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Finished Programs / Re: DONE: Ergonomics
« on: September 07, 2011, 05:43 PM »
Simply Marvelous ! (and the little "popup" when hovering the tray "Lucidity - Transparency: xx%" is great to see the number directly!)
Works like a charm! (Even nearly-realtime adjustement with the slider! Ergonomics is thanking you!  :Thmbsup:)

Great Thankx for all and for the LightSpeed making of! (Are you sure that you haven't crossed space-time and made it Before i asked ?  ;D 8))


Finished Programs / Lucidity Ergonomics
« on: September 07, 2011, 09:52 AM »

Lov' your Lucidity!  :-* ;)

I would like to suggest a few ergonomic change for a smoother utilisation. (That seems very easy for a programmer to do)
(Generally, it is the small details that make the difference between "average" and "great" programs)

1- Lucidity is not appropriate when playing a video (On VLC, no image is playing for example; but a foreground on a video is always bad... :down:)
=> It will be very useful to set a "pause/stop" (that deactivate the lucidity effect) wihtout having to exit the prog; i think that clicking left one time (for easy access) on the icone in the tray (possibly make the icone gray or red-strikethrough to indicate that it is in "pause/stop" mode) will be the best.
Not so difficult i think ?  ;D [if it's only one minor change that you can make, i take this one!]

2- Why make a restriction on the tray menu "10%,20%,30%" etc... when the program can make a 1% difference ? (in the config.ini file) My idea is to make a vertical slider (There is the easy & optimal space where the "20% to 90%" are written in the tray menu) that can make a 1% difference. (For ergonomic purpose, i suggest to indicate the current % in number too... below the slider, where the "10%" is written)

If you can't make a sliding bar (it happens lol), simply make a "manual number entry" beetween 0 & 100 (%) that the user will enter by keyboard (wich changes the .ini etc...) it will be entirely sufficent! (less "smooth" than a slider though.)

For the "modification effect" of all this, i don't know if it can be made "Realtime" to see the level of transparency by sliding or entering the number... (it will be nice) But i think you can easily take it "effective" when the user push "Enter" (or click a "Change" bouton next to the number) after writting the number (without exiting the tray menu for Not Bullying the user) or make it the same by the slider. (Slide & See the number & "Enter" (or click "change") & See if it's the right amount of lucidity on screen!  :Thmbsup:)


An additional idea for further development (if Santa comes and commands you to make it NOW!  :tellme:) would be to autodetect the wallpaper image (Windows knows in the registry or other file which file it must wallpaperIZE. So you can stole the path from it there i think.) on prog startup and do a change is it's necessary. [And if that is active, a "Reload Wallpaper" would be a good idea in the tray menu to manually indicate that we have changed that when the prog was already running, and it will automatically set a new appropriate lucidity effect for the new Wallpaper then.)

Thankx for reading! (No, i am not a Machine; i Have a heart too!  :P ;D)
Hoping for some sugar-change for the next "Lucidity" !

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