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  • July 18, 2018, 11:39 AM
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Do you have a set of example lists? And point out how you'd like things to match/group?

It was a beta indeed, not a release, sorry for the confusion :huh:

@Erich56, have you already downloaded and used the latest PT as released this week?

N.A.N.Y. 2016 / Re: ScreenshotCaptor (Link) in autostart
« on: June 27, 2018, 05:58 AM »
mouser could create a small Registration-Fixer for this situation
Please mind, this is not an application 'error', more of an anomaly of Windows itself.
Happens to other applications as well and depends on the local Windows installation, even though these applications write the settings there correctly...

N.A.N.Y. 2016 / Re: ScreenshotCaptor (Link) in autostart
« on: June 27, 2018, 03:44 AM »
I still assume it's a Windows thingy, other applications don't get started, even though their autostart is on, or link in Startup folder available :(

Sent the info to a (Windows hosting deployment) colleague, and he was a bit worried it might have a backdoor, now that it's turned into freeware... Anyone tried it in a walled garden yet, to see if it phones home?

N.A.N.Y. 2016 / Re: ScreenshotCaptor (Link) in autostart
« on: June 26, 2018, 05:05 AM »
Just a guess: Windows 10, with all the latest updates? For some reason Windows 'forgets' to start some applications configured this way, I'm still hoping that it will get fixed, some day, but I'm not holding my breath...

yes, I have considered my NAS structure over and over again

Well, that was the type of answer I was looking for: You have a very well motivated reason to continue in this way. Thnx, but it wasn't obvious from your OP. ;)

If you wonder why i use Streams for read/write
Well, though I appreciate your effort, I'm on the same page as @mouser: I'd like to copy/move the file as safe as possible, so using Operating System native tools has my preference. Even if that means I have to use other tools for copying files from a damaged source. In that case there are wholly different problems to solve :tellme:
Offering an option to use SHFileOperation calls will be my standard setting, might I need/use this tool.

Transferring attributes and timestamps when moving/copying files is still a priority (in my case: requirement, with exceptions as stated in a previous post), independent of the way the file is copied. The few milliseconds of setting them is almost neglectable compared to the time transferring the data, or updating the UI (appending a line into a text control?) for that matter.

I have added the commandline option "-capturemon #" to minicap, it will be in next upload.
To ease the use of this new feature I wrote a CMD script to capture multiple monitors to multiple files, as close in time as possible:
(only used PowerShell code highlighter for readability)
Change any settings to your likings, can be fired from a AHK hotkey script, optional parameter: nr. of monitors to capture sequentially, defaults to 2
Code: PowerShell [Select]
  1. @echo off
  2. :: MultiMonitorShot.cmd: Grab multiple monitors screenshots to separate files
  3. :: Usage: MultiMonitorShot [monitors]
  4. :: Monitors defaults to 2
  5. :: Settings:
  6. :: Number of monitors to capture, override with 1st argument to script
  7. set SSCOUNT=2
  8. if not "%1" == "" set SSCOUNT=%1
  9. :: Screenshot storage path, including a trailing \ when not empty
  10. set SSPATH=
  11. :: Filename and monitor prefixes
  12. set SSPREFIX=screenshot
  13. set SSMONPREFIX=monitor
  14. :: Extension, not including the period
  15. set SSFILETYPE=png
  16. :: Set date format using variables as in
  17. :: Initially set to YYYY-mm-DD-HH-MM-SS
  18. set SSDATE=$dt:%%Y-%%m-%%d-%%H-%%M-%%S$
  19. :: Aditional MiniCap options can be specified here
  20. set MCOPTIONS=
  21. :: Path to MiniCap.exe, include trailing \ if not empty
  22. set MCPATH=
  23. :: ----------------------------------
  24. :: Leave the rest of the script as is
  25. setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
  26. set /a LMAX=%SSCOUNT%-1
  27. :: Start multiple MiniCap instances in parallel to get screenshots as close in time as possible
  28. for /l %%N in (0,1,%LMAX%) do (
  29.         set /a O=%%N+1
  30.         start %MCPATH%MiniCap.exe -save "%SSPATH%%SSPREFIX%-%SSDATE%-%SSMONPREFIX%-!O!.%SSFILETYPE%" -capturemon %%N -exit -stderr %MCOPTIONS%
  31.         REM Append the part after the colon to the previous line for logging any errors: >>"%0.%%N.errorlog"
  32. )

Edit1: Modified to number the screenshots according to the Windows monitor numbers (1..n) instead of from 0 to n-1
Edit2: Fixed setting to not have a double period before the extension
Edit3: Added setting for additional MiniCap options

I want a file to move a bunch of files from G:\Source on my windows 10 computer
to the following 12 hard drives on my NAS
A question that I should have formulated earlier:
Why haven't you configured your NAS to present all those harddrives as a single logical volume? Optionally adding (checksum) redundancy by configuring it to use RAID? Several RAID configurations can usually be selected in most NAS systems, even if only running from software instead of a hardware RAID controller. If you want to maximize storage availability, JBOD instead of RAID could have solved this too.

You might want to share your NAS make and model so help on this subject can be provided on request.

Should targetfiles have original fileattributes or do you wish for example remove/set Read-Only/Hidden attributes to a specific attribute?
If there are options to change attributes after copying, then those should apply, but otherwise, not preserving attributes (except the Archive bit) I'd probably report as a bug...

Must targetfiles have same Datestamp? (ATM target would get a fresh/new timestamp)
As this is supposed to be a copy/move tool, IMHO, it should be compatible with Windows, and keep the original timestamps like a normal copy would. Again, I'd report it as a bug if it didn't... despite the limited value of file timestamps.

Different but related topic:
Have you thought about the Alternate Data Streams (ADS) that can be stored on the NTFS filesystem? (Available since Windows 2000) They should be copied/moved when the destination filesystem is also NTFS, and probably/optionally give a warning or not delete the source when moving, when ADS's are found. A simple "dir /r" in a cmd prompt will show any ADS's for files that have them (try that in your Downloads folder..., NirSoft's AlternateStreamViewer can show you their content)

Do you have an screenshot of the part of the config screen to set up file filters & destinations? At least, I hope that part is configurable... :huh:

Developer's Corner / Re: Need Inno Setup Advice
« on: June 21, 2018, 02:05 PM »
Seeking help to add a script to Inno Setup Compiler that will 'copy' my shortcut 'files' or links to each user installing my app.
-OptimalDesigns (June 21, 2018, 09:42 AM)
Reading the manual of Inno Setup (here) is sure going to help you a lot.
Those shortcut/link files are a) system specific (they usually have absolute paths embedded), and b) are actually files with a .lnk extension, that Windows really, really hides from anyone trying to make the extension visible. For those reasons it is quite hard to copy them from system to system, unless you can guarantee the files are in the same location.
Inno has a specific section just for creating those shortcuts, though I'm not sure if you can set the font and color of the application, I just haven't tried (or needed) that in ~18 years of using Inno Setup...

Adding a "save for separate monitors" feature to Screenshot Capture would also give the desire/requirement/prerequisite to get the matching monitor number in the filename, so you'd have to add that as a variable too, I guess. And maybe also for MiniCap?

So , i have to do it twice, quite unconvenient.
That's why I wrote "...for now you could use..." (emphasis added).
I'm assuming you have turned off all dialogs and popups from SSC, just saving the image? That would make it a quick action.

@Mouser said he'll look into it, and that will probably take a few days, please apply some patience.

Another alternative is you grab the entire desktop and split the images that are wider than 1 monitor into multiple images using ImageMagick (no affiliation)
You can configure that as a Post-Capture tool in Screenshot Captor, if you like.

Ah, well, but for now you could use "Grab current Screen" (default hotkey is PrtScr I think), switch to the other screen and press the same hotkey again? Yes, there will be a time difference of a few (milli)seconds, but the filename timestamps will be quite close.
Eventually you'd want the screen number to be part of the filename as the files will/should have the same timestamp, but I think (from looking at the File Naming config screen) that's not yet available for the filename pattern.

but i need to slip the screenshot everytime i capture
What does "slip" mean in this context?

More than easy handling, and what i needed (Capture region with visible Cursor) this App fullfill!
I guess @mouser will be quite pleased to read this :)

Mouser's Easy Screencast Recorder could be just what you need...

Additional info: Here is a S.O. link on how to add the UAC prompt to you Delphi application: https://stackoverflo...admin-rights-request

Living Room / Re: Abusing Emoji on your computer filesystem
« on: June 17, 2018, 03:45 AM »
(that's "dot-cow" just in case ya didn't know)
Well, that's a disadvantage of using emoji: you'll need to explain what its meaning is... A case of "One word saying more than 1000 pictures" ?

And on my default Android browser (Pale Moon for if it matters) it's displaying those emoji as gray squares :huh:

It is working fine now, and no admin rights required on my setup.

That's very nice craftmanship :Thmbsup:

Requiring admin rights can be requested by including the proper manifest setting, without admin rights it now just throws an errormessage.

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