks for whatever I need.

I hope that made sense! :)

I expect (or would like) the same thing to happen:
- if the tab/window is open and I click on it, it should minimize;
- if the tab/window is minimized and I click on it, it should open

Is there a way to do this in Firefox?

it just seems like something so simple and intuitive, that i find it hard to believe that it's not possible...

Let's see if I can explain myself. This is something that Opera has, and Windows has in general.
If you click on one tab, or window, it cycles from maximized to minimized so as to show/hide whatever's beneath it.
I'm trying to find a way to do this with FireFox (there must be a way, I just don't see it!)

Thanks in advance for who can point me to the right direction!

Well, it seems that the Zotero community is growing, although I'd prefer working only with one app and having the option.

Should we move this discussion elsewhere at this time? What do you think?

What if there are line breaks in the file that i'm trying to import (not commas or tabs)?

Do Yyu mean a template for SQL-notes?

Yes, is this possible?

PPLandry and Armando -

(sorry for all the posts, but I'm really psyched! I decided not to PVT you since this might be useful for others...)

Say I have my biblio entries exported from a third party program as a text or comma separated file, how might I import it here so as to already start taking notes :)


Would there be a possibility of someone helping me set up a template for research note-taking?

- A main level BIBLIO entry (book, journal, article, etc), with all the biblio info linked to it.

- "Notes/comments" items which also has a title (brief summary of note item). Bear in mind that they need to be linked somehow (automatically) to the main level BIBLIO entry and there should be the possibility of adding the page number. Especially if it becomes possible to export to MSWord (and similar) - here what would need to be exported are: a) the note (item content) b) some meta info (customizable?) and c) the AUTHOR, YEAR and PAGE#.
Plus tagging for items for quick search and cross-referencing.

Didn't find the screen cast. At a first glance this looks very nice, but for someone not used to DBs like myself, I'm having problems setting it up.

Thanks guys!


Is there any type of tutorial? A screen cast would be awesome!

Armando: How might it be possible to export the citations you said? I'd be interesting in hearing what exactly was working for you with IdeaMason...

Thanks for the heads up guys!

Post New Requests Here / Willing to pay for a small code... $$$
« on: March 08, 2008, 03:34 PM »
Who could help me with this?

I'm willing to pay for the time (let me know!)

It seems that an ASX file is nothing other than a text file saved as ASX which follows a certain simple language like file path, start stop, etc. It's a metafile playlist

I need to show a few seconds of the same clip, and I wanted to create an ASX file playlist instead of editing the file.

Here's an online example of something similar:
(although I'm not sure if it works)

Here's an easy to scan page:

Here's the syntax:

What I thought would be interesting is if there was a preview pane where I could preview my video and have a start/end button and the times could be automatically inserted. Other interesting fucntions would be to randomize the clips, or place other metatags (names, etc).

I think this should be doable, but I don't know if I've explained myself enough! Let me know! Thanks!

Post New Requests Here / DONE: Autoset audio volume on boot
« on: February 06, 2008, 12:38 AM »
Looking for something very simple and don't think I've seen it.

Is there anyway to automatically set the volume controls at a certain level so that when I start up my computer it has a certain volume level, no matter how it was before i shut it down? I'm thinking setting everything to 100% except the master volume set to 0%, although other people may have other preferences. I think you can imagine why this is useful.

Thanks for the help!

Just wanted to through this out there again. Looking for an app with the note taking/outlining/bibliography organizing functions described. Thx!

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