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What's the Best? / Tray Management Utility
« on: February 19, 2006, 07:55 PM »
This thread is a help for those of you looking for that perfect Tray Managment Utility.
Bellow, you'll find links for the various apps for the job, mentioned in this forum, a brief description of them, and some relevant DC links.
If you know of other interesting apps similar to those mentioned, please feel free to post a brief description of them below, and it will be added to this post.

Relevant posts on DC's forum about this matter:

  Fewer system tray icons?
  Tray Management Utilities Mini-Review

On these posts, the following apps have been mentioned:

  System Tray Window Manager

    (freeware, but development stopped)

  Tray Manager
    (freeware, no homepage mentioned)

  Captain Tray Pro
    (not freeware, but trial available)
    Discount available:  http://www.donationc...dex.php?topic=2319.0
  The two apps that seem to be the favourite in this matter are:

    (not freeware, trial available)
    The good: Good tray icon detection, minimize to tray function
    The bad: not the best-looking interface, development stopped, subscription renewall every year
    Mini-Review available: http://www.donationc...dex.php?topic=2315.0 (By Josh)

  PS Tray Factory
    (not freeware, trial available)
    The good: Simple interface, good tray icon detection, hotkeys for click simulation
    The bad: difficult to arrange icons
    Discount available: http://www.donationc...dex.php?topic=2339.0
    Mini-Review available: http://www.donationc...dex.php?topic=2315.0 (By Josh)

I hope you like this list, and it can help you find what you're looking for :D

What's the Best? / Section's Opening post
« on: February 18, 2006, 12:16 PM »
Hello there!
Welcome to the new section here at, The "What's the Best" section. 
This section was LuckMan212's idea, posted on this thread.
After a few changes, it is now presented to you guys in it's final format:

The basic concept of this section is to give a better organization with the already existant (and quite frequent) discussions about types of software applications.
Probably it has already happened to you stumbling upon one thread about a matter that you have much interest in, but there are so many links, reviews and opinions that you can't decipher anything and get completely lost in so much information.
Well.. This section is the solution for that problem (at least, i hope so ;) ).
In this section, there will be some threads about software classes. These threads will have discussion about what's the best application for the job.
The first post, made by the moderator, will contain links for other discussions in the forum about that app class, a list of the apps mentioned, links for those apps, and a very brief description of each one.
The challenge here, for the moderators, is to keep the first post updated, but the major challenge here, is for the members, because they are the ones who post new information, and this section will be as good as the more detailed those posts are.
So, my proposition to you, is that when someone ads one new software to the list, that someone posts a tiny-mini-review, with a small description and at least one screenshot of the app, to make it easier for everyone to find that perfect app for the job ;)

I hope this section is of your liking, and I wait in expectation for your comments on this new concept.
By the way, this section is now officially open, and I we can now open a new thread with a app class. So, I'm open for suggestions.

What do you think the next thread should be about?

General Software Discussion / Dual monitor layout
« on: February 18, 2006, 10:46 AM »
Hey! I have a doubt to post to you users of dual-monitor layout.
I have just noticed that it may be a big help to me having such configuration, since my laptop's screen is quite small.
As i have one crt monitor from an old computer, i figured "why not connect it to my computer and have much more space?".
But my problem is exactly that, i have one laptop, and it doesn' have a very good gpu.
What i wanted to ask you is if there is any possibility for me to connect that screen to my computer and use it as a second desktop.
I have one ATI Radeon Mobility X700.
I hope someone can help me, that would be really handy.

General Software Discussion / Dasher
« on: February 13, 2006, 03:23 PM »
Afew weeks ago, i found this app. I just remembered i had it, and how curious it is, and thought you guys might like to know it.
Dasher is an app designed for those who don't like (essentially for those who can't) use keyboard.
It allows you to write with your mouse quite fast.
It has a very smart way of working, and a unique interface. Worth looking, if not only for curiosity.

Here's one screenshot of how it works:

(it seems much more confusing than it really is)

Check it there:

Mini-Reviews by Members / AllSnap
« on: February 13, 2006, 07:15 AM »
This program had already been mentioned in donationcoder, but i think it didn't quite get the attention it deserves.
I was now using it, and i think it's so usefull that i decided to do a small review for you.

All Snap is a program that runs on the system tray, using about 1.5mb of ram, and 2.4mb of virtual memory.
This program allows every window to have the "snap" feature. This means that when a window gets in some (customizable) distance from another, their borders get attached.
This feature is, in my opinion, very required by those users that tend to not maximize any window, and get the desktop quite cluttered with windows.
Although I'm not one of those users, i like to maximize almost everything, i use allsnap to snap the IM's windows to each other, so as i can see several of them at the same time, without having much work organizing them.

AllSnap is configurable from the right-click menu on the system tray icon:

In this menu, you have access to the about box, the help, the settings dialog and the option to turn window snapping off (which has the same effect as closing allsnap)
By clicking the settings option, you get the following menu:

Under "general", the first two options determine the distance that windows attract each other, and the toggle key is the key that, when pressed, disables the snapping, in case you just want to move a window without completely disabling the snapping in the tray icon's menu.
The "Snap To" section is quite self- explanatory, and the Enable Snapping checkbox does the same that that option on the tray menu does.

On the "sounds" tab, you get:

Here, you can select the sounds to be played when the snapping is done. The default sound are very good, very discrete, and allow you to know when the snapping is being done. Sometimes, you might not be able to put a window at a certain distance of another because of the snapping, it's good to know it's because of that, before you go crazy trying to do it, that's why i keep the sounds enabled.

Under the "advanced" tab, these are the options you get:

These are some options that are mostly for compatibility with some themes, strange windows or OSs other than windows xp (there's another option that only appears in systems other than xp, which allows icons on the desktop to be arranged in grid, like xp does).

As for links, here is the home site of allSnap: http://[email protected]/
and here's the link for fileforum's downloads: (this link is for the beta version, at the home site of allSnap there is a stable version)
Hope you like it!

Living Room / What time is it?
« on: February 12, 2006, 05:49 PM »
There is not a funnier way to answer that simple question than
Check it here!

UrlSnooper / For Opera users
« on: February 12, 2006, 05:56 AM »
I just found this link, which adds more download links to the links pannel for opera users.
From the site,
this script adds invisible anchors for every image, embed, object, applet and iframe to the page. It works automaticly after the page loads.
It seems to be quite similar to urlsnooper's functionality, so, i thought i should post it here.
(i haven't tried it yet)

Post New Requests Here / DONE: Commandline Calculator (for Farr)
« on: February 06, 2006, 01:27 PM »
Farr is my most loved app. I use it to launch everything, and i hope soon, it'll have even more uses.
But I'd like Farr to be my calculator.
Without bugging mouser to include this in Farr, i can just add a groups alias that has a regex that detects mathematics operators (something like: ((.*)+(.*))|((.*)-(.*))
And then, associate it with a ahk script that takes command line parameters, and have the group alias launch it with the expression that i type.
Up until now, everything is easy. The problem is, making the program that does the calc.
I tried something like:

if 0 < 1 ; if there are not command line parameters, exit
Loop %0%
  counter := %a_index%
StringReplace CompleteExpr, Expr,`,,.,ReplaceAll
Result:=0 + Expr
But the line "Result:=0 + Expr" isn't interpreted as i expected, Expr has to be a number, and it's an expression :(
Any ideas?
Or maybe some command line app that does this?
Hope you can help me! thanks!

Living Room / Tonight show phony photo booth.
« on: February 05, 2006, 03:29 PM »
Tonight show phony photo booth.
"It's amazing how far people will go for one free photo"

Check this out:

:D :D :D :eusa_dance: :eusa_dance: :D :D :D

General Software Discussion / Mouse Gestures
« on: January 27, 2006, 07:16 AM »
This app was being mentioned in the irc channel, and i thought i should divulge it.
Check StrokeIt, a program for creating mouse gestures for every app you have :D :D
Check FileForum for ratings and reviews.
I just love this program, and so do other forum users, as they have it mentioned in the "what app do you keep running all day?" thread!

General Software Discussion / PowerPro
« on: January 26, 2006, 10:21 AM »
I've seen a few topics mentioning powerpro in the forum, but i haven't seen any explaining what it is exactly.
So, i went to PowerPro's site, and saw the tuturial. But it wasn't really any help, because powerpro is very featured and the tuturial is far too incomplete. So, i googled it and found this site witch has some nice flash tuturials demonstrating a few basic functions of powerpro. It got me convinced, and i will use this program in the near future, so i thought i should share it with you guys ;)
If someone has some more information on this good piece of software, or uses it, please post below!

Living Room / Best Video Player there is
« on: January 18, 2006, 10:32 AM »
I was just about to see a movie in my pc, when i remembered it would be a nice idea to know other people's favorite players.
I myself use bsplayer, because it is very good to add subtitles to movies, and it allows me to do everything i want in a video player.
I've tried winamp, but those plugins for subtitles aren't enough, and for wmp and real player, i hate those bars that appear when you accidentally move the mouse  :down: :down:
So, what's your choice?

Screenshot Captor / Strange..
« on: January 13, 2006, 02:15 PM »
Sorry for bugging you guys with something that most probably is my computer's (more specifically,my shell's) fault.But i really need to know if the time has came for me to change back to explorer :P
It isn't the first time that I've had problems that nobody else had,but i think i should report this anyways.
Below is a demonstration of my problem.Sometimes,when i get back to cs after it has been in the tray,it behaves like that,it just doesn't respond to anything other the close button (in my shell,right-clicking the top bar is the same as clicking the close button).But still,as i hover over the menu selections and toolbar items,the respond..Am I the only one that gets this type of thing?
(as i think i am,can someone please throw me a good lightweight and highly configurable shell to use instead of explorer?)

(couldn't upload the it into *sorry!*)

Screenshot Captor / ImageShack QuickLoad
« on: January 12, 2006, 04:02 AM »
I recently found about Imageshack quickload,and i thought it would be just the perfect tool when combined with sc!
But unfortunatelly,my happyness didn't last long,since in sc's left pane (the one with the tumbnails),in the context menu of one image,not all options of the explorer's contextmenu appear,and the same applies to quickload's.Although i can use it in explorer,i can't use it in sc :S

Find And Run Robot / typeadrun
« on: January 04, 2006, 03:54 PM »
hey mouser!
first,i must say: this is a great program!!! thanks!!!
i was needing a program like farr,since i use blackbox for windows ( and i don't have fast access to start menu.
but when i started using farr,i detected that one of its functions is not using it's full power.
i'm referring to aliases.i'm not an expert in using them,but i think they are missing a few functions (or would it be that i just don't know how to use them? ;))
the functions that i think are missing are something like this:
1) create an alias fast (i know u don't like hotkeys,but IMO this would be an important place to put one),just like in typeandrun ( ->great console also!),in witch you just type the path to the file,ctrl + n and you've created a brand new alias!
2) i don't like the idea of selecting another option other than the first one in farr,so,it seems that creating a group just doesn't fit me..i'd like to create a group like,say..named 'games' with all my games,and then,to call one of the games in that group,just write it's name until it becomes the first one and then press enter..would this be possible?
well..i think that's all for now,ill try to have new ideas to help improve your great work!
thanks again keep up the good work!
 :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

(ps: sorry for the not-so-good english,i'm portuguese,not used to write in english ;) )

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