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  • January 18, 2019, 08:11 AM
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Alright, that makes sense.

I wonder if the load times increase that much when using a SSD?

Hi there :]

I only tested the beta you PMed me a link to a little for now as I'm home this week, but it seems to be working fine.

I would have preferred if the user could actually link to the .exe (or a .dll), and also be able to chose which icon to select when there are several inside of it (just like when modifying a shortcut from Windows), instead of just automatically extracting the first icon, but it's still an improvement over the previous versions where any icon had to already be extracted somewhere :)


Would it be possible to make it so that, when creating a new button, the icon can be retrieved from / linked directly to an .EXE or .DLL file (like in Windows shorcuts) ?

Living Room / Re: New SSd in an aging PC
« on: November 23, 2018, 06:16 AM »
Hey, I have the same CPU in my home computer :) ... though it's closer to 7 years old now that I think of it.

Anyway, how large is your Steam library? If you can fit it on a SSD, you'd certainly see improvements in the game loading/updating times too. I mean, it's probably OK to only keep your OS and most other programs on the SSD, but if you can benefit from the speed increase also for other demanding tasks, why not?

Hi .o/

I'm surprised that noone has answered to this yet. Anyway, here are a few suggestions for the program's name :

- Send Wallpaper To
- Wallpaper Action
- Wallpaper Toolkit
- With Wallpaper Do

N.A.N.Y. 2019 / Re: NANY 2019 - Color Mixer
« on: November 14, 2018, 05:13 AM »
Hi .o/

I guess the issue isn't as much about the numbers as it is about the use of the term "Mix percentage".
Maybe a different wording such as maybe "mix proportions", "mix balance" or other that doesn't imply increments of 1/100 would be better :)

What changes would have to be made to this batch file to run from the root directory and include all sub-directories?
That one is pretty simple, assuming that by "the root directory" you mean c:\, just replace:
dir /s /b *.lnk
dir /s /b c:\*.lnk

What changes would have to be made to this batch file to selectively find and replace text in the Start in: and Comment: fields?  (Maybe some kind of user screen input?)

Here's the syntax from shortcut.exe, which you can get by running it with no parameter:

Shortcut [Version 1.11]

Creates, modifies or queries Windows shell links (shortcuts)

The syntax of this command is:

shortcut /F:filename /A:C|E|Q [/T:target] [/P:parameters] [/W:workingdir]
         [/R:runstyle] [/I:icon,index] [/H:hotkey] [/D:description]

 /F:filename    : Specifies the .LNK shortcut file.
 /A:action      : Defines the action to take (C=Create, E=Edit or Q=Query).
 /T:target      : Defines the target path and file name the shortcut points to.
 /P:parameters  : Defines the command-line parameters to pass to the target.
 /W:working dir : Defines the working directory the target starts with.
 /R:run style   : Defines the window state (1=Normal, 3=Max, 7=Min).
 /I:icon,index  : Defines the icon and optional index (file.exe or file.exe,0).
 /H:hotkey      : Defines the hotkey, a numeric value of the keyboard shortcut.
 /D:description : Defines the description (or comment) for the shortcut.

 - Any argument that contains spaces must be enclosed in "double quotes".
 - If Query is specified (/A:Q), all arguments except /F: are ignored.
 - To find the numeric hotkey value, use Explorer to set a hotkey and then /A:Q
 - To prevent an environment variable from being expanded until the shortcut
   is launched, use the ^ carat escape character like this: ^%WINDIR^%

   /f:"%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\My App.lnk" /a:q
   /f:"%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Notepad.lnk" /a:c /t:^%WINDIR^%\Notepad.exe /h:846
   /f:"%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\Notepad.lnk" /a:e /p:C:\Setup.log /r:3

 An argument of /? or -? displays this syntax and returns 1.
 A successful completion will return 0.

 Copyright 2000-2005 Marty List,

and what it's output looks like when querying an existing shortcut:

[Mozilla Firefox.lnk]
TargetPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
TargetPathExpanded=C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
WorkingDirectory=C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
WorkingDirectoryExpanded=C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
IconLocation=%ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe,0
IconLocationExpanded=C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe,0
HotKey=0 (None)

The command completed successfully.

To explain, the current version of the batch :

  • lists all of the .lnk files (from where it is being called, including sub-directories due to the /s in the dir command)
  • for each element in that list, it :
    • uses shortcut.exe to query the file's properties
    • uses findstr to filter the output, looking for the characteristic we want to find in the files that we want to act on (here it was "RunStyle=1")
    • if the file does match that characteristic, it uses shortcut.exe again to perform the change that has been requested (here it was to set RunStyle to 3)

Could this batch file be incorporated into an .exe file to allow a slick User Interface for the user to search, sort, and select .lnk files and then process/edit them?  (I’m thinking this .exe file would probably have to include the code from the shortcut.exe file.)
Not in its current state as doesn't take any input: both the selection criteria and the action to be performed are "hardcoded" in the script.
It would need to be reworked to accept parameters (or ask the user to input them) for which characteristics the files to be modified need to exhibit, and what has to be changed in them, and then pass the adequate parameters to shortcut.exe
I'm not sure I'm up to the task, probably better to wait for one of the real programmers here to do their own thing ;)

Finally, what about URL files?  Can they be included in the same software or would that be a separate program?
Shortcut.exe doesn't handle them, they don't work the same as .LNK files and don't have the same set of capabilities (as far as I know they don't allow, for example, to choose if the browser's window will be a normal one, maximized or minimized).

By the way there seems to be a bug with shortcut.exe itself, as the TargetPath and TargetPathExpanded values that I showed in my example are incorrect: I have the 64 bits version of Firefox and it sits in "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox", I don't know where those "(x86)" came from…

Alright, the following batch file should scan for all .lnk files in the folder where it's called from, and change them to run maximized, if they're currently set to run in a normal window (NOT if they're set to run minimized, however).

It requires shortcut.exe, to be downloaded from

where shortcut.exe >NUL

for /f "delims=" %%# in ('dir /s /b *.lnk') do (
ECHO * Querying shortcut file : "%%#"
shortcut.exe /A:Q /F:"%%#" | findstr /C:"RunStyle=1" >NUL
ECHO - This shortcut is set to run in a normal window.
ECHO Modifying it to run in maximized window mode.
shortcut /A:E /F:"%%#" /R:3
) ELSE (
ECHO - This shortcut is NOT set to run in a normal window, not touching it.
ECHO ---
GOTO end

ECHO -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
ECHO It looks like shortcut.exe was not found.
ECHO You need to download it from ,
ECHO and place shortcut.exe either in the folder from where you'll call this batch,
ECHO or in a folder that's referenced in your PATH environment variable.
GOTO end

ECHO Done, press any key to close this window.

Yes: do you think you'll need to use that several times with different options, or is it for a one time job?

If the latter, can you tell specifically what you want to change ? For example "change all shortcuts which are set to run minimized so they run in a normal window", or "replace « some_string » with « other_string » for all the shortcut that contain it in the target field" ?

Yeah, we'd need to know a little more about what OP is trying to do.

Maybe it can be automated with a batch file and Shortcut.exe from http://www.optimumx....nloads.html#Shortcut ?

Thanks, I'll give it a try :)

I might be able to work with something like that (except that I don't have Photoshop). If there's a way to replace the colour of "isolated" pixels (that is, those that don't have any of the same colour right next to them) with that of the ones surrounding it, it would certainly greatly improve the overall quality — even if the text isn't perfectly readable, it would probably look much less ugly with less pixel noise.

Anyway, there is no rush, as I realised that the procedure didn't require nearly as many screenshots considering the target audience, and could avoid using most of the worst ones.

Hi again.

I suppose learning to use some image manipulation program would probably be the easiest solution to that problem.

Huh, OK… since I don't know how to properly manipulate a photo to obtain the result that I'd want (which is of course why I ask for an automated program to do so in my place), I suppose I'll provide photos of various text mode programs running in a virtual machine and also provide screenshots, as those would be as close as possible to the result I'd like, though of course I can't expect the output of the program to look nearly as sharp as the actual screenshots. Not sure how much help it will be, but I've attached an archive: the JPG files are photos while PNG ones are screenshots

Also, the actual photos I'd end up working with may have several of the following "features":
- lower resolution (maybe 1/4 or 1/5 that of mines)
- bad lighting
- rectangles may look even more like trapezes (I purposefully tilted the camera angle a bit sometimes to recreate the effect on the photos)
- a different aspect ratio
- moiré pattern

Again, I obviously don't except the result to be perfect, it should mostly be recognizable, preferably readable by a human, and lightweight.

Hello there .o/

Intro (to skip, go to the next bold text)
One of my colleagues has been working lately on making and documenting a procedure to automatically install an OS on a specific model of computer using SCCM.

While his process works fine, his documentation looks awful, mostly due to the quality of his pictures, which he made by taking photos of the screen with a phone while performing the procedure :(

I can easily take better quality pictures of most of the process by performing it in a virtual machine, however as far as I know, I can't have the VM's BIOS be identical to that of our real hardware (?)

I've already tried to decrease the color depth of his photos to 16 or 256 with IrfanView, with or without dithering, but the results always look pretty bad :/

Another option would be for me to re-type *everything* that appears on the screen and maybe add ANSI escape codes for color, but that would be very time consuming and could cause adding typos...

And this is why I would like … End of Intro
… a program that would take a picture, and decrease the color depth of each pixel to the nearest one that specifically exists in the palette that text mode DOS/Windows console can use (see color /? from the command line if needed).

I've seen that there is a program here: https://www.codeproj...520306/ASCII-Imaging which does something kind of similar, however from what I understand, there would be a few issues with trying to use that one for my needs:
- it would most likely try to replace every colored area with characters of its own choice
- it "works best" with 80 pixels wide pictures, which would obviously would make the pictures I want to "convert" unreadable, at 1 only pixel per character

Does someone know of such a program? Or does one of you want to give a try to making it?

General Software Discussion / Re: Windows 10 Announced
« on: June 27, 2018, 06:32 AM »
Incidentally: Anyone have a link to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ISO with SP1?

If you can get a clean ISO of any Windows 7 x64 with SP1 in the right language, you should be able to install the Ultimate edition¹ from it by removing/disabling the ei.cfg file from the iso file.
There's a dedicated tool for that so you don't need to have a specialized .iso editor (most of which aren't free AFAIK).

¹ : or any other, from Starter to Ultimate, provided that you have a valid serial for it

Nice! I've been using the command line version of SetACL in a script, SetACL Studio looks very cool.
Thanks for letting us know :]

Find And Run Robot / Re: font issue- font is blocky
« on: June 25, 2018, 06:19 AM »
Hello there.
Subtle, but very clear to me.
It would probably be clearer to us too if you had used PNG instead of JPG to save the picture ;)

So my question is: How does FireFox render a Font while Delphi cant (or Browsers Opera/IE)
That would be because webpages can provide the font by hosting it somewhere and giving the path to download it from via .css : see https://www.w3school...r_font-face_rule.asp

Now there probably is a way to embed the font in your application too, as I remember there was a way to do it for graphic modes with Turbo Pascal back then.

Living Room / Re: Beware of punycode phishing attempts
« on: June 19, 2018, 07:15 AM »
And this is why Firefox should have "network.IDN_show_punycode" set to true as default.

I just "instinctively" thought PNG was very likely to be better for webpages because from my own (admittedly subjective) experience, I found that most web pages produce both lighter and better quality pictures being saved as PNG, unless the contents of the page includes a significant portion made of pictures (especially if those are already in JPEG), and thus it seemed only natural to question the choice of JPG.

For now we only know that OP encounters some kind of issue when posting PNG pictures to forums working with vBulletin, which seems to be the only reason —although I guess it may be a fair enough one, if the issue is too bothersome and can't be fixed— why he favors JPG.

png is larger in many cases.
It heavily depends on the type of picture you have. JPEG is mostly better for photos while PNG is better for pictures with much higher contrast, such as most webpages that do not include photos as their main contents.

I just tested with this thread's page as it was displayed on my computer before I posted, and got a 449 KB .PNG file on one side, and a 1.2 MB .jpg file on the other side.
Trying to save to JPEG that same picture (starting from the lighter, lossless version) with enough compression so that it goes below 450 KB (using IrfanView, either with the RIOT plug-in and specifying a size, or without the RIOT plug-in but by trying various possible values for the quality slider) produced pictures with lots of artefacts around the text, which is really ugly.

Also, the PNG file I obtained can be quickly optimized to become even smaller, still without quality loss, with programs such as PngOptimizer : I got it down to 372 KB.

Pearl Crescent Page Save is Firefox 57 (Quantum) and I use lower Firefoxes like 52.
-Steven Avery (June 13, 2018, 05:46 AM)
Only the version called Page Saver WE (for WebExtensions) requires 57+, while this one is for earlier versions.

N.A.N.Y. 2016 / Re: Freezing on >help >about
« on: June 12, 2018, 03:38 PM »
Huh which program, exactly?

I've used Pearl Crescent Page Saver Basic for a while, it allows both PNG and JPEG.

Also, I second the question: why jpg ? PNG offers lossless quality and may even produce lighter files (depending on the contents on the page).

Hmm I'm not sure I understand (the paper looks way too complex for me to even try reading it) so I'll probably say something stupid, but… if the "single parameter" can be as precise/long as we want it to be then,  yeah, of course, you can describe any bitmap picture with a single parameter (which would happen to be the whole file's binary contents written as a single number) ?_?

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